Homecoming: Part 3 - Landing


Part 3: Landing

I liked torturing Mr. Ward, my seventh grade science teacher. I was curled up in my seat with my back to him, but I knew his eyes were on me and I could hear him shifting restlessly in his seat. The little electric egg was humming away inside my cunt, and as I recalled the details of the night of my eighteenth birthday, I twisted the dial on the control, moving closer and closer to maximum intensity.

I knew my little game wouldn’t last long. The flight was only an hour, and already I was starting to feel like the one being tortured. The egg had been a great idea for teasing Mr. Ward, but it was teasing me, too, like an itch I couldn’t quite scratch. I needed some kind of release. Fifteen minutes in, and I had to make a choice; turn off the tickling toy or do something to scratch the itch. It was Laura Ward who helped me decide.

Our area of the cabin plunged into darkness when Mrs. Ward turned off her reading light. The glare reflected in my window disappeared and I peeked back over my shoulder to see her close her book and her eyes. She tilted her seat back and relaxed. I followed suit, rolling over in my seat to a new and more comfortable position, facing her husband.

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“Is it okay if I lift this up?” I asked Mr. Ward, grabbing hold of the armrest separating our seats.

“No, go ahead,” he whispered, his voice horse and dry. He lifted his arm and I lifted the armrest, tucking it between the seatbacks. I drew my legs up onto the seat and was almost resting my head on his shoulder. For a second he seemed unsure what to do with his hand now that the armrest was gone. We were both still wrapped in blankets and he opted to tuck it under his warm fleece. I opted to tuck my hand under his warm fleece too.

He drew in a sharp breath, but his gasp wasn’t enough to give us away. Mrs. Ward was still resting across the isle with her eyes closed. I snaked my hand over his arm and right down into his lap, getting a handful of surprise for my effort. His cock was already out of his pants and hard as a rock. He had been jacking off under his blanket.

“Oh my God!” I hissed in his ear, fighting the urge to laugh out loud, “You are so bad!” He didn’t say a word.

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   I think he was trying to remember how to breathe. Cum had already seeped from the tip of his cock and the spongy head was slick and wet. “Mmm,” I purred, spreading his lube down the length of his shaft with my fingers. His hot flesh slipped through my grip and he pushed his hips up to meet my pumping fist.

“Isn’t this better than jerking off all by yourself, Mr. Ward?” I whispered close to his ear. His body shuddered and he let out a strAngeld gasp of air, “Fuck yes. ” For the next few minutes we were both content with his cock in my hand. But I was never great at just being content.

I lifted my head and peeked over his chest. His wife looked like she was sleeping and his daughter was out of sight, tucked back in her seat with her headphones on. Mr. Ward nearly jumped when I lifted the blanket in his lap.

“Shush,” I told him, and ducked my head under the fleece. His cock fit nicely in my mouth and the seeping cum I’d massaged into his skin tasted sweet.

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   I knew too much movement would draw someone’s attention, so I simply held my mouth over his cock and sucked in with my cheeks. My lips kissed the thick base and I used my tongue like a paintbrush, applying multiple coats of oil to his hard, pulsing canvas.

My story should have ended the day after my eighteenth birthday. Twenty years in the future, I would tell a trusted friend or lover about one wild night I had back in college, starting with an invitation to star in a porn flick and ending with me getting fucked by a father and son in a truck stop shower stall off highway 6. When I finally crawled back to my normal world, I swore that’s how it would be.

I got back to school, climbed into bed, and tried to get some more sleep. I woke up late in the afternoon with my phone ringing. I let it go to voicemail, then listened as Allen praised my performance from the previous night. He wanted me to give him a call him about a gig he had lined up for the weekend.

What was a person like Allen doing with my phone number? I felt like Alice after going down the rabbit hole. Last night had been like a dream, and running through the hi-lite reel in my head, all I could do was wonder who that girl was that did all of those things.

I dragged myself out of bed, feeling like I was hung over. I knew I would never do coke again, that stuff shredded me, but I went to the library to check out a book on sex addiction. I was barely ten-pages into it, when Kyle came over and took me out to dinner. I hid the book when he showed up and did my best to shut last night out of my head.

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I stayed at Kyle’s place that night and we made love. I was surprised how quickly my body had recovered and how ready I was to feel a cock inside me again. I was also slightly terrified how bored I was with Kyle between my legs, and how desperately my mind sought out the images of the previous night. They weren’t just the images of Marcus and his magnificent cock, but the cop, the truckers, and even Allen kept fighting their way to the surface.

“Wow!” Kyle gasped, making note of the new assertiveness in my fucking while ignoring the frustrated and restless energy. I tried to ignore that energy, too. I made it through Thursday, also ignoring Allen’s persistent phone calls, and Thursday night, enduring more lackluster humping from Kyle. But then Friday came.

Kyle surprised me Friday afternoon by introducing me to his parents who were visiting for the weekend. I was not happy about this. I suffered through an early dinner, or a late lunch, I wasn’t sure which, but despite my internal agony, his Mom and Dad just adored me.

My story should have ended that day after my birthday, but considering what had happened on the cruise, I guess I was foolish to think the house party would ever be just a wild night that I’d think of shamefully. Halfway through lunch, or dinner, I faked a stomach cramp. Kyle and his parents were greatly concerned but I begged them to stay and finish their meals. I told them I was going back to the dorms to lie down.

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I didn’t throw Allen’s business card away. I used it as a bookmark in the sex addict book I got from the library. If that wasn’t a sign… I called Allen and two hours later I was lying face up on a table. A blindfold covered my eyes and dozens of anonymous strangers were eating sushi off my naked body.

After dinner, volunteers from the group of guests stood around the table and rubbed warm oil into every part of my body. The blindfold stayed in place and I made of game out of which hands belonged to a man and which belonged to a woman. The people around me offered nothing in the way of hints. They were not a keg-beer-swilling, high-fiving crowd. The clinking of wine glasses and the whisper of excited voices was all I heard. Their silence filled the air like electricity, though, and was just as exhilarating as a cheering mob.

My body was slick with oil and someone lifted my arms and introduced me to two cocks, one for each hand. I stroked them gently, trying to get a feel for their size and shape. The loss of my sight was a strange and intoxicating experience. I was theirs to use, but I had no idea who they were. Each new touch, each new penetration, was a surprise, and it took me a moment to distinguish up from down and one cock from another.

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   The whispering dinner guests surrounded us and watched me getting fucked in every possible combination two men could think of. This was much better than dinner with Kyle and his parents.

