The Courteous Neighbor, Chapter 4


Her mouth centered itself on my own and the passion increased. Her tongue explored the inside of my mouth and the strength of the pressure on my lips became more intense as she seemingly tried to crawl inside my mouth. I returned her tongue to her own mouth with mine and found her mouth eager to receive it. Cindy’s hand continued to fondle my dick, while her other arm had looped around my neck and was holding me as tightly as possible. I used my hands to rub her back and buttocks and to keep her firm breasts close to my chest. Eventually, Cindy broke our sensuous kiss and lowered her head to my crotch. She began to lick and suck on my cock, attending it with much the same ardor as she had employed in initiating and sustaining our kiss. She licked and sucked with childlike abandon, pausing to suck my testicles gently into her mouth one by one. She looked up dreamily into my eyes and said, “Mike, you must cum into my mouth again. I want to drink the same cum that just filled up my asshole. Will you please come in my mouth, sweetheart?”She returned to licking my cock without waiting for a reply. I am quite sure that the lust-ridden smirk/smile on my lips had given her the answer to her question. Besides, it was very obvious that she would not be taking “no” for an answer. “You give the best head I have ever received, Cindy. You really like sucking my cock, don’t you?”“Mmmph,” was the sound of her reply, but she also nodded her head while she tried her damnedest to swallow my entire cock. She was able to take a great deal of it, but her tiny hand encircled the base, tugging on it and urging my balls to yield up the treasure she sought.

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   She came up for air, licking the head of my cock like an all-day sucker. She smiled up at me, gave the head another lick and plunged her lips over the head and took my cock deep into her throat. “I am getting real close, Cindy, real close,” I promised. Her zeal increased and the pressure and rhythm of her hand on the base of my dick intensified. She came up again, continuing to jack my cock relentlessly, and said, “Give it to me, Mike. Give your sweet cum to me, now. I can feel your cock getting ready to spurt. I want it in my mouth. I need to swallow your cream. ”She stoked my cock a couple of more times and it erupted, catching her just as she was licking her lips in preparation for diving down on me again. She opened her mouth wide and took the next couple of spurts, then wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked for all she was worth, taking every drop that I produced. When it was evident that no more of my ejaculate was coming, she removed her mouth and licked her lips to capture the product of that first eruption which was strung out across her delicate face. She used her free hand to collect what her tongue could not reach and licked that off with her tongue. She was determined to eat every single drop. I could not wait to push Cindy onto her back and dive between her legs and begin to return the favor by eating out her pussy.

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   I plunged my tongue deeply into her wet snatch and lapped up the copious fluid that she had been and was producing. Almost immediately, Cindy’s body began to shake and I could sense that she was approaching orgasm. As that happened, her bladder released a small amount of urine and I drank that along with the other juices and fluids her body was producing. I simply could not get enough of this young girl, nor apparently could she of me. She held onto my head and pushed my face hard into her crotch, urging me on. “Eat my cunt, Mike. Oh, baby, that feels so good. You make me cum so hard and so often,” she said. “You eat pussy like an absolute pro. Lick me, eat me, eat meeeeeee!”I certainly did. And soon, I was paying attention to the anus that I had so recently fucked. I ate out her asshole and pussy and licked and chewed on the flesh all around both of those wonderful holes. Soon, Cindy was back in the throes of yet another orgasm, moaning and almost crying with delight. Almost reluctantly, but with a purpose, I let up just a bit to allow Cindy to catch her breath. “Mike, my wonderful lover, you are just about the best thing I have ever experienced,” she whispered, fighting to regain her breath after another rise to the pinnacle.

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   “Are you hard, sweetie? Can you fuck my pussy, now? My cunt wants your cock and it wants it deep and hard. ”Cindy moved to the floor and stretched out on the carpet, she coiled and uncoiled like a wild animal. I rose fully erect over her and looked down at her, then dropped to my knees beside her head. “Oh, you are big and hard, and you want to fuck me, don’t you,” she said as if directly to my cock. “Well, Cindy’s little pussy is ready for a good, hard, deep, wonderful fuck. ” She looked directly at my engorged ole and as if giving it a direct order said, “Fuck me, you big, hard cock. Fuck me right now. ”She rose up on her arm and gave my cock a kiss and a quick suck and then splayed her arms and legs wide open. I moved between them and she reached down to hold my cock and guide it to her waiting gash. “This is the cock that I want,” she said. “Put it in all the way to my heart, Mike. ”Her snatch was completely soaked and my cock had little problem burying itself deep into her folds. And I had even fewer problems withdrawing and plunging back in. Cindy wrapped her legs around me and dug her heels into my buttocks and urged my strokes by meeting them with movements of her own. “Oh, baby, that’s it.

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   That’s what I want, your cock buried in me and fucking me and making me cum and cum and cummmmmmmmm. More, baby, give me more. ”She had all that I had to offer already buried in her snatch and I was fucking her for all I was worth. Having already shot multiple loads into her, I was able to prolong it, and Cindy came several times, each one seemingly a higher peak that the previous. We moved intro a number of several different positions during the several minutes that elapsed before I was ready to cum. It was almost with a tinge of regret that I felt the stirring inside of me that prefaced my own orgasm. Once again, Cindy was flat on her back with her legs wrapped around me, holding me tightly. “I am getting close, Cindy,” I warned, “I am about to fill you up again. Are you ready, baby? I want you to cum with me, if you can. ”“Do it, Mike. Do it!”Soon my cock exploded deep in her steaming gash and her juices flowed like a burst dam. We came together and relished every moment of the experience. As the tide ebbed, we simply clung to each other and listened to the other’s deep breathing, caressing and kissing. It was, without a doubt, the most incredibly sensuous afternoon of my young life to that point. But the best was still to, you will pardon the obvious pun, come.

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