Boxing, shorts and spanking


I was a good looking lad by the time I was in the fourth form, and around thirteen and a half years old. I had a slim smooth body and a cute rounded face with a cheeky grin, and I had dark hair.

At school in the gym we used to try to out-do each other with the smallest shorts we could get away with wearing. This was in the 1980's when shorts were short! Mr Crompton, the gym teacher, had a strict rule that shorts were not to be “too glamourous” so those of us with the littlest shorts were often punished for this by being spanked, in the shorts, in front of the whole class. I enjoyed this a great deal and wore teeny tiny little shiny Adidas shorts every week to invite a spanking, which I invariably received. I loved bending over in front of the other boys and getting my whacks and I would carefully select a different pair of shorts each week at the sports shop and spend all my pocket money on them so I could look good for my spanking.

Now, Mr Crompton was very keen on boxing so all the boys had to learn boxing, I got very keen on it and would often have a huge stiffy making a tent in my shorts as soon as the gloves were laced onto my hands, one or two of the other lads had a similar reaction and sometimes I used to visit their houses for our own private boxing sessions in the garden. We dressed up in our sexy Adidas shorts with matching vests and socks with nice trainers and of course shiny leather boxing gloves. Young Amateur boxers were meant to use 8 Oz gloves with thick padding but I had got hold of two pairs of the 6 Oz gloves used by professionals with much thinner padding and I used to take these round when I went to box with my mate Simon who was in the same class as me at school and just one week older. he was around the same build as myself and had blonde hair. These thin gloves did little more than protect your fists and in fact soaked up very little of the punch. One pair was red and the other pair blue. We loved boxing with those thin gloves, we could really give each other a good pounding and we both enjoyed soaking up the punches nearly as much as giving them out. We just loved hurting each other. After each fight we used to go indoors and the winner would pull off one of his trainers and use it to thouroughly chastise the losers bum. The spanking would continue until both of us had wet our shorts with spunk, luckily Simon's mum was very understanding and she was happy to wash our shorts with no questions asked.

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Then Simons parents told him they were going to be having a garden party with quite a lot of guests and they suggested that we might like to box to entertain them. Simon asked me if I was into the idea and I jumped at it, this would be a wonderfull opportunity to show off in my little shorts and vest and fight as well.

The day of the party arrived and I went round to Simon's house about an hour before the party was due to start and I saw that the lawn had been cleared and mown for us to fight on. Simon and I discussed with his father, Mike, who was going to be the referee, the rules for the fight. We had decided to use the old prizefighters rules. . . . . . . . . . .

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The fight to be decided by a knockout or if one boy is unfit to continue.

The fight to continue without break until one boy is knocked down.

No punching below the belt.

The downed fighter has one minute to rise and square up to his opponent.

If the downed fighter is unable to continue then the other boy is the winner.

Very simple rules I think you will agree, and ones that made for a good hard brutal fight, but Simon and I had secretly agreed an extra rule: for the first ten minutes we would not aim punches at each other's heads, this would lead to a good hard scrap with lots of hard body blows to hurt each other and as we were to be wearing the 6 Oz thin gloves for the fight we would really be able to give each other a good pounding before starting on the serious task of fighting to the knockout.

We went into the house and got changed, I was wearing red shorts, vest and socks, all with white Adidas triple stripes, and Simon's kit was blue with white. We were both wearing small but loose white Speedo's under the shorts. I was of course going to wear the red gloves and Simon the blue ones. Mike came into the house and said “The guests will be arriving soon, I want you to hide in the garden shed until I call you out, but first I want to give you both a little encouragement. . . . .

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  . . . . . ” He went over to a cupboard and took out a long thick cane. “Come here Simon” he ordered “Now bend over and touch your toes” Simon did as he was ordered and received six hard swishes from the cane. With each stroke I could see him breathe deeply, but he was determined to take his blows like a man and did not cry out at all. “Now it is your turn Peter” I obediently went over and bent over for my own six swishes and boy did they sting. I too took it like a man and after this we were raring to get into the garden and start punching each other. “I hope that has got you in the mood for hurting each other, now out to the shed with the pair of you” and so we trotted out to the shed.

While we were in the shed we took the opportunity to give each other's cocks a squeeze through the thin shiny nylon shorts, we were both very aroused by now and it was quite obvious in the little shorts we had on.

The thought of all the guests watching us in such sexy gear and hurting each other was almost too much and I had to really control myself to avoid making my shorts wet.

Pretty soon all the guests had arrived and were having a good time in the garden then Simon's dad called for quiet. “I have a special treat for you all” he announced.

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   “My son Simon and his friend Peter are both very good boxers and they are going to fight this afternoon to entertain us” At this cue we came out from the shed and walked over to Simon's dad in the middle of the lawn. I think we made a big impression in our nice outfits with many admiring looks from all the guests. One of the guests was a professional photographer and he was going to be taking pictures of the whole event. Mike pulled the boxing gloves out from his holdall and proceeded to lace them on for us.

And then he ordered us to start. With very few rules to worry about we were free to scrap as hard as we wanted, and that is just what we did. As we had agreed the first ten minute were taken up with body punching, neither of us were doing much defensive stuff, we just concentrated on punching each other hard and often, using each other as human punchbags. we stood face to face trading blows like there was no tommorow, giving each other many stinging blows all over the upper body, we would both be covered in bruises the next day. Then after what seemed like a very long time Simon aimed a gentle left jab at my chin, this meant it was now time to get serious. The real fight had begun, only one of us would be able to stand at the end of this battle. We were both now fighting defensively, with all attacking blows aimed at the head, going for that hard punch to the temple that would decide the fight. We scrapped very hard for another ten minutes and by this stage we were both now getting very tired and quite stiff. It went on for another two minutes or so and I was trying a trick I had learnt from the gym teacher, I was punching Simon's biceps with some hard pounding, and pretty soon this made him drop his guard and when I saw this I immediately swung a hard straight left at his forehead, which floored him. Mike started counting, but Simon got up after about half a minute, he wanted some more, so I gave it to him with a hard flurry of punches which put him down properly this time, he could not get up.

The guests were at fever pitch with this and gave me the biggest cheer you have ever heard.

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   After a few minutes Simon was able to stand and Mike handed me a trainer he had been keeping in his holdall specially for this moment, he handed it to me and then ordered Simon to bend over, this was to be his extra humiliation after losing the fight. I proceeded to spank Simon's bum with the trainer again and again, just as hard as I possibly could. After about twenty blows there were silent tears running down Simon's face and I knew he had had enough, so I gave him two more just to make sure and then stopped. The guests all gathered round us and wanted to be photographed with us, we were really enjoying this and each guest in turn shook me by the (gloved) hand and put their arm round me for photos. Afterwards we went into the house to get cleaned up and our shorts got very wet!.