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Never in my life would I ever think that I would play with a family members cock. It is as shocking to me to be able to cum clean about this as it is to think about it 24/7. This took place shortly after I had recently got my driver’s license after taking a drivers ed. Coarse. My older brother had recently started working at a local fast food place and he didn’t make a lot but it was steady income and was able to do whatever he wanted. It was about a month after I had gotten my license thru the mail that I wanted to head to the beach with some friends and according to my dad, “if you have the cash you can buy the gas to get you to and from there”. I was trying to bride my dad with doing chores and other house work but it was not enough because I do that on a weekly basis anyway so I had to do other things. I asked my bro if they where hiring where he worked but no openings were available at the time. Well I was seeing him going shopping and going out after work and coming back the next day and even thou he was working he partied just as much, so I asked for a favor. I asked if I could borrow $100 to pay for the trip and then sum and he asked the usual “how are you gone pay it back”, “you need to get a job”, and “ask your friends to pitch in”, well he didn’t lend it to me. Two days before the trip I was about to call it off when my mom asked to go with her to town and pick up some stuff for my dad and since I was eager to drive I went, along the drive my mom asked me that my dad had complained about how I was growing up and was no longer his ill girl and wanted to know if I was a virgin. Well to this point even thou I had thought about sex I hadn’t done a thing with anyone other than my small hair brush, even then it was only the point. My mom told me to drive to another location other than the stores, she had talked to her friend that owned an adult shop to let me go in and pick out some toys to use by myself and be safe. I went in and the store was empty and the owner, jerry, locked the door and made sure no one saw me in the shop. My mom said that I had a $100 limit and handed it to me; while I looked around she talked to jerry by the counter. When I was looking around I saw a couple of dildos and strap on belts, and other odds and ends.

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   I saw a room that had a sign that said no entry unless paid, I asked what it was about and jerry said to go ahead and go to the last door, so I did. There were some plastic chairs and it smelled funky, then next thing I know a porno movie is on and I sit and watch. Soon after my mom walks in and asked if I was ready to go I said sure. I thanked jerry and noticed that he had a huge hard on I could see thru his pants and my mom no longer had lipstick. My mom and I forgot all about the money I had in my pocket and drove home. Later that night I remembered about the money when my brother asked if I was gone take the car after all to the beach cuz he was thinking of taking it that same night. I invited him to sit with me and talk and told him all about my afternoon but left out that mom was the one who took me, I simply went for it. “Can I see ur cock” I asked he was scared but guess he was up for it. He took it out and it was a beautiful off white, kind of tan color and so clean. I asked if I could touch it and he said to stroke it for him instead. Well I did and I also got my first taste deep in the back of my mouth and it was a pleasant taste, I could tell he had just gotten out of the shower cuz I could taste the soap. That night was nothing special just my first of many tastes of a cock.

P. S. incase your wondering about the beach, my friends and I went and nothing sexual happened.

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   The only thing that did happen was that one of my girlfriends accidently fingered my asshole deep with her finger, It was not pleasant.