When they finished, my ass and pussy were overflowing with cum. My mouth and tits also took a load. I was led off stage and the blindfold was removed. Allen was there, but there was no sign of the men who had fucked me. Allen directed me to a shower and stood and watched me scrub myself clean. When I got out, there was a woman waiting to fix my hair and help me get dressed, if you could call it that. My outfit consisted of a gold chain that wrapped around my waist and a black silk dress that hung from my shoulders. The silk covered my entire body… Well, kind of, it was completely see-through.

Allen led me out on stage and I was allowed to see my admirers for the first time. A group of about two-dozen men and women dressed in black formalwear, their faces obscured by harsh backlights directed at me on stage. Allen left me standing there and a voice I did not know from a man I could not see announced that my name was Rene, and that I had turned eighteen less than three days ago. An excited murmur flitted through the room.

“Shall we start the bidding at one thousand dollars?” the man said, then immediately followed with, “One thousand to the gentleman in front.

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   Do I hear two-thousand?”

The bidding stopped at twelve thousand dollars, and I was delivered to an upscale home in a swank neighborhood not far from where the party was held. I was bought by a married couple, the woman young and gorgeous, the husband older and a little less than handsome. She checked that her children were in bed, and then they took me to their bedroom.

At first he just watched. She was excited that I had never really been with a woman and she took her time, coaxing me from one position to the next. I loved her soft hands, her lips and tongue, and her body. I loved my first taste of another woman’s cunt. And I loved the intimacy and completeness of our sixty-nine. I was on my back, gripping her firm ass and pulling her pussy tight to my mouth, when I felt her husband push his cock inside me.

“Mmmm,” I moaned into her cunt. Her husband wasn’t in the same league with her as far as looks were concerned, but he had a nice cock. I loved how it tasted, wet from her pussy, and I loved licking his cum from her body. He went through a gymnastic routine of sex, then finished the night with his cock in my ass while she and I rode a double-headed dildo. We fell asleep together in their king size bed.

In the morning, he watched his wife and I make love in the shower, then fucked me while she went downstairs and made breakfast for the kids.

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   I snuck out while they were eating and found Allen waiting for me out front. He drove me to my car handing me another check for three thousand dollars. I kept forgetting to ask about the money.

I broke up with Kyle that afternoon, refusing to tell him where I had gone after leaving him and his parents. That evening I did another live show. It was a bachelor party for some yuppy investment guys. There were only six of them but they were big tippers. I did the show with Jazmine, the blonde from the house party. She fucked me with a strap-on but left after the guys did body shots off our tits and asses. I stayed on at the request of the groom and added gangbang to my resume, taking all six cocks as fast as they could cum.

“Don’t burn yourself out,” Allen warned me the following week at lunch. I had done an escort gig on Sunday night with some guy Allen needed to impress, another live show Tuesday with Marcus and Sean, and a girl-girl show on Wednesday with a redhead called Cherry. Allen invited me to lunch on Thursday to show me something.

“There you go,” he said sliding a gift bag across the table. I had no idea what it could be.

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   I reached into the bag and felt the familiar shape of a plastic DVD box.

“Oh my God!” I gasped, lifting the DVD from the bag and immediately dropping it back in. My shock was partly due to the fact that we were in a crowded restaurant and I thought a warning would have been appropriate before I whipped out a porno in front of everyone. But mostly I was shocked to pull the DVD out and see my own face smiling back at me.

“I thought you said the video was for the Internet!” I hissed under my breath at Allen. He was sitting across from me and looked momentarily taken aback by my reaction.

“It was for the Internet,” he said, “But when I showed it to them, they wanted to go to DVD. ”

“Who is them?” I asked angrily.

“The guys who run the web site,” he said.

“I thought you ran the website?”

“I just shoot the videos. They buy the rights and distribute,” he answered.

“What if my family sees this?” I cried.

“You’re just thinking of that now?” Allen laughed.

“I thought of it last week when you said it was for the Internet. I figured it would go to some crappy site that nobody would ever see.

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   This will go everywhere!” I said, waving the bag at him.

“It will go everywhere, and there’s not a thing you can do about it. You signed the release. They have complete rights to the video,” he shot back. For a second I thought I was going to cry, and so did he.

“Listen,” he said, trying to sound comforting, “Who’s gonna believe you’d ever do porn?”

“No one,” I answered.

“That’s right, no one,” he said, “So even if your family or friends or whoever saw this, at the most they’d think, ‘Wow! That girl looks just like Sara Jane Taylor from Minnesota!’ but they’d never think it was actually you. ”

I relaxed a bit at this thought, but would have been more relaxed if I hadn’t used my mother’s name. Shit! What was I thinking? Still, Allen was right. Even if the DVD ended up in every porn shop across the country, my family didn’t rent porn movies, they made their own. That thought made me laugh, but it was true. All the times I snuck into my Dad’s desk drawer, I never saw a rented DVD among their home movie collection. And if any of my friends saw it, there’s no way they’d believe it was me.

“Besides,” Allen said, “This video isn’t your problem. Your problem is you love being a porn star.



“What?” I gasped, trying to look offended.

“I’ve been in this industry for twenty years,” Allen said, “And I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone who loves to fuck as much as you do. Most of these girls are looking to do as little as possible for as much money as they can get, which by the looks of most of them, isn’t a lot. You, though, you’ve got the looks and body to demand any price you want, but you don’t even care about the money. You’re in it for the sex and you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to, which I know you don’t. ”

As much as I wanted to deny what he was saying, I’d already had the same thoughts. The library book on sex addiction hidden in my dorm room was a dead give away. I still hadn’t read past page ten. I’d been too busy whoring myself out.

“You know I’m right. ” he said, seeing the look on my face, “So, sooner or later, you’re going to have to embrace what you are, Angel, and get over the fear of what Mommy and Daddy will think of their little girl. And I’m telling you, sooner would be much better than later. These guys saw your video and they are hot for you, Sara. They want to make you a contract girl. ”

“What’s a contract girl?” I asked, not liking the idea that people I didn’t know where making plans for me.

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“It means you’d make videos exclusively for them and they’d make you rich,” he said.

“I don’t care about being rich,” I said honestly.

“I know,” Allen said smiling, “But you do want to be a whore, and these guys can make that happen for you. Just think of the money as a bonus. ”

I had no reply for him. I held the gift bag under the table and carefully slid the DVD box out. On the cover was a still frame of me sitting topless on the couch in the living room. The cheering crowd was all around me, and my three boys were standing in front of me with their cocks wrapped up as gifts. I looked like a little girl on Christmas morning, eyeing their packages with eager anticipation.

