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My biological father died when I was 2 years old, and when I was 3 my mother met my step dad, Wayne. Wayne was in every sense my dad, I was Daddy's little girl and he raised me with care and love. However Wayne and my mother had problems and divorced when I was 16. My mother and I moved out of state but when i was 18 I flew back to visit my dad.
The two years that I didn't see my Daddy I would talk to him on the phone all the time and look at his pictures and I would feel a sexual longing for him. I had always thought my dad was so handsome. He was 6'2" with an athletic build and tan skin. So when I finally got to visit him I decided I would try my best to seduce him.
When he picked me up at the airport I wore a thin tank top with no bra and tight shorts. My 34D breasts looked glorious in my thin white tank top. When I finally saw him I ran to him, titties bouncing beautifully. I threw myself into his arms and kissed him on the lips much to his surprise. I looked into his eyes and said, "I love you daddy" as seductively as I could.
On the drive back to Daddy's house I tried to stick my titties out as much as I could. I noticed Daddy sneaking in looks while I talked about this and that. When we finally got to his new house I noticed he had a pool.

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  I hugged my Daddy pressing my body against his and asked if we could go for a swim later. He said, "of course baby". So I ran upstairs and changed into my 2piece swimsuit. The top was too small for my big tits so it was perfect, and the bottoms exposed my ass beautifully. I walked downstairs with no towel to greet my Daddy and I saw him look at me with his mouth open wide. I said very sensually, "are you ready daddy?".
He followed me to the pool and we dipped into the water. I swam around for him and bounced up and down letting him admire my titties. I decided I needed to be bold to get what I wanted. I took my top off.
Daddy said, "baby what are you doing?". I said, "relax Daddy I just don't want any tan lines, you don't mind do you?"After i asked him i pushed my titties onto his body. I said, "Daddy, all my life you have been there for me as my father, and I love you for that. But now that I am a woman, I want you to be there for me as my lover. Theres no one else I want but you.

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   Please Daddy?"I put my arms around him so that he could stare at my titties while he thought, until he finally said "I cannot believe how gorgeous your tits are". I exhaled knowing that my vacation with my Daddy would be filled with lust.
He began to massage my tits and I moaned with pleasure. My cunt got nice and wet and I asked him to feel how wet I was and begged him to satisfy me. He put my legs around his waist and guided me to the edge of the pool and shoved his fat penis into my tight pussy. I moaned with delight as he pumped his cock inside of me. We kissed fiercely and passionately and both moaned and kept telling each other I love you. I kept begging him to fill my pussy with his cum, and that's when he really started pounding my pussy. It hurt so good, and he finally gasped, "I'm gonna cum in your pussy baby". I said, "give it to me daddy!". His eyes rolled back in his head and with a powerful thrust he unloaded his cum into my hot pussy. I kissed him deeply and told him i loved him. We got out of the pool and went into the house to shower.
In the shower I let him lather my tits and wash my pussy with his fingers. I rubbed his cock for him and got on my knees to suck it.

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  I savored the head of his dick and sucked on it like it tasted like candy. I sucked his dick moving my head up and down trying to fit in as much cock in my mouth as i could. I jacked off the base of his cock while I sucked the head with delight. I looked up at him and he took his cock into his hand and started slapping my tongue with his cock and jacking himself off until he shot his hot cum on my face. I smiled and licked as much as I could off.
After we showered we went to the bedroom where we laid on the bed naked touching each other and kissing deeply. My pussy was soaked and he was rubbing my clit with his fingers. He moved down the bed and in between my legs to lick my pussy. He tongued my clit and sucked it and made me go crazy. He fucked me with his fingers while he worked on my clit with his tongue. He sucked my clit with such passion and thrust his fingers so deep in my pussy that he made me squirt. After that we laid down together for a bit and fell asleep.
After we had been sleeping for a few hours, I woke up to my Daddy fucking my pussy in my sleep. I woke up smiling and began kissing my Daddy and held onto him while he fucked me. He looked me in my eyes and told me he didn't ever want to stop fucking me, that he was addicted to my pussy and that I wasn't going anywhere ever.

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  I smiled and told him, "that's all I want Daddy". He went into a frenzy and fucked me so hard it hurt and finally gave my pussy more cum.
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