It happened during the Summer of 2003. All my friends were away on vacation with their parents and I was bored as hell. So when I noticed a store that sold game consoles, I just had to have one! Unfortunately my parents wouldn't buy it for me, since they said it was too expensive and they didn't want me to sit inside all day. That afternoon I made a big mistake. I figured I could just steal one and hide it in my room from my parents. No one would ever know. . But my little plan didn't go as planned. Just when I had quietly sneaked out of the store with the box under my arm, someone grabbed me and dragged me back inside. He brought me to the manager's office for further punishment. I stood in front of the old man shaking. He looked at me as if I was a monster. "I. . . I'm.

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  . s. . sorry. . " I tried to apoligize. But suddenly he put me over his knee, pulled down my pants and started spanking me. It happened so fast that I hardly knew what hit me. I had tears in my eyes, not so much because of the pain but more because of fear. Here I was, lying on this man's lap, with my butt bare, totally vulnerable and at his mercy. His flat hand landed on both of my ass-cheeks with great force. Every blow started to hurt more. I was sobbing, but didn't dare to ask him to stop since I was worried it might upset him even more. Suddenly the blows slowed down. .

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   in between them he started to rub my ass.  The rubbing almost seemed gentle, but every blow reminded me of his anger. But the hitting became less frequent, instead he gently rubbed my whole ass. I calmed down until suddenly his hand slid down between my legs. Just then I noticed how wet I had become.  He kept rubbing my cunt and I started to feel hot. I tried to stay quiet but I couldn't help breathing faster and heavier. I felt a hard bulge appear underneath me. He was getting an erection and I couldn't help but wonder what it would look like. I was a virgin. . had never even kissed a guy before. But now I was being touched down there and while I was awfully scared, part of me was curious. He lifted me from his lap and put me down on the ground. I sat before him, my pants still around my knees.

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   He wiped the tears from my face and slowly started unbuttoning my blouse. He undressed me until I sat totally naked in front of him. He pushed me down on my back and spread my legs. All this time neither of us had said a word, but now he spoke: "Don't worry, this won't hurt. . " He lied. . When he penetrated me it felt like my cunt was being torn open. I moaned and started crying. He was heavy on top of me and it felt like he was almost suffocating me.  I heard him breathing heavily right next to my ear. His thrusts became deeper and faster, but the pain melted away and was replaced by a new feeling. It was strange but nice. I liked the feeling of his big cock entering me, burying itself deeper inside of my body until it could go no further. I wanted it inside of me.

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   At that moment I put my legs around him and tried to squeeze him closer, to make his cock go even deeper inside of me. He looked at me and I smiled. He seemed startled for a moment, but then he brought his face close to mine and kissed me. Our lips touched, our tongues played with each other and our hands were all over each others' body. A scary start ended in a good thing. I did not love this guy. He was a complete stranger. But he made me feel good, therefor I desired him. It stayed with that one time. I sometimes saw him when I passed by his store. Then we both smiled, but that was it. I never entered the store again. And I never tried to steal anything again either. .  .

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