Magic Mirror - Part two


“Shit she was telling the truth. ”
I twist my head and the boy reflection follows. I did not know what was going on but it was not fun. I set the mirror down and walk back into the bathroom and watch my girl body in the mirror.
“Well what the fuck do I do now?” I start to get dirty ideas in my head and try to shrug them away. But the fact I was in a girl body kept turning me on. Oh the dirty things I could do to myself.
“Crap, snap out of it, think about getting real body back” I walk around the bathroom and can’t help but watch my new chest bounce. I couldn’t help the urge and slowly rubbed my breasts a bit.
“No I got to stop” I kept rubbing my chest, slowly my nipples got hard and I got excited.
“Ok, ok, one time” I rub and pinch my chest a little harder.   Soon my left hand creeps down my belly and over my new pussy.
“Please don’t hurt” I slowly slide my middle finger down the center and up into me. Warm, and slimy, I slowly work my finger in and out. Soon I was fingering myself with two fingers, then three. I got really excited, I head over to my bed and laid back.

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   I pinched my nipples harder and fingered myself faster.
“So good, I think I might cum” I kept working on myself untiI heard a knock and the front door.
“Shit, shit, shit” I jump up and run into the bathroom.
“Yes” I call out, trying to lower my voice.
“I am here to pick up the rent, Is that you Alex?” I think for a second then grab a towel. I can just play this off as girl that “I” picked up. I walked out into the main room wrapping the towel around myself.
“No” I reply to the question. I open the door and the land lady stares at me.
“I am Alexsis” I tell the land lady as she continues to stare.
“You might want to cover all of you” she says as she turns her head. I had the towel wrapped around my waist with my new chest in the open. I wrapped the towel to cover my chest and the rest of me.
“Sorry, just early in the morning. Alex left earlier to get something from his work, it seemed important to him so I did not mind watching the place.

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  ” I did not think the land lady would come this early for the rent money, she barley comes over at all. Something is up with the land lady.
Is there something you would like me to tell him when he gets back?” I asked to try and find out something.
“Not much, just that the ownership of the hotel is going to my husband now” she started crying and walked off. This could be bad that old guy was always an ass but never this much. I shut the door and run to my bedroom.
“I somehow knew panty raiding would pay off” I know it’s a weird hobby but hey, they leave them in the open on the cloths lines. That’s like walking onto a subway with no underwear on, you just asking for it.
“Hmmm, tight small ones, snug, or thong” I grabbed the thong and slide it up, it felt weird at first but then good. I tried on several pairs of jeans but they were all too big. I reached into the back where my old cloths where and found a pair that fit nice. They hugged my legs nicely, I then tried on shirts. Most of them where too big until I found a light one in the box.
“There” I turn looking at myself in the mirror. I grab my wallet, phone and the pocket mirror.

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   I too one last look at myself. I turned my ass to the mirror and bent slightly.
“I’m going to miss this body but I prefer my old one” I check the pocket mirror and see my original body staring at me.
“Let’s find that witch bitch” I headed out and waited for the bus. When it came I dropped the money in and headed for the back where I normally sit. I was not able to sit though because of all the guys crowding the back so I stood. The ride felt longer than normal which gave me time to think about what to say to the witch. I was in the middle of a though when someone bumped against my ass.
“Hey watch it” I call back into the crowed of men. I continued in my head about the idea then a hand was on my ass.
“Back off” I snarl and smack the hand away. It did not occur to me that some of the men started too crowed around me. Soon the men got closer and closer and I was trapped at the back door. I felt a hand grab my ass again, harder this time. Then another rubbed my legs, another rubbed my sides.

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“Back off you freaks or I’ll…” a man grabbed my mouth and pulled my head back.
“You’ll shut up now girly or your gonna get hurt” he whispered into my ear. A camera was shoved in my face and the guy said the date, the bus number and called me a slut. The men around me then stared to reach under my shirt and rub me all over. I tried fighting back but they held my arms tight. I felt them undoing my pants and rubbing my pussy. I tried to kick them away put the soon grabbed my legs. The bus started to slow down, a stop was coming I could escape. The moments passed like hours as the men kept rubbing me, one of them protested that they fuck me but the others wanted to go slow. The bus stopped and the doors swung open. I hurled my body towards it and the men lost their grips, another swing shot me out the door and onto the pavement. I was scratched up and some of the men tried to pull me back in. A bunch of girls came to my help and started beating the guys, dragging them out of the buss and hitting them. I was just glad to be out of there. A bunch of the girls helped me up and carried me away.

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Well foalks this is it for now. I will start writing the third chapter sometime soon since it is summer vacation. To let you know a little about me. This account is one big writer’s signature. My name is not Kun but you can call me that. Also the email with this account is an alias. I am Canadian, late teens, and have a taste for a lot of literature. I have diversified myself between many writing forms from western writing of action and horror, to eastern love and nobility. I hope that you leave me comments at the bottom because I do read them to see where I should go next. I also would like your input on where this story should go. I only have so much knowlage of how to go in this field of gender swap.
I am kindly asking that you leave male or female at the end of you post to see the audience I am getting.
CK – Keep posting.