“You want to take a guess at how many first-timers get on the cover?” Allen asked, eyeing me from across the table. I didn’t answer. SWEET 18 was the name across the top of the box. Below it read, Introducing RENE! Her 18th Birthday! Her First Video! Her First Anal! On the back of the box was a still of me bent over the arm of the couch taking Marcus’s cock in my ass with some unknown boy’s cock in my mouth. Featuring An Exclusive Interview with Rene! read the words below the image.

“What exclusive interview?” I demanded.

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“The stuff I shot up in my office,” he said, “When you were filling out the forms. ”

“You didn’t use my real name?” I asked, firing up again. I remembered him saying my name repeatedly while he “interviewed” me.

“No, that’s all taken out,” he assured me, “You should watch it. You’ll like it, I promise. ”

We went back to his place and watched it in his home theater on a big screen. It was the first time I’d seen myself on video, and Allen was right; I liked it. In fact, I loved it! It was hot! And slut that I am, I let Allen fuck me while we watched. He humped my pussy from behind, and I stared at myself onscreen, knowing that Allen was right about something else. It was only a matter of time before I made another video.

Allen told me he hadn’t set me up with any more video gigs because “they” wanted me under contract first. When I left his place on Thursday afternoon, he promised to give me a week to think about it before scheduling a meeting with them. My DVD would be in stores and available online to rent the following Tuesday, so they would want to meet with me soon, Allen explained.

Three things happened that next week that changed my life.

First, I did some research and found out that I wasn’t all that impressed with the porn that “they” produced.

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   “They” being the people who wanted me under contract. I also figured out the reason “They” wanted me to sign so quickly was that I was likely to be a hot commodity and they wanted to snatch me up before the bidding began. Someone at Hustler magazine got a hold of a copy of SWEET 18 before it was released and rated me Fully Erect. “She looks like she’s sixteen and she fucks like the world is about to end,” the reviewer raved about Rene.

The next thing happened Saturday afternoon.

“Oh my God!” Tasha cried, as soon as I walked in the door, “Have you seen this?” I spent the afternoon on a yacht getting fucked by three middle-aged dads on vacation. They left their wives and kids at the resort and chartered a boat for the day, along with me. I had no idea what Tasha was talking about.

“What is it?” I asked impatiently, watching her click a link in an email and seeing a video file open. I had another gig that night and wanted to shower and get something to eat. I wasn’t in the mood to watch a cat playing piano.

“Just wait,” she insisted. I humored her, pulling off my clothes while the video loaded. The dark screen finally vanished, and was replaced by a grainy, darkly lit image. It took a few seconds before I realized I was watching people fuck, and another few before I realized I was watching myself fuck.

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“Oh my God!” I gasped, feeling like someone punched me in the gut, “How did you get this?” It was hard to make out on the video, but I recognized the sleeper compartment of the semi-truck, and the father and son who were fucking me.

“It showed up in everybody’s campus email today,” Tasha said, laughing, “Look. ” She clicked her email and showed me the message. CAMPUS GIRL RENE, read the subject line. Tasha clicked the TO: button and the screen filled with hundreds of campus emails that had been sent the video.

“It was sent from an anonymous email,” Tasha said, still smiling, “so they don’t know who it was, but they’re gonna be in huge trouble if they get caught. It’s illegal to send porn in emails like that. ” I stared at the video with no doubts about who had sent it.

“Oh my God…” I breathed, the color draining from my face.

“I know,” Tasha said, “Can you believe it? I wonder who she is. She must be a student here. ”

I couldn’t believe it. Tasha had no idea the girl getting fucked in the video was standing right next to her. The image was pretty low quality, dark and grainy, but to me it was obvious I was the girl. This was the first test of Allen’s theory that none of my friends would ever believe I’d do porn.

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   So far he was right.

The video was the talk of the campus and even got a blurb on the 24-hour cable news channels, but no one seemed to suspect me. By Monday morning, I had relaxed about the whole thing. I was worried about how the father and son knew where I went to school, sure I had been careful not to tell them anything specific about me, when I realized they must have seen the campus parking decal on my car.

By Monday afternoon, I was masturbating to the video. It had ended up in my email too, and I downloaded it onto my laptop before campus security deleted it from the main frame.

Fuck! I loved watching myself fuck! And even though they had obviously recorded me from a hidden a camera in the cab of the truck, and the Angel was bad, and the image was dark, the video was still unbelievably sexy. It wasn’t like regular porn. It was raw. It was real.

The final thing that happened that week was that I drove to a porn shop in the next city over to see if Sweet 18 had arrived as planned. The place was called Miss Kitty’s. It was about two in the afternoon and there were only a few cars in the parking lot. I had never been inside an adult video store before, so I was a bit nervous and excited.

It wasn’t what I expected.

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   I kind of thought it would be seedy and gross but it was clean and brightly lit and might have been a regular video store, except for all the lubes and vibrators and images of cock-sucking girls. There was no Miss Kitty behind the counter, just a middle-aged guy who wanted to see my ID as soon as I entered.

“Just turned eighteen?” he asked, running his eyes up and down my body. “Nice,” he said when I confirmed my age, “Let me know if you need anything. ” He gave me back my ID and I wandered into the store.

I didn’t have to wander far. Right near the entrance was a rack with a sign that read, NEW RELEASES. It was filled with DVD box covers and mine was right in the middle on the top rack. I felt a rush of adrenaline tear through me.

“You like porn, Angel?” asked a husky, deep voice behind me. I had just picked up my DVD when he approached. He was a tall, handsome black man, around forty, wearing a button up shirt and tie. There was only one other customer in the store. He was watching me from the Barely Legal section.

“I like this one,” I said, feeling strangely proud and wanting to show off.

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   I waved the case a bit foolishly and he took it from me.

“Sweet 18…” he said, reading the cover. “You like the group stuff, huh?” he asked, turning it over to look at the back.

“Ya, it was fun,” I said. He started to hand me back the box, but stopped.

“Fun?” he repeated, looking confused. He looked at me, then back at the box, then back at me again. I smiled.

“Is that you?” he asked, looking shocked, “Goddamn! That is you. ”

“Yup,” I beamed, kind of bouncing on the balls of my feet. He looked me up and down. I was dressed pretty casually in a tight t-shirt and jeans, but I still looked hot.

“You sure you’re old enough to be in porn, Angel?” he said, his eyes moving from me to the DVD cover and back to me.

“I did it on my birthday,” I smiled, pointing at the words, HER 18TH BIRTHDAY! on the cover.

“Is that really you?” asked the guy from behind the counter, listening in on our conversation.

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“That’s me,” I replied, grinning and feeling a buzz from the attention.

“Would you sign a copy for the store?” he asked, rushing around the counter and grabbing another copy of the DVD from the rack.

