"Punishing the Adulterous Wife" by M. Satyr


by Marq Satyr

A few years before the famous Salem Witch Trial in a community not far from that town a wife caught in adultery was punished before the whole Anabaptist community. Her name has been forgotten, and the town since has ceased to exist. However, the tale has been handed down for several generations by the males in my family. This particular young woman had been forced to marry a man several years older when she was only seventeen. At eighteen, she was a renowned young beauty in the community. With long flaxen hair that hung to her waist and large full breasts and slim hips, she was desired by every young unmarried man in the village. Her husband had caught her making love in the woods one summer day and had horsewhipped the young man and dragged his young wife before the elders of the church. They soon agreed that she should be stripped naked, placed in stocks, whipped, branded and left overnight in the center of town.

The buxom young beauty was led to the square in front of the church and town hall where the Anabaptist minister stripped her stark naked. Every member of the village beheld the spectacle. The naked woman was placed in specially made stocks with hands and head held firmly in place. Rough iron nails were driven to either side of her breasts and leather throngs tied to the nails were pulled tightly across her breasts almost flattening them against the rough wood of the stocks. While one of the elders pulled the girl along, the minister lashed her beautiful naked buttocks with a thin reed so they soon were red as fire from the whipping. The helpless young girl, the weight of the wooden stocks bending her forward with her breasts lashed to them, sobbed and whimpered as the preacher laid the reed across her firm bare buttocks and white thighs. They paraded her the full length of the street to the stocks platform to which her portable device was fastened, bending her over and causing her beautiful ass tothrust backward exposing her sex in full view of the people of the community. Her thin flaxen pelvic hair allowed her exposed anus and pussy lips to be fully revealed, tempting the young men of the village who beheld it.

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   A hot brand with the letter "A" was pressed to her left ass cheek, and she screamed as it burned its message clearly into her soft flesh with a hissing sound. An "H" for harlot was branded on her white soft belly causing her to writhe in agony. She was left there to be viewed by everyone, her body whipped and degraded by the brands. Men walked by and lusted after the young beauty's naked tortured body all afternoon. They longed to fuck her young tight cunt, but dared not do it in broad daylight. The Minister stood watch over the woman's body himself a victim of lust for the young woman. He had always desired the maiden since he had come as the pastor for the community church. From time to time he took a glance at her pouting cunt lips and his mouth grew dry with desire.

In the middle of the night, several of the young men of the community stealthily approached the naked woman's body. The preacher had long since retired to his bed in his nearby parsonage where he tossed restlessly thinking of the young beauty in the stocks. The girl, exhausted from her long day of punishment, had somehow managed to find a half sleep like trance as she stood there. One brave lad crept to her and whispered in her ear that he was going to take her. He spread her fine young brutalized ass cheeks and entered her tight young pussy from the rear. She whimpered as he forced his eager hard cock deep into her and began to hump her angrily. He came in her soon enough and withdrew, and a second young man followed.

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   He pushed his cock into her cum slickened cunt and plowed her even harder than the first lad. He held the stocks and violently rammed her. She moaned quietly, first from pain and then from pleasure as he drove his stiff young staff roughly into her now aroused sex. She began to thrust her ass back at him as he continued to plow her for several minutes before he too reached a climax in her now throbbing vagina. He was followed by four other young men who vigorously fucked her, stretching her pussy opening even further with their stiff rods. They left her wishing for more, her vagina open and dripping cum and her own fluid down her tired legs.

She had one more visitor that night. This one, however, did not fuck her ravished cunt. He preferred the back door. Hethrust his big hard cock into her anus and fucked her brutally squeezing and slapping her scarred butt cheek until he came deep in her bowels emptying his load of sperm as he continued to pump his organ wildly into her brutalized body.

She bit her lips and took it. She knew she would not dare tell everyone that the preacher had sodomized her beautiful brown anal passage. It was too much to bear.

The next day, the preacher released the tortured girl from her stocks. He avoided her attempt to look him directly into his eyes.

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   She walked naked to her home where her glowering husband awaited. He tried to force her to have sexual intercourse, but she refused. A week later the girl disappeared one day when her husband was in the fields plowing. Legend has it that she ran away with the young lad who had first fucked her in the woods that day.
Legend also has it that I am a descendant of that union. .