Mother and Daughter Shopping Trip


Well, Mom and I were in the food court and shopping for, as we had decided, another mother daughter to seduce or just to have some fun with for he say. We wore almost matching dresses, white sun dresses that buttoned from the waist up to a low cleavage and no bra or pantes for either of us. We had stopped and gotten Mom and pussy defoliating at a spa along the way and she could not get over how she liked the feeling. "Wait til you have it licked" I told her. "Oh, do I have to wait?" she said teasing me. Suddenly I stopped her and said, "Look, at the Italial food place, quick. " I said and she looked over her shoulder. There were the most beautiful (it had to be) Mother and daughter out shopping and they were drop dead almost twins you could bet. The mother was in her mid 40s Mom guessed and the daughter 16 or 17. Both had long black hair worn down, they had olive skin that was beautiful and matching jean mini skirts and pull over tank tops. They both wore bras that were not much material and if we did not know it, (we found later that we were right) they had matching boob jobs. They both were 38DD and hips that were not designed for that much boobs. Tiny waists that were about 16 or 18. The mother 5'8" and the daughter 5'5". They got salads and looked for a place to sit since it was crowded. The other side of the 4 seater we sat at was open and I called out to them since they were only a few feet away.

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   "This is open. " I said and they smiled and sat down saying thanks.

"Jill" said the Mom "and Tonya. " I looked into her eyes and hesitated and said, "Quinn and Brenda. " and we al said hello. I was being very forward I knew but I so wanted to be with another female couple with Mom. "You two are totaly beautiful. " I said leaning towards the Mother, Jill. "Thanks," she said. "I feel so old though next to my daughter. " I knew she was looking for more compliments when she said that so I continued. "No, really you two look more like sisters than mother and daughter. " I said. Tonya looked at my mom and said, "The guys are always asking about mom, if she is available. " she said and her mother told her to not tell things like that, even if they were true.

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   My Mom looked at Tonya and said, "And is she?" Tonya looked at her, "Is she what? Tonya said smiling. "available?" Mom said. "That all dependes" Tonya said. "On what?" Mom said to her. "If I can get fixed up at the same time. " and she laughed and we all joined her. Since Jill sat next to me I turned to her, "So are you available?" She turned to me and I had unbuttoned two buttons on the top of the dress and I leaned so that it fell open. "Well, you heard my daughter, it depends if she gets fixed up too. " and I looked at Mom, "What do you think?" I said and Mom said, "Oh yes, I think that all of that can be arranged. " "I hope so. " said Tonya. "Well, I have to go to the ladies room. " Mom said, "Want to come along? You don't mind do you?" she said to Tonya and then to Jill. "No, go ahead, I will sit here and talk to Brenda and see what kind of trouble we can get into. "

Mom and Tonya got up and as they turned the corner Tonya took Mom's hand.

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   Jill looked at me, "So you two always go hunting together?" I looked at her, "Actually, I did not know Mom was les until a couple days ago. But I am glad she is. This is the first time we have been out together I live with my Aunt and Uncle. " "Ahh, I see, so she is going to take advantage of my daughter?" Jill said leaning closer looking down my dress at my hard nipples. "I am not sure who is taking advantage of who. " I said and leaned closer til I was inches from her face and her lips were wet and she licked them. "I would love to be naked with you. " she said and I looked at her, "I think that is going to happen very soon now. " "Let's go get my Mom and Tonya. " I said and we got up and her hand found mine as we walked. I knocked on the "Family Restroom" and I heard Mom out of breath and said, "It is us. " and Tonya opened the door. She was totaly naked and Mom was sitting on a chair with her legs spread apart. "Come on in. " Tonya said and her face was wet.

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   She went back to Mom and got on her knees and her tongue began licking Mom again and Mom was moaning and trying not to yell out loud. She had her fingers in Tonya's hair and was saying "Oh yeh, yes, eat that pussy for me, oh yes, now fist it, do it good. " and Tonya's hand disappeared into Mom and she gave a low growl and sprayed all over the face of Tonya. Jill had undressed me and I had my hands on her body taking her clothes off too. "Get on the sink" she said and I put my ass on the sink. She got my legs over her shoulders and her mouth was on my pussy and her tongue sank deep in me and I almost screamed with an instant orgasm. "Mom has a great tongue. " Tonya laughed. "And so do you. " My mom moaned. She switched and now Tonya sat down and Mom went to wok on her pussy eating her slowly and making her beg for every lick and finally for her orgasm.

Jill finished m pussy and I ate her for a while and had several orgasms wet my face, "Ladies," my Mom said, "If we stay here we will be arrested for sure. I need a bed. " There is a hotel across the street. " she finished and we all got dressed.

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   We almost ran to the cars and met at the hotel. At the desk the woman there said any luggage?" and Mom said, "Lady, if we don't get to a bed soon I will be naked here in the lobby. " and the woman hurried the key. We got to the door and as Mom opened the door Jill pushed me against the wall and lifted my dress over my head and began sucking my tits. A man walking by almost died and then she pushed me into the room. The door slammed shut and we were all naked in a second and the sheets were soaked after the first hour. We did not get home till the next day and I will fill you in later on the rest but you all know I am sure.
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