“Really?” I cried, “Wow! My first autograph. ” I was just as excited as they were. Arthur, the handsome black man, bought a copy and so did the shy guy who was lurking behind a lube and condom display case.

“Do you mind if I put it in?” the clerk asked. He had torn the plastic from the DVD and handed me the box to sign. There was a TV on the wall behind the counter, and he slid the DVD into a player. “Ya, let’s take a look,” said Arthur. “Sure,” I agreed.

Keep Purring, Miss Kitty, Love Rene, I wrote on the clerk’s DVD then signed the other two boxes in big loopy letters.

“How about a picture?” the clerk asked. He grabbed a little digital camera from behind the counter. There were a couple of signed photos on the wall of porn stars that had been in the store. One of them was a hot blonde with her top pulled up and her tits showing.

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“Here,” I said, grabbing the hem of my shirt and lifting it up over my bra-less tits like the girls at Mardi Gras.

“Now we’re talking,” said Arthur. He had the camera and I stood next to the clerk who was holding up my DVD. We smiled and he snapped the photo. I rushed over to take a look on the little viewfinder.

“Let’s do one more,” I said, not really thrilled with the pic. I pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it on the counter. “That’s better,” I smiled, looking at the new topless photo. The clerk agreed and took the camera into a little office behind the counter. “I’ve got a printer back here,” he said, “You can autograph the picture. ”

“You mind if I take one, Angel?” Arthur asked, pulling out his cell phone. I didn’t and the shy guy consented to take the photo. He aimed Arthur’s camera phone and I leaned into Arthur who put an arm around me and grabbed a handful of my ass. I felt that familiar slutty rush, but by now I had learned to embrace it and let it guide me.

“One more,” I demanded after checking the pic on his phone.

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   This time I stepped in front of Arthur, grabbed his hands, and pulled them around me so he was cradling my tits. I leaned back against his chest and smiled. “Goddamn, Girl,” he moaned, getting a good feel of my firm breasts.

“The video,” I cried, seeing that the DVD menu was up on the TV screen. I grabbed the remote and clicked play. “Let’s skip all this,” I said, clicking past the credits. I hit the play button just as my video version was unwrapping her birthday presents on screen.

“Ah, shit,” Arthur gasped, watching me suck down Marcus’s cock. I jumped back into his arms, pulling them around me and offering him my tits again. “How do I look?” I asked, pride filling my voice. “Goddamn!” Arthur said, watching video-me work my mouth over all three cocks, “You got skills, Angel. ” The shy guy was standing off to the side, his attention occasionally shifting to the TV but mostly focused on me.

Arthur’s hands were doing amazing things to my tits, and I couldn’t stop myself grinding my ass back against his crotch. He started kissing my neck and I groped blindly behind me until I found his zipper. My eyes were still on the TV, but his cock was now in my hand.


   I tugged at it behind my back and he squeezed my nipples and kissed my neck. He doesn’t seem to be shy, I thought, So what are you waiting for?

“Is anyone else getting hot?” I purred, throwing a naughty look at shy guy. His eyes were wide, watching me stroke the black cock in my hand. “I know you are,” I grinned, turning around to face Arthur. “Do you mind?” I asked, sinking to my knees in front of him. He didn’t.

“Woe!” gasped the clerk, coming back from the office, and seeing me on my knees in the middle of his store with my mouth full of cock. He put the photo down on the counter and grabbed his camera. He asked if it was okay to take photos, and I smiled my approval around Arthur’s cock.

Shy guy had his cell phone out and was pointing it at me. He was a nervous looking guy, not much older than me who looked like he had probably never been laid. I waved him over to me, and he approached timidly. I unzipped his jeans and was surprised by the caliber of pistol he was packing.

“Goddamn, Brother!” Arthur cried, equally shocked and impressed. I pulled my lips from Arthur’s dark meat and stroked shy guy’s hard cock into my mouth.

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   I sucked him in and his muscles tensed. Thick, hot cum gushed out over my tongue.

“Oh my God!” I gasped, after gulping him down. I had never drunk that much cum from one cock. Unfortunately, shy guy thought I was laughing at his quick release. He jerked up his fly and ran from the store, ignoring my pleas to come back.

“He’ll be alright,” Arthur assured me, rubbing his cock against my cheek. The clerk clicked away with his camera.

“I need some help, though,” I said to Arthur, giving him my best wicked grin. I stood up, unzipped my jeans, and pushed them down my hips along with my panties. I turned my back to him, and bending at the waist, grabbed the counter for support. I wiggled my ass at him. It was all the invitation he needed.

The bell over the door rang and a man walked in. He stopped dead before the door closed behind him.

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   Even if he had made the connection between the girl getting fucked on the TV and the girl getting fucked over the counter in the middle of the store, I’m sure he would never have been able to conjure up an explanation for what he was seeing.

“What’s going on?” he asked the clerk who was snapping away with his camera while Arthur gripped my ass and fucked my pussy from behind. The clerk gave the man a brief history of events, starting with my arrival. He pointed out my video on the TV and explained that when he came back from printing my photo, “…she was sucking this guy’s cock. ”

“Is she taking all comers?” the man asked eagerly. I looked over my shoulder and gave him a quick appraisal. Then I nodded my head, yes.

“Aaaagh!” Arthur cried. I spun around and dropped to my knees with my jeans around my ankles. His first shot splashed across my tits, but I managed to catch his spitting snake in my mouth and swallow the rest. The new guy didn’t seem to be bothered by my sticky chest. He already had his cock out, stroking it and stepping forward.

“Can we use that chair?” I asked the clerk, pushing the guy’s hand aside and gripping his cock. There was a cushy armchair next to a rack filled with porn-mags, for guys who wanted to kick back and relax while they read the magazines, I guess. The clerk pulled the chair in front of the counter, which had become center stage.

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   I kicked my heels and my jeans off and climbed up on the chair, guiding the new guy around the back by his cock.

“You want a turn?” I said to the clerk, wiggling my ass at him. It took about half-a-second for him to whip his cock out. He put one foot up on the chair and slid nicely into my cunt. Arthur was there snapping pics with his phone when I lowered my head and took the new guy in my mouth.

“Holey shit!” cried a voice nearby. I lifted my mouth from the new guy’s cock. Arthur left without a goodbye, but another man was standing in front of a curtain across the store staring at us. The curtain was red and looked to be hiding a dark room or hallway behind it. A neon sign over the door read, VIDEOS.

The newest new guy moved closer, his eyes wide, and the old new guy made room, apparently happy to share my mouth. The man’s cock was soft and warm, but sprang to life between my lips. He hardened in my mouth just as the store clerk let out a groan, pulled his cock free and showered my back in jizz. The old new guy quickly moved around behind me and took his place.

