Fox and the Hound - Part 1

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The bar smelled of stale air. It was late and Raine was invested heavily in her drink. The place looked like a scene from the Cheers TV show. It was nearing midnight. Her head hurt from the alcohol, or was it the pain inside?

"I called the moment I realized it was her," the bartender called over to the entrance. A man standing in the entrance started to walk over.

Raine had been drinking for some time, drowning out all her sorrows. There was something huge on her mind. It caused the deepest pain. The images came in and out of her mind. Each thought had to do with someone leaving. She was leaving? Was he leaving? It wasn't clear anymore now that the drinks were taking over.

It was a whole four minutes before she realized that Adam was sitting beside her. There was something familiar about his presence. "You should doze call people, you knoze!" Raine hollered in hate towards the bartender. Her alcohol had got the best of her.



Adam had pulled her back onto her stool and was now supporting her head on his shoulder. He hadn't said much since he arrived. He was just glad to get the call. The odds weren't there. He rubbed the small of her back - happy to be close and feel her warmth.

"I don't know what would cause her so much pain to drink like that… When I came into the bar this evening, I barely realized it was her. I called a taxi. "

The gentleman that was finishing up his drink at the back of the bar came to the front. On his last gulp, he slid the glass across the counter and glared at Adam. "I could have taken that humm, you ain't much … " He turned to leave quickly and gave a wave to the bartender.

Adam had thrown his leather jacket around her shoulders. She had let out a moan and "I'm fine… let me be…" as he swept her hair aside. The breath on her neck always triggered emotions. Her eyes were dilated and looked like she had been crying, but he couldn't tell.

There were so many painful thoughts in her head.

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   The night was mild and raining. The taxi had arrived… Raine attempted to protest to stare out the window during the ride. Her eyes were always the first to go when she was drinking alcohol. She didn't want to look at him. All the pain and complications.

Adam pulled her close. He didn't care if the taxi driver was watching. He put her hand on his member. She got in close as her eyes closed. Her head wasn't staying awake. "I do youz good…" Raine's attempt to speak was gone, but her hand some how slide into his pants for a comforting grab. "You be a good boy in there. You're trouble. " The half giggle and moan made Adam wish she was around more often.

When they got back to Adam's place, it all seemed to be a blur.

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   The lights. The bed. How was the bed there? It seemed like forever that the bed was spinning. Adam wasn't sure just what brought her again. In times of pain, she some how found the same bar each time. It wasn't even her city. He had so much love that could never be to her.

Raine pulled the white shirt of Adam thinking it was a pillow and started to sleep on his chest. His member getting hard. He struggled to control himself as he watched her manipulate his nipple in a loving, groping fashion out of love. "I missed you," she whispered. Adam knew then and there that she was drunk, but aware of who he was and her feelings still strong. "I don't care what you are… you be you. I find the you that you be, when you. "

Adam had brought her up to the real pillow and removed his white shirt.

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   He watched her head sway side to side as she had zero motor control. Her desire to be touched showed as he watched her rub her own nipple through her shirt. Her ability to get her head off the pillow limited, but he moved upwards so that she could reach his pants. Adam removed his pants knowing it could take too long.

Raine was happy to see his member. Her hands moved to his neck for a kiss to the lips. Adam cleverly had scooped her dress off while kissing her.

"I be you had you not leave. You go be stup right," was the best she had. Adam was getting the alcohol from the other room knowing it helped keep her relaxed. There was always bigger and better moans when she was relaxed. The TV was the only thing lighting up the room now. It felt like the right amount of light for her migraine.

Raine had started to clear up her mind. It brought on tears to know more truth on Adam then she could speak out loud.

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   It didn't matter anymore. She placed her drink on the ground. She could feel his fingers message the inside of her hole while her butt was up in the air and her hand placing the glass on the ground. She quickly came back up towards the bed.

Adam had already dragged her back to where he wanted her. "You're so hot," she smiled with zero vision or focus. Adam was already leaning up against the headboard with a leg on both sides of her face. He felt so warm and clean. Or was that the alcohol? Raine grabbed one thigh with a hand and one of his nice sized balls in her mouth. MMMmmmm… felt so good….

Adam moaned when she finally started on his member. The warm of her cheek, the fast fucking and pressure of her tongue. There was nothing like it. It was so different then any other blow-jobs. There was just this caring, lightly tickling and curious approach to Raine.

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   Everyone one of her blow jobs felt different.

He knew he was going to come. The urge to let it go in her mouth was strong. The desire to explode. Explode. Don't explode!

He knew he had to stop. There was too much more that he wanted, but Adam couldn't snap out of it. The warmth and wetness was so amazing. The tongue sensually pressing every spot. He quickly spun around into a 69 and fingered Raine.

Raine folded in half from the pleasure and let his dick fall out of her mouth. She let out the loudest giggle, which lead into a moan of pleasure and the release of the guarded wall she had emotionally. Her mind still spinning from the alcohol and her body attempting to block the pleasure. It was no use. When she drank alcohol, she had less energy to block the feeling of pleasure.

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Maybe this was the first time she felt 100% trusting of Adam? Maybe he would protect her if she stayed?

She had relaxed and let him lick her out. The moaning could be heard from the neighbours house. The asian neighbour yelling at the wall. She thought that it was Adam fighting with family again. Raine starting to climax, started screaming. Adam grabbed his white shirt and plugged her mouth, then went back to pinning down her thigh while licking.

She must have hit orgasm so many times! Had she had not been drinking maybe she would have counted more then her max of 12! He stopped licking and started to violently finger message her clit. Adam was beginning to wonder if she'd put a hole in the wall with her thumper foot this time, when he could see the teenage boy from across the road playing Call of Duty.

She had grabbed his balls downwards in a mercy pull to avoid the most powerful orgasm ever. "Stop! Stop Stop! Too much!"
Raine had him fall to the side of the bed before she climaxed.

Adam was so close, if it wasn't for the distraction. Raine was starting gaining motor control and was attempting to lock him onto his back. "I want to ride," she moaned and quickly grabbed for his member. The moaning and attempt didn't last long. She had already exhausted her muscles and with the alcohol taking away any extra strength, it wasn't long before Adam had pissed her off in a good sexual way, pinning her down to the bed and jamming it in super hard. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


He had her. He knew the spot on the side. Raine's moans began to turn into screams. Adam was thrusting so hard and fast. It felt so good. He didn't even notice the nails digging into his thigh, the climate too intense to notice the pain. They came together.
He collapsed onto her and kissed her mouth gently. "What rank are my balls out of 10 this time?"

Raine loved his understanding for her. She grabbed his head and deep throated him with her tongue, giggling with a devilish look and a feeling of europhia. "Adam will you come back and protect me?" He couldn't hear the last of it, something about leaving. Adam's head was in the clouds of pleasure and he was still come down.

He brought her in close, finger fucked her twice as hard as before for one last orgasm and let her fall asleep on his chest. She loved sleeping on his chest. He stared into the night at the yellow glowing window across the street where the kid was playing video games.

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   He stopped rubbing her back. He realized his emotions were getting real and it made him uncomfortable.