Pool Time



As I lie inmy bed, wide awake from my dreams, all I could think of was my day withher. A day, I will not soon forget. It was the mosterotic moment of my life. It wasn’t planned. Itwasn’t dirty. I wasn’t ashamed. It wasexciting. I never thought I could have this feeling with anotherwoman!

My day started out the usualway. My husband and I got up, got the kids up and ready forschool. I took my son to daycare and I came back home to cleanup. Tonya had invited me over to her place. Shelived in an apartment, it had a pool. We were going to lounge andwork on our tan. There wasn’t anything too odd about that, exceptwhat happened, after I arrived.

Tonya was bisexual. Myhusband and I had actually had a few very exciting encounters with her.


   So the conversation was not the odd part. Tonya andI had been flirting up to that day, so the odds of us doing something werepretty good. The thing was I had never been with a woman by myselfbefore. I never thought it would be something that I wasinto. My husband had turned my thoughts to it. Thetimes we had been with other women, it was purely out of sexual desire with myhusband, until now.

I found myself looking at otherwomen. I began to notice feelings in me that would normally stemfrom seeing my husband naked and flexing in the mirror, to me seeing the curvesof a woman. Seeing a woman’s chest pressing against her shirtbrought questions to my mind. Were her nipples hard behind thatbra?I began to question if she wore panties or whether or not sheshaved. I had questions, I had never questioned before in mylife.

As I showered that morning, carefullytrimming up for the day, all I could do was feel the soft, smooth feeling of mypussy and wondered if her pussy was going to be just as smooth. Iloved touching my pussy. Sliding my fingers across it, spreadingmy lips as they glided across my clit, and into the already wet spot. My clit was already, so sensitive.


  Brad had already leftfor work, so there was no long, hard cock for me that morning. Ididn’t let the moment go to waste though. I reached for the showerhead and began to massage my clit. The hard spray shot at her asshe pulsed from the pressure of the stream. The hard water, dancingaround it, like a pointed tongue would flick back and forth. I brought theshower head closer and circled it around. It felt so good against me. I closedmy eyes, as I started to feel the surge of pleasure about to erupt. With myempty hand, i reached for mynipple, squeezing and pulling it. Within seconds, my hot, sweet cum, flowedfrom my pussy, making my knees weak. I stood there, letting the water fallacross me, like fingers sliding down my body. My hand still gripped onto mysmooth, swollen pussy lips, as I twitched with every touch.

After I was ready, I sent Tonya a text, telling her that I would be there assoon as I grabbed a bite to eat. Her response was rather humorous, "I've gotyour breakfast ;) come on!"I got a little chuckle from that and just respondedwith an LOL. I dressed in my little black bikini and my cute white cover up.

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  Islipped on my flip flops, let the dog out once more, grabbed my things and I wason my way.

Tonya was already at the pool. So I made my way over. As I walked through thegate, she got up from her chair and oh my goodness. . . she looked so good in herbikini. She has the cutest little figure. She ran over to me, giving me a bighug. After all, it has been a while since we had seen each other. It seemedlike we hugged forever. She pulled back, gave me kiss on the cheek and weheaded over to the chairs. I spread my towel out and pulled my lotion from mybag. She got up and said, "here, let me help you". I handed her the bottle andshe led me to sit down, as she sat down behind me to spread it on my back.

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  Hertouch was so soft. Her warm hands sliding across my back brought a chill acrossmy body. It felt like she was giving me a little massage, as she applied mylotion. She slid her hands up to my shoulders, softly squeezing them and thenslid them down my arms. She ran her hands down my back and slid her hand undermy strap. She stood and leaned over to whisper in my ear, "I better stop, or wemay not get any tan time!". I smiled and laughed a little as she got up andwent over to her chair. She had a cooler of drinks already there, so I grabbedone and laid back to soak up some sun.