“What’s back there?” I asked, nodding towards the red curtain.

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   Everyone had taken a turn fucking me and the store clerk was wiping their cum from my back and ass with a towel he had in his office.

“Video booths,” he told me. I pulled my jeans back on and he handed me my t-shirt. “Here,” he said, leading the way across the store, “Take a look. ” He pulled back the curtain and I peered into darkness. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw a long hallway lined on both sides with what looked like closet doors. There were two little light bulbs above each door, one red and one green. All the green bulbs were lit up, providing the only light in the confined space. It was kind of creepy and kind of sexy at the same time.

“Oh my God!” I giggled, opening a door and looking inside. The space was small, like a closet. There was a little stool in the middle of the floor and a video monitor in the wall opposite the door. I stepped inside and sat down on the stool. It swiveled to adjust the height and I spun around to face the store clerk.

“People sit in here and watch porn?” I asked, still giggling.

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“Well, that and other things…” the clerk said. He pointed to the right of me and I turned on the stool, following his finger.

“Oh my God!” I gasped, then laughed out loud. “Are you serious!” I cried. Right at eye level, or rather mouth level, was a hole cut in the wall about the size of a softball. It looked into the next booth. The clerk didn’t need to tell me what it was for.

“Hey, could you sign this?” asked the old new guy. He poked his head into the booth and held out a copy of my video and a pen. The newer new guy was right behind him.

I loved you cock! I wrote on one, and Your cum was YUMMY! on the other, signing them both, Rene.

“I’m glad I decided to drop in here today,” gushed the old new guy, “This is the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me!” The other new guy agreed and they both thanked me again before leaving. That’s when the idea hit me.

“Hey,” I said to the store clerk, reaching up and rubbing his cock through his pants, “Would it be alright if I came in here sometime with a camera-guy?”

“You mean, like, to make a porno?” he asked, hardening under my touch.

“Ya,” I said.

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“Fuck ya, it would be alright!” he cried. I had him go into the next booth and stick his cock through the hole so I could test it out. He called it a gloryhole. I liked the name. The bell from the front door rang halfway though the blowjob but he ignored it. When he finally filled my mouth with cum, there was a cock hanging through the hole from the booth on the other side of me. I sucked it, too.

I left the store and called Sean and asked him if he could help me out with my idea. As hot as I was for Marcus’s cock, I had really kind of connected with Sean. He was super sweet and we just seemed to get along really well. I spent a couple of nights at his place and it was always fun. He was easy to talk to and I loved fucking him. Anyway, Sean was able to get a hold of one of Allen’s cameras, and the next night, after checking with the clerk, we went back to the porn shop.

“Ready?” Sean asked, sitting in the passenger’s seat of my car and aiming the camera at me.

“Ready,” I said, and he started recording.

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“Hi,” I said, addressing the camera lens, “This is Angel Dust, it used to be Rene, see…” I held up my DVD cover, “…that’s me there on the cover of Sweet 18, see, Rene. ” I knew I couldn’t keep using my mother’s name for my porn name, so I figured this was as good a time to change it as any. “Sweet 18 was my first video,” I continued, “but I don’t really want to be Rene anymore, and since it wasn’t my real name anyway, I decided to change it, so there. Now it’s Angel Dust. ”

“Why Angel Dust?” Sean asked from behind the camera.

“Because, I was fucking this guy yesterday and he kept calling me Angel,” I smiled into the camera, “And I liked it. ” It was pretty much as simple as that.

“So why don’t you tell the people what we’re doing here tonight,” Sean said. I had planned on just talking to the camera, but he could tell I was kind of nervous. He’s sweet that way, and I liked it better with him asking me questions.

“Well,” I said, “My first video, Sweet 18, just came out on DVD the other day…” I held up the DVD again. “And so I went to this adult video store to, you know, just actually see it in a store, I guess. So, I’m in the store, and, like, right away, this guy comes up and starts hitting on me, and I’m, like, ‘Hey, I’m in a porno,’ all excited, and he got all excited and the guy who runs the store got all excited and next thing you know they’re taking pictures and I’m signing autographs and then all of a sudden, I’m just, like, sucking this guy’s cock in the middle of the store. And, then he’s fucking me, right in the middle of the store, and everyone else just started lining up. ”

“How many guys did you fuck?” Sean asked, although I already told him the story.

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“Four,” I answered, “It was in the middle of the afternoon, so there weren’t many people in the store. But the clerk took lots of pics and said I could use them on this DVD we’re making, so they should be in the bonus section. ”

“Why did you fuck them?” Sean asked, catching me off guard. He hadn’t asked that when I told him the story.

“The guys in the store?”


“I don’t know,” I laughed, “Because, they had cocks. ”

“You like to fuck then?” he pressed me.

“I love to fuck. I guess I’m just a slut that way,” I smiled.

“A cock addict?” Sean said.

“Yes,” I laughed, “So, anyway, these guys are just, like, fucking me in the middle of the store…”

“Did anyone come in while this was happening?” Sean cut in.

“Yes, one guy,” I said.

“Was he one of the four you fucked?”


“Okay, continue,” Sean said.

“So they’re fucking me in the middle of the store, and I just thought, this is totally crazy and totally hot. And one of the guys is, like, this is the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me. And I thought, I bet every guy that goes into a porn shop fantasizes about there being some hot chick inside who wants to fuck him.

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   And then I thought, why not make it happen for a few more guys. It would make a great porn flick. ”

“Do the guys in the store know this is about to happen then?” Sean asked.

“No,” I said, “It will be a total surprise. The store clerk knows, but I told him not to tell anyone. ”

“It looks like there’s a lot more than four people in the store tonight,” Sean said, sweeping the camera over the parking lot. It was filled with cars, and in the time we had been sitting there in the car several people had already come and gone out the front door. “How many are you going to fuck tonight?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I squealed, sounding both excited and nervous, “I’m just gonna kind of go with things and see what happens. I bought this sexy little outfit just for tonight; black stiletto thigh-high boots to protect my knees, cause I’ll probably be on my knees a lot tonight, black plaid, pleated mini-skirt and no panties for easy access. ” I flipped the skirt up and flashed my naked pussy at my future audience.

“And what about this top you’ve got on?” Sean said, reaching around the camera, cupping my breast, and pinching my nipple, “A bit revealing, isn’t it?”

“Totally,” I beamed, sitting up straight and pushing out my chest. “It’s a black, sleeveless, see-through top. I cut the buttons off and just tied it in a knot under my tits. Doesn’t it make them look sexy?” I pressed my tits together and offered them to the camera.

