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Hi, my name is Jennifer.  I'm a 36 year old woman who has been married for 18 years and has a 17 year old son.  I have DD cup breasts and blonde hair.  I am 5'8" and I have bright green eyes.  When I was younger, I was quite the slut.  Started fucking in high school and didn't stop until freshman year of college when I got knocked up.  I quickly found a rich, smart guy, convinced him it was his, and never looked back.  Of course, I wasn't really into him, and his tiny penis didn't help, but I loved his money and he was a good father for my son.  Anyway, I never had to work and my son was provided for so I somehow managed to convince myself I was happy. This story truly begins one fateful morning when my cherry Firebird broke down.  I had to shop for groceries and chaffeur my son around so this was a big deal.  I called my husband at work but got his voicemail.  The shop my car was towed to called later and said the car was beyond repair.  Apparently, I had not changed the oil or done other routine maintenance for quite some time and as a result the car was done.  When my husband came home I was ready to go shop for a new car.  He said, "You know that all dealerships are closed, right?  And I have to be in court for the rest of the week.

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    Maybe you should have taken care of your car better. "  "Well I'm sorry, but I need a car.  I'll just go tomorrow. " He started laughing really hard, pissing me off.  He always was chauvinistic and I was already in a bad mood. "Well, why the fuck not," I asked him.  "I can buy a car just as easily as you can. "  He laughed some more, and told me that no salesman would give as good a price to a woman as a man.  I got even more pissed and told him I would buy a car without him and I would get an even better deal than he could get.  He just continued laughing and walked away.  I was so angry I slept on the couch and vowed to not return home the next day without a new car. I woke up the next day and my jackass of a husband was already gone for work, as my son to school.  I got all dressed up and looked up car dealerships on google maps.  I also looked up which cars I might be interested in and what the proper prices were, so I would be ready.  I hit up 3 car dealerships in the morning with no luck.

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    Not only were the salesman all drooling over me and talking to my tits, they didn't have the selection I was looking for.  Finally, I went to a Ford dealer at the end of the row. I saw on TV the new Ford Focus had a cool little system called the Sync system which was voice activated for iPods and had GPS and stuff.  The car was only so-so but supposedly very reliable.  I immediately was struck by how the salesman I was talking to was very well-built and handsome.  He also talked to my face and seemed to treat me like a real person.  He introduced himself as Ted and showed me the car.  I test drove it and realized it wasn't very powerful or sporty, but very technologically advanced, at least for me.  I told Ted I thought it was kind of neat but not really type, in order to help with negotiations.  Ted laughed and said that he knew what I was doing.  We sat in his office and began to talk numbers.  I knew what features and color I wanted already, but let Ted pull it out of me to see where we stood. Finally, he put down the price.  I hadn't looked up the Ford Focus, thinking I would get something sportier, to help me feel younger, but the price seemed really low.  With all the features I wanted, in metallic blue, the price was only $17k for a brand new car.

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    I thought, Fuck my husband.  I just got an amazing deal.  But, I really wanted to rub his face in it, so I began to haggle.  Ted again laughed and said that it was really as low as he could go.  I asked to speak with his manager and Ted told me he was the owner of the lot.  He just liked to sell cars so he also worked the floor.  I was kind of surprised but still determined to prove my husband wrong.  Finally, Ted stood up, which surprised me and told me that maybe this was the wrong car for me. I was shocked he was trying to get me to leave, as I had already pictured myself driving this car.  I began to ask why and he told me that if I was not willing to pay this special price he was offering, I was insulting him and should not be driving the car anyway.  I began to cry and begged him to let me buy it.  Finally, he stopped me and asked me what I was willing to pay.  I told him I thought that $16k was reasonable (Where I got that number I have no idea).  He thought it over and said that maybe we could work something out.  I eagerly agreed and asked what he had in mind.