It seemed like hours had gone by, but it had only been a little over a couple ofhours, since I had arrived. Tonya sat up and said she needed to run to theapartment and asked if I wanted to come with her. Of course I was going to go!So we packed up our things and headed over. When we got there, she informed methat her husband did have to go to work, so we had the place to ourselves. Thismade us both smile. I had only seen women together through porno's, so Iwondered if it would be like a porno, or something different. I had no ideawhat to expect.

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  We walked into the kitchen to get another drink. Just as Iturned around from the fridge, Tonya was at my face. She reached for my head,as her lips made their way to mine. There we stood in her kitchen. Our lipslocked to each others. Her lips were so soft and delicate. Almost like aflower grazing across my lips. It had a gentle and sweet feeling to it. Ifound my self reaching up for her head, holding it in my hands. Our headsbobbing side to side as our tongues penetrate the others mouth. Our handssliding up and down each other. She moved her way down to my neck, sucking andsoftly biting it. She started to walk around me, still kissing me, she takesthe strap of my top, and pulls it with her teeth. Letting the top fallunderneath my breasts. She kisses down my back, reaching for the other strap,again with her teeth, and it falls to the floor.

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  She makes her way back aroundto my front, placing her hands on them and begins tomove them in her hands,before reaching between them, sliding her tongue in my cleavage. She took eachone of my nipples and rolled her tongue around them. She tugged at them withher teeth, making them hard and erect. In my mind, I couldn't believe this washappening. I couldn't believe that I was doing this with a woman. I couldn'tbelieve that I was married to a man that is allowing me to dothis!

Aswe stood there, in the kitchen, she had me leaned up against the fridge. Shewas teasing me. She knew what i wanted and she was keeping me from it. Until Icouldn't take it anymore. I reached for her shoulders. I pushed her off ofme. What happened next, completely surprised the shit out of me. I backed herup to the counter and slid off her bikini bottoms. I picked her up and sat heron the counter. I spread her legs, but before I went in, I just looked at it.

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  I took my fingers and spread her lips apart. I wanted to see her clit. Iwanted to see the excitement that only her clit could show me. She wasswollen. She was throbbing. I slowly reached in and grabbed her with my lips. I began to tug and pull her into my mouth. Sucking and licking her. This madeTonya's hips move around on the counter, as if she were riding a hard cock. Ibegan to suck harder and faster. Her movements and sounds became moreaggressive and louder. Her hands pushed the back of my head, pushing me furtherinto her. Her legs squeezed the sides of my head, smothering me. I pulledmyself up for air and she pulled me up to her, kissing me. Her kiss was hardand deep.

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  Her tongue pierced my mouth as my fingers slowly slid into hersoaking wet cunt. Her pussy felt so good. So soft and so WET!

Sheslid off the counter and took my hand, leading me to the bedroom. Tonya walkedover to me, softly kissed me again and kissed all the way down my body,gently sliding my bottoms down. She softly kissed the inside of my thighs, asmy bottoms slid down my legs to the floor. She laid me down on the bed as sheclimbed ontop of me. She stradled me as if i had a dick. She began to grindher pussy on my stomach. I could feel her wetness on my skin. She grabbed mytits as she circled her hips. I reached for hers, pinching her nipples. Iwanted them in my mouth, but she looked like she was really enjoying grinding onme, so I let her finish.

I put my hands underneath her legs, pulling her pussytowards me. I told her, " feed me that pussy baby". And she began to grind onmy face.

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  I never thought I'd be here. In this kind of moment, with a woman!The feeling it gave me was so, sureal. I never thought sex, without a dick,could be remotely close to satisfying. Tonya pulled away from me and turnedherself around, leaning her body over mine, spreading my legs and diving into mypussy.

