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Here’s another true story from my net dating experiences.
Whenever I travel I make net date arrangements for the place I’m visiting.   The girls I meet are into the British accent and of course meet me knowing there’s nothing more going to happen than a night or two… a holiday romance for me and a bit of British for them! So next time you travel do the same, think about it… they know there’s nothing long term so they’re meeting you for one thing only. Chances are you’ll get it.
So on one of my regular trips to Vancouver I arranged to meet a few girls as usual. This one night was a date with a larger looking woman, about 30, brunette. She had big breasts in the picture, so although she wasn’t my type I fancied a fuck and responded to her ad. The girls that get least attention online are usually the type who put out on the first night. I trawl those types from time to time when I just need a fuck.
So we met at this funky and expensive restaurant. I paid… but then I always do. Dinner was fun; she was great to hang out with but on the large size for my taste. The breasts were large as promised though.  
We left the bar and she asked me if I wanted to stay at her place as my hotel was a long distance away. Of course I said yes. Back at her place we kissed and quickly her clothes came off.

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   Her breasts really were large and really quite wonderful, a great shape visually and fun to play with. She started with a blow job, now and then putting my cock between her tits… a move her partners have clearly loved. I can’t come like that as there’s not enough stimulation but I’d love to come with a titfuck one day.
Next she pulled on a rubber and climbed on top of me. With larger women I don’t really like it on top… you can’t see the action and visually it’s not a turn on. I know that’s harsh, but it’s just what my eye likes. So, I pulled her off and spun her around for some doggy fun. I fucked her while groping her boobs from behind… although she wasn’t great from that angle either. We did that for a while and them I pushed her down flat and fucked her from behind while I pulled back her hair and kissed her mouth over her shoulder.  
I was increasingly rough and she was enjoying it… so I figured I’d go for anal something I go for on a first date if I think the girl is open minded enough not to kick me out of bed.
She agreed to the assfuck… not sure if it was out of wanting to please me or if she wanted it.  Without lube I entered and fucked her while pulling on a fist full of hair… and growling as I usually do when I’m getting dirty. I like a hard anal fuck, the harder and rawer the better. She was a sweet girl but I was enjoying just using her at this point.
Driving home in that way can’t last forever though, too much of a turn on and I was about to cum.

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   I like to cum inside an ass, but something in that dirty state of mind that night made me want a facial. I pulled out, pulled off the rubber and slid up her body until I was astride her shoulders with my balls on her chin. I asked her to open wide and dropped every last bit of cum into her mouth.
After cumming I was turned off as she wanted to kiss and cuddle. That’s ok with a girl I’m really into, but not many “one-nighters” fall into that category. I went to sleep and left the next morning ASAP. She emailed me to meet up for sex again, but it was a one time thing for me.   

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