Sex with a forest ranger

True Story

Hi. My name is Jessica. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. I'm slim and 5'4. This story is 100% true.
I was on a camping trip in the forest when I saw a really hot forest ranger. He was going into his cabin. So I ran back to my tent and put on a pair of short shorts and a tang top. Then I ran back to the cabin and knocked on the door. He opened the door and said “Hi. Is there a problem?”. I said yes so he followed me to my tent. When we got there, I showed him that my tent was ripped(I ripped it). “Well, it's geting dark and you need shelter. You can stay in my cabin. ”he said.

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  “Sure. Thanks!”I said excited. We got my stuff and put in his cabin. When we were done, I changed into my pjs. There was only one bed, so I got on the left side. He got on the right side. “So. . . tell me about yourself. ”he said. I said “My name is Jessica. I'm 20. You?” “I'm Josh. I'm 20 too.

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  ” he said. “I'm getting hot. I'll be back. ”I said. I ran into the bathroom and took off my shirt and put on a bra. Then I took of my pants and left my panties on. When I came out of the bathroom, Josh was still sitting on the bed. I hopped on the bed. “Wow! You look hot. ”said Josh. “Your hot too. ” I said. When I turned to face him, my bra fell off! My pink nipples were showing. “Sorry. ” I said.

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   “It's ok. ”said Josh suprised. “You can um leave them off if you want to. ”said Josh. “You like?”I said. I climbed on top of him and took off his shirt. While I was on top of him, I could feel his cock through his pants. “Do you want to have sex until we get tired. ”I asked. “We can't you'll get pregnant because I don't have a condom. ”he said. “Yes we can. I'm taking birth control pills. ”I said. “Let's do this.

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  ”he said. I got off the bed and took off my panties. “Can you get up for a sec please?”I said. Josh said sure and got up. I unzipped his pants and unleashed his cock. It was about 10 inches long. Moments later, I started sucking his cock. He began to moan softly. .