Mind Control

Topic: Interview with an agentThis is very short but sometimes you are very lucky to just come up short.
I'm quite excited. I couldn't find parking close to the greek restaurant were I am to meet a man that self descibes himself as a payed dark government rapist. This should be the best interview ever in the history of my life. the place was packed. My feelings started a downturn, Thinking he wasn't going to divulge much in here I sat down at the booth were a single man motioned me. I started by asking, I know I can't use your real name so what should I call you. He said you can call me Dime, spelled like the coin. He said, "We have time to eat, we don't have to rush this. "He called a waitress and I ordered a large Greek fry and a Coke. He had what appeared to be a Hot Beef sandwich with french fries with gravy on them and a cup of coffee. While the waitress was gone I asked him what part of the government he worked for. Dime replied Just consider it a subsidary of the NSA. He nodded and we stayed quite while the watress delivered the Coke. I asked how large is the area you work in. Dime, Just this small city and it's suburbs.

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  I saw the Greek fries on the way, we clammed up for a little. After the waitress left I asked do you rape a lot of people?Dime every one put on my list, some of them for weeks at a time. How do you keep this out of the news papers?Dime, It's very easy, I'm not physically there, the victums think they are going nuts or being attacked by ghosts or demons. They don't say a word about the rapes to anyone. I said, You mean to tell me you rape people and aren't even there?Dime, Oh yes, my crew and I do this electronically. We have the equipment to make the see and remember what we want and we can broadcast power to their nervous system and make them feel exactly what we want. Shit we made a woman give birth to a very large baby six days in a row. That was a special torture for her because she had a miscarrage the year before. I said is that the nastiest thing you've ever done. Dime, No that's just one case. We have the equipment to see through walls. We tape most of the stuff so it can be used to blackmail or procecute the victum later. We even take control of people so completely that we can make them have sex with animals. We can make them forget the nights torture and give them a false memory that they can almost remember and it nags at them for the rest of their life. We work six days a week and on our night off we can go rape anyone we wish for the fun of it, we get so great videos that way.

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  I asked, you mean all they give you is a list and collect the videos. Dime, We get more than a simple list, pictures address, work place. Yes, all they want is incriminating eveidence. They want a social handle on the people they target and they get one. Did your group start this animal sex thing on the net?Of course not, that type of sex has been around as long as man has, the internet is the obvious place it was going to become easy to view at. I asked what rape scenarios do you like the best. Dime, I like group rapes and best of all I like to rape men as woman. Forgive me for asking but exactly how does that work. Dime, All humans have both sexual organ sets. In the case of a man his female organs are undeveloped but, they are there. Do you mean to tell me you can rape a man as a woman. We can not only gang rape a man as a woman we can make the poor bastard want it to happen again. Dime, I'm sorry, I'm out of time and I have given you about all I can tell you. You ask very direct questions and I had to cover everything quite quickly that way. I'll pick up the check enjoy.

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  That was the end of the short interview, it was stretched out over twenty minutes because of traffic to the restroom. I figure I got a real 7 minutes of time in it. But let's look at the bright side that's 7 more minutes than anyone else has ever gotten. Well I've been looking for someone like this in an untouchable position. I think I've found one, what do you think? A guy that never fails from premature ejaculation, he can broadcast
all night long.