part 2 of my birthday sexual experiences..

True Story

Part 2 of my sexual experiences,my first sexual experiences. Well after my brother confronted me about being with 2 guys in their car in the drive way,my head going up and down. Going back to my room from my brothers room after realizing I was naked,and going to bed but was thinking too much to sleep. After sometime passed by,and my tossing and turning,I called over to my brother and asked him to come over,I needed someone to talk to. He came over in just his p. j. bottoms. I looked told him when he came in,boy his p. j's. were really sticking out,what a buldge. I patted the bed for him to sit down,I'm worried about whatmom and dad will do to me when they find out. He said if they find out,they might not ever find out. Oh I responded. I now was having trouble thinking and talking,I was trying not to look but that buldge reaaly sticking out in his p. j's. I was trying to hold back,but I coughed and started to choke a little,like sallowing the wrong way and tears were in my eyes.

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  He said try and stop worrying as he pulled me up some and put his arms around me again. Telling me everything will be ok. He let up on the hug and holding and when he did that the blanket went down below my waist,I was now scared. and almost crying,trying to hold back the tears,and when I leaned over to hug him the blanket got pushed off of me,andhugging him I held on tight and leaning back I ended up pulling him down and on top of me. I told him I appericated him taking time to talk and comfort me. I told him something hard was poking my leg. Oh I'm sorry he said,me too. What do you mean?I was going over the top I was horny,very horny. Well you have it and I don't. What. You have it and I dont have it or can't have it,and I let go,I reached for his cock andheld it tight. Oh,Oh he let out,don't squeeze me stop. Why? Fuck it he squeeled out I'm about to cum,oh really I said. I let go and when he got off me and up I quickly grabbed his cock and I flew down on his cock and in my mouth just a quick suck and he let out yelling noise,and his sperm had my mouth full asI sallowed it. When I took him out of my mouth knowing I was sexually in control.

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   Their you glad you cum?Breathing hard he got out a yes. Well now you can fuck me,he was ready and did twice then. Irelized then I was a whore,I craved sucking and fucking cocks,I got hot and horny just looking at a guys cock area,and I wanted and I got what I wanted. Laying on the bed resting I was stroking his cock and when it got hard I squeezed hard and stroking his cock fast,he started squirming and trying to hold back groans and moans,and I knew he was going to cum I put my tits on his cock as hes sperm squirted on and between my tits as they were smashed down hard on his cumming cock. It was still my birthday,I got it by 2 high school guys,6 years older than me,and then did it with relation my brother. And Sleep together that night. In the morning we had sucking and fucking,in different places in the house. A knock at the door,get up stairs and through down my pants he said. I through down the first thing I grabbed,which was his p. j. bottoms. It was a guy he was going to take off with. He came upstairs and steeped in my room and asked why I gave him his p. j's. I grabbed fast and them were it.

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   I was in my room nude yet and he was trying to hurry,taking off his p. j's. in my room yet neither of us heard that guy come up stairs. My brother said we would finish up where we left off later,and surprise the guy stepped right by him. What are we going to finish up later. A,OH,cleaning the house,ya in the nude right? Nothing my brother said,lets try finishing sex. How about finishing right now,Isure could use some. When I seen him at the door he seen me to and Ipulled the blanket off the bed and covered myself. How about it sis my brother asked,Oh fuck lets do it. I dropped the blanket and told the guy to get over here and helped him get his cock out and going in my mouth he groaned out shooting his sperm in my sallowing mouth. I bent over on the bed,and he rammed my pussy fast and hard making me scream out climaxing. the my brother took over ,that was a fun 2 hours. then they left. I decided to head up town and just out the door I heardthe 2 guys from yesterday lets go,so I went. This time we went to a park 3 miles from town to suck and fuck.

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