Left home, but not alone


Growing up we were rather poor.   We didn't know it at the time but we were.   We lived (our parents, my sister and I) in a small two bedroom house.   My sister and I were very close in age, she was less than a year older than I.  
Because we had to share a bedroom AND a bed we had a lot of occassion to see and touch each other's naked bodies.   Our friends all wondered if we were fucking because when one or the other of us had a friend over for a sleepover we would all three still sleep in the same room.   My sister Beth got the better of the deal because while only a couple of her friends let me fuck them, all of my friends got to fuck Beth.   Why or how our folks never heard this go on or caught us, I have no idea.   I remember one time my best bud was fucking the shit out of Beth, and being pretty noisy about it and all our mom did was bang on the door and tell us to quiet down!
Back to my story- Our folks decided one summer to take an adults only vacation and had to make sure that my sister and I were watched.   Evidently they didn't trust us alone for a week by ourselves.   Go figure.   So they had a friend of our mom's to come stay with us.   It was summer, rather hot and our house had no a/c.   Perfect for a sister that loved to be seen naked or near naked.  
So the day came for our folks to leave and mom's friend Pat shows up. My  mom gave her all of the instructions, showed her where everything was and soon they were on their way.

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    Things stayed pretty cool until it was bedtime and Pat told us we needed to get showered and ready for bed.   She then went outside to have a smoke.  
We figured this was perfect and both climbed into the shower together.   Very soon my sister was washing my hard cock.   She would get very carried away and use her mouth on me.   She loved licking and sucking my balls and the underside between my legs, too.   Beth had just stood up from having me in her mouth and turned around to let me start washing her back when the door came open.   Pat stood there with her mouth open.  
She stammered for a little bit and then asked what we were doing.   My sister very quickly answered that we were just showering together.   That our folks let us do it all the time.   It saved on water. . . .

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  my sister could lie very well when she wanted to.   This made Pat stop talking.   "Well. . . . ok. . . . . . then"  was all she said.   She watched me soap Beth's lower back and move down to her legs before she softly closed the door.   It seemed like she watched us forever.

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Beth told me she was really glad that I didn't quit washing her while Pat watched.   She told me it made her story much more believable.   We both laughed.  
 Very soon we were done showering and out we came and went into the kitchen for small snack.   I was wearing jsut a pair of boxers and so was Beth.   Her tits were small, but they were firm and very nice.   Again, Pat's eyes got real big.   She asked Beth if she thought she should maybe wear a top.   Beth told her that our folks never made her wear a top if I didn't have to.   Again, Pat sort of shook her head a little and then gave us our snack.   It was hard for me to hide my boner, seeing Beth's tits like that.   I was getting more and more amazed at how brazen Beth was getting with all of this.
Off to bed, Pat ordered, so we gave her a hug and went into our room.   I made to shut the door and Beth whispered to me to leave it open.   So I did.

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    I had to admit, as hot as it was, with the small breeze blowing it kept the room close to tolerable.   Beth pulled the sheets all the way to the end of the bed and folded them over.   Looked like we weren't going to sleep with any covers on tonight.   Not that they would be needed.   Then she hooked her fingers into the top of her boxers and pulled them off.   Now totally naked, she told me to do the same.   I looked very nervously at the open door but Beth hissed under her breath for me to do as she said.   So I did.   I laid there naked on the bed with my sister just as naked, with my hard cock pointing up at me.  
I had kind of drifted off to sleep, but not quite.   I was laying on my side against Beth, who was on her back.   My cock was still fairly hard and was laying on Beths thigh.   She really enjoyed the feeling of my cockmeat touching her because every so often she would reach down and lightly touch it.   Her fingers would linger on the head a bit as she felt my pisshole, rubbing a fingertip lightly over it.   This was keeping me aroused.


I had my hand on the inside of Beths thigh, right up against her pussy, but not in it.   I suddenly became aware of Pat standing by our bed.   She must walk really quietly I thought.   I just pretended to be asleep.   I heard her whispering to Beth asking her why in the world we were both naked.   Beth told her very matter of factly that when it was this hot, our parents let us sleep this way all the time.   She asked Pat what the big deal was.   She even said to Pat "He's just my brother. . . it's no big deal!"  
I had no idea what that meant and I don't think she did either but Pat kind of snorted and then went into our folks' room across the hall where she would be sleeping while she was here.   When the doors to both rooms were open you could see from one room into the other.   Our bed was right in front of our door so it was really easy to see us.  
I had finally drifted off to sleep when I felt my sisters mouth on my cock.   She loved doing this to me while I slept and I usually just pretended to be asleep.

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    She had me very hard in no time and the I felt (and saw, I had my eyes open just a teeny bit) her reach down to her pussy. She made her fingers wet with her juice and then smeared it on my cock.   That always meant we were going to fuck.   She very carefully and quietly climbed on me. She reached down and put my cockhead at the very wet opening of her pussy.   She slid her cunt down onto my shaft.   When it was all of way inside of her she adjusted her ass back just a little bit and started moving on me.  
This always really turned me on.   It felt like she was doing this to display her pussy getting fucked.   I heard a very slight noise and moved my head a little like I was just stirring in my sleep.   Pat was at the door and was watching us fuck!  I knew that even from just the little light in the hall that Pat could see what we were doing.   Beth's pussy felt so good that I didn't care, I just wanted to shoot into Beth.  
I looked at Pat and she had her nightie pulled up and was fingering herself while watching the incest fuck display.   It must have really turned her on to see a girl get brother-fucked.   I could tell from the way she moved that she was cumming.

