One Day My Life Was Great


It was one rainy afternoon on a friday and everything was going great. . . Stacy ( Joe's 15 year old daughter) had just gotten home from school. Now stacy is a 5'9 110 lbs and she has tan skin and a awesomely tight ass and unbelieve soft nipples. She always worn nice tight hip hugging jeans and see through thongs. One afternoon she got home and didn't know her dad was home. So she went in the restroom to take a shower when she opened the door. . . there was her father standing there naked and his cock was so hard. He covered up fast and said "STACY CLOSE YOUR EYES AND GO BACK IN YOUR ROOM". So she did as she was commanded to do. When she got back in her room. . .

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  she started to finger herself while she fantsaied about her father which she just seen naked. She started to moan his name louder and louder and then she start to have the best orgasm in the world. The next day she started to suduce her father by wearing only her bra and thong around the house and he couldn't do nothing but look at her awesome body and when she went in her room for the night. . her father ran up the stair to his bedroom and started to jack off.   Has he jacked off the door was just cracked enough where Stacy could look through and see his monsterish 10'' cock that was so thick. Stacy walked in on him and she was naked for him. She stood at the end of the bed naked looking staright at his cock while he still storked it but just slower now. She got on the bed on her knees and took his cock into her young mouth and put her hand on his cock and start to suck him off. . this lasted for about 15 minutes. Then she started to stradle him and take him inside her virgin pussy. She gasped as the head of his dick forced her hyman to break. . she started to move faster and faster on his dick moaning his name loudly.

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   Then she stopped and got on her hand and knee and took it doggy style up her young virgin pussy. . . . he then took out his cock and put it up her young virgin tight ass. . . and fucked it hard while she was screaming for him to stop because of the pain. . . he then started to fuck her pussy again. Cuming deep inside her pussy. they laided there tired as hell from a wild night of passion. .