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    He began to look me up and down and in spite of myself, I felt myself start to moisten.  "Well," he began, "I really like the way you look.  And if I'm going to be losing money on this car, I think I should get something very important in return. "  I knew what he meant, but didn't know what to say at first. Oh sure, I was no innocent virgin, but would I cheat on my husband for a car.  I began to think of all the times sex helped me out in my life.  When I couldn't afford the cheerleading outfit and fucked my coach for one.  When I needed a ride home from school and blew the captain of the basketball team right up into my driveway.  When I was kicked off the cheerleading squad senior year for being too slutty, and I fucked the entire football team in the locker room.  I thought the players backing me up would get me back on, but instead me threatening the captains of the cheerleading squad to tell everyone I fucked their boyfriends got me back.  And of course, failing my first test in college and walking into a fraternity and dropping my panties not only helped me get over that real quick but resulted in my precious baby boy.  Not to mention seducing my now asshole of a husband into marrying me out of guilt and being taken care of for life. I realized he was still waiting on an answer, and I was now dripping from having remembered all of my sexual endeavors.  Without saying a word, I looked into his eyes and dropped to my knees.  I would only suck him off, and that was hardly cheating right?  I used to blow guys just to use thier pen, or if I was bored.

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    No big deal.  I unzipped him and pulled out his still soft, but very large cock.  I began to slurp and rub it, and I could not believe how big he grew.  I kept sucking and realized he was the biggest guy I had ever been with.  I  could only fit the head into my mouth but I was determined to have him all.  I deep throated his cock and he said, "Holy shit!  How did you take that all. "  I looked into his eyes and moaned as I continued to blow him. He took off his shirt and rubbed my tits through my dress.  Finally, he stood me up and stripped me naked.  He pushed everything on his desk off and laid me down.  He took his pants the rest of the way off and rubbed his dick on my slit.  He looked deep into my eyes and pushed inside of me.  "Oh fuck!  Oh, fuck me so hard.  I need your cock inside of me!  Fuck!"  I moaned over and over again.  He began to fuck me harder and harder, the desk shaking with his thrusts.

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    I was so wet by this point his desk had a puddle under my ass.  My tits were hitting my chin on every thrust he was fucking me so hard.  Finally, I came with a scream and squirted him in the face.  "What the fuck," he exclaimed as he wiped his face with my dress.  I realized I went a little farther than blowing him, but it was just one time, and I'm sure he wouldn't cum inside of me. Finally, dripping with sweat, he said, "I'm about to cum. "  I quickly told him to pull out and I would finish him off with my mouth.  He then pulled out and teased me by rubbing it on my pussy. "Beg for it.  I only cum in pussies. "  I pleaded, "Please no.  I'm married and I could get pregnant if you cum inside of me.  Let me swallow your jism. "  He told me he had a vasectomy so his wife wouldn't find out he was cheating on her.  I thought it over and finally I couldn't take it anymore.

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    "Fuck it, put it back in please.  You're driving me fucking nuts with your giant cock.  Fuck me, please!"  He re-entered me and began pounding.  He started asking questions about my husband and I told him he was way bigger and my husband had a little prick that barely entered my box.  I also told him that my son was not my husband's and I'm not even sure if my husband's dick is big enough to get me preggers.  Finally, all this talk got to me and I was about to cum on his cock again.  He looked me in the eye and whispered, "I'm not really cut.  Are you ready to carry my child?"  I screamed as I came harder than ever in my life.  My pussy clamped down like a vice on his cock and he grunted as he filled me with more cum than I had ever seen before in my life. Exhausted we both got dressed, and I signed the paperwork and drove the car home, cum running down my legs the whole time.  My legs were still shaky when I got home so I was glad my husband was still not home.  I showered off and felt very pregnant.  The worst part was, I looked up the invoice of the car I had purchased for $16k and the suggested selling price was $14. 5k.  This guy got laid, may have gotten me pregnant, and I overpaid by $1.

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  5k, I thought with a smile creeping on my lips.   Maybe women shouldn't purchase cars alone. . . .

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