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   The material was like a nylon stocking and my breasts were clearly visible. I could have been topless for all the cover it offered.

“And the hair?” Sean said, tilting the camera up from my tits to the top of my head.

“Oh,” I cried, getting excited, “I dyed my hair bright pink today, to match my neon pink lipstick. Do you like it?”

“I fucking love it!” Sean exclaimed, “You look fucking hot! You got kind of an Emo-School Girl thing going on. ”

“Thank you!” I beamed, happy for the confidence booster.

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered honestly, “So I’m gonna suck you off before we go in, cause that’s what I do when I’m nervous. ” Sean laid his seat back and aimed the camera down at his lap. His cock was warm and soothing in my mouth and it got my pulse beating in the right direction.

“Mmm,” I moaned into the camera, licking a drop of cum from my lower-lip, “Now, I’m ready to fuck. ”

“Let’s do it,” Sean said. I climbed out of the car and he followed me with his camera.

If the techno music blasting from the speakers overhead had suddenly stopped, it would have been exactly like one of those scenes in a western where the piano player stops playing and every head in the bar turns to look at the cowboy who just walked in.

The techno was still playing, but every head in the porn shop was on me the second I walked through the door.


   I didn’t just walk in, either. I made an entrance; pushing the double glass doors apart and strutting across the room in my stiletto boots. The skirt hung about a millimeter below my waxed pussy, and the firm cheeks of my ass were clearly visible from behind, not to mention that I was essentially topless. Even the clerk, who was the only one expecting my arrival, stood staring with his jaw open.

I think there might have been a stampede to get at me if it hadn’t been for Sean and his camera. There were about twenty people in the store, only two of them women, both with their boyfriends, and they all looked as if they were in shock. Their eyes went to me and then to the camera.

No announcement was made as to why we were there. I simply strutted through the store as if I were some highly eccentric slut on a shopping spree. I slipped through the isles with Sean close behind me. I smiled at every man and said hello. I ran my hand over their chests when I passed them, then getting bolder, over their crotches. A few of them made moves towards me, but pulled back at the camera.

I finally made my way to the glass display case at the front of the store. The one I held on to when Arthur fucked me.

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   It was filled with a colorful collection of vibrators. I put a finger to my lips. “Hmmm,” I said loudly, sucking on the tip of my finger. I bent at the waist, keeping my legs locked with my feet spread apart. I could feel the skirt slide up, exposing my ass. I looked over the selection of vibes, pulling my finger from between my lips and reaching between my legs to strum my clit.

“Oh, fuck me,” someone cried out behind me. I was wiggling my finger between my pussy lips and letting my hips sway from side to side.

“Which one do you recommend?” I asked the clerk, who was still looking stunned. My question hit him like a cold glass of water in the face and he seemed to come around.

“T-this one’s good,” he stammered, pulling a fat, plastic cock from the display case and setting it on the glass counter-top. It was a fancy one with whirling beads running up the shaft, a rotating tip, and a little rubber elephant at the base whose soft trunk twirled around when it vibrated. I turned it on and gripped the thick shaft.

“Nice,” I smiled, and the breathless room watched me open my mouth, lick the rotating head, then suck it between my lips. “Mmm,” I moaned around the rubber tip, like a little girl with a lollypop.

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   Whispering voices erupted all around me. I bent straight-leg at the waist again, tucking the vibrating toy between my thighs and sliding it up and down the length of my slit.

“Mmm,” I moaned, “I love it!” I straightened up, holding the plastic penis to my mouth again. “It even matches my hair!” I said excitedly, “I’ll take it!” I sat the cock on the counter, wet with my juices and saliva.

“Uh, great,” gasped the clerk, picking up the wet vibrator and stuffing it into a bag. “Um, that’s one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents,” he said, his voice a little shaky.

“Oooh!” I cried, patting my hands against my skirt as if searching pockets for cash, “I didn’t bring any money. Is there any other way I can pay you?” I offered him a wicked smile and grabbed the knot holding my see-through blouse closed between my tits. I pulled slowly and the knot gave way and the shirt fell open. The clerk hurried out from behind the counter and I dropped to my knees in front of him with my tits hanging out.

The twenty or so men in the store, along with the two girls, suddenly woke from their trances. “Oh my God!” I heard on of the girls cry out. The clerk’s cock was in my mouth and I could sense rather than see the people closing in around us.

“What this for?” someone asked Sean, but he ignored them and moved closer with the camera. A clamor of voices rang out around me, some questioning some cheering me on.

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   I focused on the cock in my mouth, working him with my lips and tongue, coaxing his seed to the surface.

“Oh, fuck,” the clerk cried out. I aimed his cock and let him drape a pearl necklace over my tits before sucking his final drops into my mouth. His cum was thick and clung to my tits in great globs. “Mmm,” I purred, squeezing my breasts together and lifting them. I bent my head and snaked out my tongue, licking the pearls from my sensitive flesh. Sean’s camera was there to catch it all, along with twenty or so cell phone cameras.

“I think I need to test this little guy out,” I said, standing up and grabbing my new toy from the counter. The crowd parted, then followed close behind with Sean as I headed for the red curtain on the other side of the store.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. When they did, I realized there were at least half-a-dozen more customers in the store. Doors were closed along the hallway and red lights glowed overhead instead of green. One man had just opened his door and was climbing out of the booth when I entered, followed by Sean and the rest of the store.

“Is this one open?” I asked sweetly, grabbing the door from his hand.

“Uh…” was all he could say.

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   His mouth was hanging open and he looked like he was in shock. He obviously hadn’t expected to leave the privacy of the booth and find a topless girl with cum stained tits surrounded by a mob.

“Do you think you could give me a hand?” I asked the man, stepping past him into the booth.

“What is this?” he asked, looking from me to the camera and back to me. Sean and the crowd were pressing in on us and closed doors along the hall were popping open with curious faces poking out.

“It’s my life,” I told the man, “Would you like to be apart of it?” He looked at the camera and the crowd of people, then back to me again. His eyes lingered on my tits.

“Sure,” he finally said, looking uneasy, as if someone was about to yell, “You’ve been Punked!” No one yelled though.

“I just bought this new toy…” I said, showing him the vibrator and sitting down on the stool inside the booth, “…and I wanted to test it out. ” I faced the open door and pushed the toe of my boot into the corner of the booth. I spread my legs and wedged the stiletto heel of my other boot into the corner on the other side of the door. “Do you think you can help me?” I asked, smiling up at him. My skirt rode up and I was flashing my naked pussy at everyone who could see inside the booth.