Ourbodies, intertwined. Our mouths, on the other's clit. Our moans of purepleasure, bouncing off the walls, we are completely engulfed with each other. Tonya comes up and makes her way back up to me, kissing me, filling my mouthwith my own sweet juices. We kiss, as our bodies rub against each other. Ourhands, feeling every inch of skin. We slow down a bit. We lay there, face toface. Our hands exploring the softness and wetness of each others pussy. Weslowly kiss and as crazy as it seems, actually talk about what we're doing. Mebeing the "beginner" so to speak, she had asked what I thought so far.

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  I hadtold her that I was very into it. She was happy to hear it and continued tokiss me.

We pull away from each other and I walked over to my bag. I toldTonya I had a surprise for her. I reached into my bag and pulled out my strapon and dildo. A huge smile came across her face as she walked towards me. Shehelped me step into the strap on and walked behind me, as she kissed around myshoulders. As she got behind me, to buckle the belt, she reached around andbegan to stroke my, well placed dildo. It rubbed against my clit with everystroke. Once it was secure, she walked around to the front and dropped to herknees. She began to suck my dick. She wrapped her hands around my ass,squeezing them, as she took all of my cock into her mouth. I put one hand onher head, helping her go up and down, while I used the other to squeeze mytits. After a few minutes, I told her to move to the bed. I wanted to fuck herlike Brad fucks me.


  I tell her to bend over. She had her beautiful ass, highin the air for me. She reached around and spread her lips, opening herselfwide. I reached down and slid my tongue from her clit, up to her wethole. While I sucked her pussy, I reached over for my lube and began to strokemy cock. I then stood up, helped her spread her lips and slid my hard cock intoher. I grabbed her hips and began to move mine. With every stroke, sounds ofpleasure, left her mouth. I saw her gripping the comforter, then she broughther hand under her, to play with her clit. After a few minutes of me pounding her pussy, I pull away and sheslides off the bed, throwing herself at my lips. She kissed me hard and deep. She stepped into her closet and pulled out a box. She asked me to take off mystrap on and lie down on the bed. I didn't waste any time. She pulled out adouble headed dildo!I had always seen those in pornos, but never thought I'dsee one and be able to use it!She layed on the bed in front of me and slid herside in.


  Then she got closer to me and helped me slide my end in. Once we gotgoing, we turned ourselves, as we fucked this long, double-headed cock, ourclits banged together. She was gripping my legs, I was gripping hers. Wefucked this cock hard and fast. We both backed off a little so we could playwith our clits. Each of us began to rub our swollen, pulsating clits as we slidup and down on the cock. We were layed back on the bed, at that point. Ourhips moving in circles, making the heads reach that spot. All while our fingerswere engaged in what seemed a battle for the biggest explosion!I couldn'tspeak for her, at the time, but my clit was so sensative, that I was having ahard time focusing on what I wanted to do. Finally after a few minutes, shestarted to cooperate and that feeling came over me. My whole body started totingle. My eyes began to roll. My pussy was twitching. My nipples werestanding at attention. All of a sudden, the warm sensation, starting at my clitand radiating out came over me.


  And just as my body started to jolt, anotherwarm sensation flowed as the dildo became covered in my cum. Tonya followed notlong after me. Her explosion was just as hard, making her body twitch andshake, as her hips made her cock shove deeper inside me. Both of us, out of breath, we sit up. Dildo still inside. Webring our lips together and kiss each other softly. Our tongues, driftingacross the others as we open our mouths, for deep, hard, slow kisses. Shestops, sits back and asks, "So, how do you like being with a woman?". I justlaughed, because I sure couldn't lie. I responded, "Its like nothing I've everexperienced before!When can we do it again!?". We both laughed and decided tohop in the shower. I was nice to be in the shower, washing each other andoccasionaly kissing each other. In a way, it was sweet and beautiful. Shortly after, I returned home. Brad would be getting home soonand I couldn't wait to tell him what happened on my day off at the pool!I hadheld out talking to him all afternoon, just to make him wonder.

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  He knew where Iwas going and knew the I'd would probably have some fun. Chances were damngood, I'd be getting fucked again that night!.
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