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    Beth's pussy was gripping my cock very firmly which made me push my hips up and down almost frantically as I shot inside Beth.   Beth could feel the extra liquid from my cum and it made her cum too.   She moaned very quietly as she came on my cock.   She rested a bit and then let her brothers cock slide from her horny, wet, very well fucked pussy.   She moved down a bit and took my cock in her mouth.   She always did this after we fucked.   Regardless of where we were.   She told me she really liked to taste our juices together.
I could see that Pat had moved to hide herself a little behind the door frame but she was still touching herself.   I could see Pat's leg and half of her pussy.   It was turning me on so much that my cock wasn't softening.   Beth continued working her magical mouth and tongue on me and when she tried to push her tongue into the tiny hole on the tip of my cock it made me shoot again.   Beth let me leave my load of brother sperm in her mouth and swallowed it.  
The next morning we were awakened by Pat standing by our bed, gently shaking us.   We were still quite naked and the dried glaze of my come was around Beth's mouth.

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    I had some white crust around the base of my cock from Beth's pussy.   She must have missed it when she cleaned me last night with her mouth.  
We both acted very nonchalant as we got up and out of bed.   Pat stayed in the room the whole while.   I was confused a little at first but then it dawned on me.   Pat liked seeing us naked.   Both of us.   My cock stiffened up from Pat watching me.   I could see from how she wouldn't take her eyes off of it, that it was arousing to her.  
The rest of the week we spent naked or near naked around Pat as much as we could. Beth even spent all of one day naked!  Gosh that made me hard all day.   Her excuse was that all of her clothes were dirty (we were doing laundry that day) which was bull but we all enjoyed it anyway. I was sneaking my fingers up inside her dripping pussy all day, when I thought Pat wasn't looking.
It was extra fun when Pat walked with us down to the ice cream store one day when Beth was wearing just a long t-shirt. You could just barely catch the bottoms of Beths ass cheeks when she walked.

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    Just enough to make you wonder and just enough to make me hard the whole time.  
Nothing much more exciting happened except for one thing. . . . one night when I was wearing my boxers and Beth was wearing her t-shirt we began wrestling in the living room.   Beth was on top of me and holding me down.   Pat was outside again smoking so we thought we were safe.  
I got hard and my cock escaped from the fly of my boxers.   Beth felt my naked cockmeat down around her thighs and pussy as she moved around down there and shifted to place the head at the opening of her wet slit.   She rubbed her slit up and down on my cock, coating it with her juice.   I warned her that if she wasn't careful my cock might accidentally slip inside of her.   She kept up her rubbing and sure enough, she slid a little further down  and when she slid back the head popped up inside of her.  
"Oh god" she said, "your cock accidentally slipped inside of my pussy.   We can't do this, you're my brother and your cock is way up inside of my  pussy.

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    You have to take your cock out of me. Your cock should never ever be way up inside of my pussy, fucking me.   I'm your sister, you're not supposed to have your cock in me but it's an accident.   It didn't happen on purpose, your cock being way up inside of me like this, fucking my pussy.   Maybe it's ok if it's an accident, your cock sliding inside my body, fucking me like this and maybe accidently shooting hot cum way up inside of me, as far as your cock can go. But only because it's an accident, my brothers cock up in my pussy, my brother fucking me.   It didn't happen on purpose, your fucking cock sliding up inside of your sister, it's not my fault my brothers cock slipped inside my pussy. " 
She was really good at talking dirty while making it sound like she didn't want her brothers cock inside of her.  
Just then, Pat walks in.   She looks at us and asks what are we doing now?  Beth tells her we are just wrestling.   Pat walks behind us and sits down.   I am pretty sure that Pat can see my cock is up inside my sister. Beth keeps up pretending that we are wrestling as she works her pussy around on my cock.   She reaches down and tries to pull her t-shirt down to cover up our joined sex but it's really a waste of time.   I threw caution to the wind and reached up and pulled her t-shirt up over her hips.


I had really enjoyed it when Pat watched us fuck those nights and masturbated doing it.   I reached down and grabbed Beths' tight little butt cheeks and pulled them apart so Pat could see Beth's pussy as it swallowed her brother hard fucking cock.   I wanted her to see Beth's cream covering my cock.   I wanted her to know how excited Beth got when someone saw her taking her brothers meat inside her.   I came really hard up inside of Beth's pussy.   I could feel it leaking out and drip down my shaft and onto my balls.  
I heard Pat's ragged breathing as my spent cock slipped out of Beth's cum loaded pussy.   Beth just laid there on top of me, my cum and her juice leaking onto my cock and stomach. Pat got up and went into the bathroom.   I was sure she was going to give her pussy a real work-over.  
That night we slept in our normal pj's.   Our folks would be home the next morning.