“Please…” I asked the man, who was looking slightly terrified. I ran the tip of the vibrator up and down my slit and smiled up at him with innocent, pleading eyes.

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“Sure,” he said again, not looking sure at all. He stepped forward timidly, took the vibrator and kneeled between my legs. “Um…” he mumbled, fumbling with the controls until the plastic cock started to hum. He stretched his shaking hand toward my pussy, then hesitated, looking back at the camera and Sean, not entirely sure how to proceed.

“It’s okay,” I smiled reassuringly at him. I grabbed his wrist and pulled the vibrator to my cunt. “Just like that…” I coached him, pressing the toy to my clit. “Mmmmm,” I moaned, and my head lolled back and my eyes closed. I reached out with my free hand to balance myself on the stool and found the hole in the wall. I gripped it with my fingers and guided the tip of the vibrator into my pussy.

“That’s it,” I smiled. He started twisting the toy penis in and out of my cunt, and any fears or anxieties I had about the evening vanished. The pleasure nerves inside my pink walls were in charge now.

“Ooh,” I gasped, suddenly aware of a new and strange sensation. I turned my head to the hole in the wall I was clutching for support.

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   Through the dark portal I could make out a pair of eyes. Someone was in the next booth watching me and licking my fingers. “Hi,” I smiled, sticking out my index finger. He sucked it into his mouth.

The man fucking me with the vibrator grabbed my attention back when I felt his lips kiss my inner thigh. He worked his way closer to the plastic penis he was wiggling inside me and I moved my stiletto heel higher up the wall, spreading my legs wider.

“Oh my God!” gasped one of the girls who was in the store with her boyfriend. They had fought their way to the front of the crowd and were peering in over Sean’s shoulder. Her boyfriend was right behind her and I followed their excited gaze to the new source of astonishment. There was another hole in the wall opposite the one I was holding, and a man had snaked his fleshy snake through it.

I lifted my hand from the vibrator and grasped the cock. It was semi-hard, but went rigid when I twisted around and sucked it into my mouth. Excited, indistinct voices erupted all around me. The booth was like an echo chamber and the buzz was like a shot of adrenaline. It was time to get things moving.

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The man between my thighs was timidly licking around the base of the vibrator wedge into my pussy. I lifted my mouth from the cock and extracted my hand from the mouth in the other booth. “Eat me!” I ordered the man on his knees, pulling the toy from my cunt, dropping it to the floor, and grabbing him by the hair. I pushed his hungry mouth down over my pussy and he sucked eagerly at my dripping gash.

The man licking my fingers had his cock hanging though the hole now, and I moved my mouth back and forth between the anonymous flesh on either side of me. The finger licker didn’t last long. I pulled my mouth from his cock and got a surprise blast of jizz across my wrist and forearm. He pulled his cock from the hole and I licked my fingers clean.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked, lifting the man’s face from my cunt. He scrambled to his feet and tore at the buttons on his jeans. I waited for him, sucking the other cock in my hand. His hard dick was finally out and ready, but the stool was too low, so I stood up and turned my ass toward him. Another cock replaced the finger licker and I bent at the waist, using the pricks on either side of me for support.

“Mmm, yes!” I moaned. He pushed his cock inside me and I rocked my ass back to meet him, taking turns sucking the cocks at hand.

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   This is going well, I thought to myself.

The cock in my right hand unleashed a gooey load into my mouth and the man fucking me from behind pulled out and blew his load all over my ass. I turned around, still clutching a cock through the hole on my left while the hole on my right reloaded. It seemed the guys were lining up outside each booth taking their turns.

Outside the door, the girl with her boyfriend had her skirt hiked up around her waist and his fingers buried in her pussy. His fly was open and she had a handful of his cock, stroking it skillfully behind her back. Their eyes were locked on me and I smiled.

“Do you guys wanna come in and play?” I asked. The girl looked shocked at first, being addressed by the star of the show, but her boyfriend whispered something to her and she blushed and smiled. “Come on…” I purred, holding my hand out to her. She took my hand and Sean moved aside with his camera, letting her pass.

“Hi,” I said, pulling her close to me, “I’m Angel. ”

“I’m Lisa,” she told me, then added, “You’re really sexy. ”I said the same about her, and then we were kissing. Her skirt was pulled up and I slid my hand down between her legs.

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   “Mmmm,” she breathed into my mouth. Her boyfriend squeezed in next to us and I grabbed his hard-on.

“Your boyfriend has a nice cock,” I said, taking her hand and pulling her down onto her knees with me. I pushed him up against the side of the both and kissed the purple tip. “Do you mind?” I asked.

“No,” she said, grabbing his dick and offering it to my mouth. “He’s not my boyfriend though,” she added, as I pushed my lips over the tip and sucked, “He’s my husband. ”

“Oh wow!” I smiled, looking at her from over his cock, “You guys look so young. ” She told me they were only twenty-one and had only been married a month.

“Mmm, lucky girl,” I said, releasing his cock to give her a lick. “Thanks!” she smiled, then swallowed more then half his length. I slid my hand down between her thighs and tickled her kitty. She moaned her appreciation and gave me another taste of her man. I worked his hard meat with my lips and she bent her head and gave his balls a tongue bath.

“Can I fuck your husband?” I asked her, pulling her mouth to mine and kissing her deeply.

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   “Yes,” she said, and started to stand. “No,” I exclaimed, grabbing her hand, “You stay down here. ” She did as she was told, and I directed her husband to sit on the stool. I straddled his legs with my back to him, and his wife reached between us and held up his cock. I pushed my cunt down over the tower of flesh and guided her mouth between our spread legs. She kissed and licked his cock and my clit, and I bounced slowly up and down in his lap.

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped. There were cocks waiting patiently at the holes and I scooped them up and gobbled them down while grinding my pussy against his cock and her mouth. The cock on my right erupted in my mouth and I swallowed quickly. The cock on my left was cumming too, and I could feel the hot, wet spunk splashing against my tit. Lisa lifted her head from my pussy and sucked my sticky nipple.

“Aaaaagh!” her husband cried out behind me, and I felt his cock swell and burst, filling my pussy with his seed. I lifted my hips and he slipped from my cunt. Lisa licked him clean then clamped her mouth over my sex and sucked her man’s cum from inside me.

“That was totally hot!” Lisa hissed, sliding her tongue over mine.


   “Hang around, okay?” I said, giving her husband a kiss before they squeezed out of the booth. She promised they would and I turned my attention back to the gloryholes.

Two new cocks were poking through the holes, and this time I backed my pussy up to the longer one and fucked it while bending forward and sucking the other. I did that with three more sets of cock, rotating my pussy from the left hole to the right. My tits and mouth were dripping with cum and my pussy was oozing hot, milky spunk. Sean was right there with his camera, capturing every moment. When two long, black cocks dropped through the holes, I decided it was time for a finale.

“Oh my God!” I gasped, stroking the thick, ebony snakes, “These cocks are fucking gorgeous!” I called out to the men in their booths and asked if they wanted to do something different. They were interested and stepped out into the hall. I was shocked again to find myself staring at twins. Tyson and Tyler were twenty-three, tall, muscular, and hot. They lived a few blocks away and came down when a friend texted them a pic of me blowing the clerk.

“Follow me,” I said, taking each by the cock and leading them back into the main part of the store. The crowd parted to let us through. It seemed like their numbers had swelled to around fifty or so, and they were glad to see the show moving back into the open space where everyone could see.

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   The clerk was there and I asked if he could slide my favorite chair in front of my favorite display case.

“You guys aren’t shy, are you?” I asked the twins while the clerk dragged the chair through the crowd.

“Hell, no!” one of them said. I couldn’t tell them apart, but that just made it more exciting.

“Good,” I told them, “Cause I wanna see your gorgeous bodies naked. ” They didn’t hesitate, and the crowd cheered while they stripped. The first one out of his clothes kissed me and the other unzipped my skirt from behind and slid it down my legs. He pressed his naked body to mine, sandwiching me against his brother, and I felt like the creamy filling in an Oreo cookie.

“Do what you want with me,” I said breathlessly, my pulse rising and my body desperate to be used. I was naked, except for the thigh high boots, and they pushed me down between them until my leather-clad knees met the floor. I pulled their cocks to me and sucked their dark meat into my wet mouth. Their cocks weren’t huge, just perfect. I couldn’t wait for them to fuck me. I worked my mouth over their hard flesh trying to provoke their lust and stimulate their testosterone. Sean circled with his camera along with the crowd and their cell phones.

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“Climb up here, girl,” Tyson or Tyler said, sitting back in the chair. I did as I was told and straddled his lap. He licked and sucked my tits and I impaled my pink pussy on his ebony prick.

“Yes,” I cried, looking over my shoulder at the other brother, “Fuck my ass!” He lifted a foot up on the edge of the chair, positioning himself behind me. I was desperate to feel the twin cocks inside me.

“Slow down there, girl,” he said, a wicked grin stretched across his face. I felt the tip of his hot prick pressing against my tight hole, but it wasn’t the tight hole I was thinking of.

“Oh my God!” I gasped, gripping the back of the chair behind his brother’s head. He was trying to push his cock into my pussy with his twin’s cock still inside me!

“Oh fuck!” I cried out. The crowd drew in a collective breath, equally astonished by what they were seeing. Sean poked his head around the camera, concern etched in his expression, his eyes asking if I wanted him to put a stop to things. I shook my head, no, but cried out again, “Holy shit!”

“Relax, Baby,” he said behind me, gripping my ass and wedging the tip of his cock between his brother’s dick and the snug walls of my cunt. I clutched at the brother beneath me and tried to control my breathing. In the past few weeks, I had been fucked more times, in more ways, and by more cocks than I could count, but this was an entirely new experience.

“That’s it, girl,” he said, and I howled as my pussy stretched and his cock slid in along side his brothers.

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   The entire room gasped in awe. The feeling was so strange and so intense, I had nothing to compare it to; not even the first time Marcus fucked my ass with his giant schlong. I thought maybe I was getting a taste of what childbirth felt like, until the two cocks started to slide around inside my cunt and my body, as it seemed born to do, transformed the pain into exquisite pleasure.

“Fuck, yesssss!” I screamed, with two cocks fucking my pussy. Their rhythm was awkward and slow at first, but my cunt stretched like it was designed to and I coated their cocks with my own slick lube. Soon they were grinding away at my insides with abandon, and orgasm after orgasm was crashing over me. My body was limp by the time they added their own creamy lube to the mix.

I slid to the floor and cleaned their juicy cocks with my mouth. Several more men stepped forward from the crowd and I sucked them too. I ended the night by signing copies of my DVDs for my mew fans and posing with them for cell phone pics.

Lisa and her husband had stuck around as promised and introduced us to the other couple with them. “You must be exhausted,” Terri, the other girl, said, helping me get back into my skirt. She was right, and I was excited to hear that they had a hot tub back at their house, several bottles of wine, and a big screen TV. I was anxious to watch the video and see what I looked like with two cocks inside my pussy.

Sean and I followed them home and the six of us climbed into the Jacuzzi and replayed the tape on their TV.

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   It was fucking amazing. The fat, black cocks slipping and sliding over each other inside my tiny pink pussy was unreal. We all sat naked in the tub, sipping our wine. We all knew an orgy was inevitable, but the video acted like a catalyst, and before I knew it the party was in full swing.
I was tired after the porn shop, but I had more than enough in me to take on both husbands while Sean fucked their wives. They were smaller than the twins, so I was happy to let them try stuffing both their cocks inside my pussy. The feeling was just as intense and I came again. The two sexy wives, Lisa and Terri, pampered my aching body when their husbands finished with me. Their soft skin and wet tongues were the prefect end to a perfect night. Sean got the whole thing on tape and you can see it on my second DVD.

Allen was not happy with me. I blew off his meeting with the porn producers for another week. When I finally met with them, I insisted on filming the meeting. They thought it was a bargaining tactic to get a better contract deal. They had no idea I had already sold my distributing rights to a much bigger player in the porn industry.

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I found HeadSet while researching the porn industry online. It was a female run company whose work was much more creative and exciting than the shit Allen’s people were producing. I showed them the tape of my porn store fuck-party and told them about my other ideas. They loved it. They gave me full control over my videos, a shit-load of money, and even a budget.

My second DVD, the first with HeadSet and under the name Angel Dust, was called A Night At The Porn Shop. It included my night at the porn shop, of course, and the hot tub orgy that followed. It also contained a scene where I met with Allen and two porn producers from New Jersey. We didn’t talk much business, which I was grateful for. I spent most of the two hours getting fucked by the three men, literally. I was doing the fucking figuratively. They were supremely pissed when they found out about my deal with HeadSet, and even more incensed when they realized they had agreed to let me film them fucking me, and I had the rights to distribute the film.

They were small potatoes in the industry though, and my DVDs were best sellers. So it didn’t matter. I bought some editing software, and unlike most porn editors, I was pretty good.

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   Sean also left Allen and became my fulltime cameraman and sometimes co-star.

My DVDs were real and raunchy and sexy, and people loved them. I didn’t call my porn reality, and then hire actors to s.