Good Boy


          GOOD BOY


 He woke that morning and his master was not in bed with him. He knew he had to wait for him before getting out of bed, so he closed his eyes and fell asleep again. He was awaken by

a soft clattering, and when he opened his eyes, his master was beside him with his breakfast on a tray. His master was very handsome. Older than him, although his nineteen years were not hard

to best, and he looked like one of those guys who have plenty of money, but never uses it. They lived in a loft in a modest part of town, but it had been almost entirely rebuilt to suits his

master's tastes. It was also just a couple of minutes from the bar were he worked as barman at night, from 4:00 pm to 12:00 pm. His master allowed him to keep working because he loved his job.

But after every shift, when he came home, he became his master's pet again, which included the rule about him never wearing clothes in the loft unless being told to, and had to tell him

everything he could about his day. Today though? He was in vacation. He had the next shift, but he had stayed home the night before, and his master had played with him a lot. Not that he didn't

like it of course!

-Come, boy. Sit on my lap. You have to eat.

 His master had a lot of fetishes. One of them being his obssession with feeding him.

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   He had to sit on his master's lap facing him, while the man put the food in his mouth and then fed

it to him. His master was always strict about what he ate, insisting for nutritious and healthy food, and that's why the yogurt and proteined drink surprised him. But before he could formulate

the question clearly in his head, his master's hands took his chin and lifted his lips to his. He obediently opened his mouth, letting his master pour the food in his mouth and swallowed. When

there was nothing left of the breakfast, he remembered his question.

-Master? Why do I have yogurt this morning instead of an apple or another fruit?

-Ah, yes. Well, yesterday, I wanted to play with your ass, but it was so tight, baby. I didn't want to spend the day we had stretching your ass. So we're going to do something about it.


 His master pushed him on the bed on his back, and he knew better than to move from where he was. His master retrieved something from The Box, the box he didn't have the right to open

because there was all the master's toys in it. He got some harness and he had a big box in his other hand. The master took his legs and slipped them in the harness. It was two loops of leather

that went around his thighs, a piece of leather covering his crack and it was all holding to a soft leather belt that rode low on his hips. Once it was on, his master turned him on his stomach and

moved him on all four.

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   Once he was, his master took the burning lube, the one that turned hot when the skin was rubed against something. The master coated his fingers and started to stretch his

ass. It was true that he was tight. His master played with his prick for a couple of weeks, only using a dildo on him twice, so his hole had recovered it's original tightness. After a few seconds,

the moving fingers in his ass made the lube react and his channel was suddenly burning hot. He heard his master's groans dimly through his own, trying to keep himself from comming. His ass was very

sensitive, so the torture he was enduring now was almost unbearable. Almost.

-That's it. Good boy. You don't come now, you're almost to four fingers. . .

 Four? Usually he stopped at three. Suddenly, something clicked in his mind.

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   The big box was probably containing a dildo, which would be fixed on the harness. . . And if his master was trying

to fit four fingers in his ass, it was not a small dildo.

-Good boy. If we had more time, I would fist your ass and film it, but I'll settle for this.

 He opened the box and he whimpered. It was huge. His ass was never gonna recover from that! And the harness meant that he was gonna  wear it for some tim. . . No. Not while he was working,

please! Not while he was. . .

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-Ah. I see you've understand my plan. Yeah. I'm goin to work that big thing in your cute little ass, and your going to wear it for eight hours and then you're going to come home, my friends will

be here and we'll see what your cute hole looks like stretched. I bet it'll be pretty, all pink and open for me, waiting for my tongue, for my friends dicks, for our saliva and our juice. . .

 He whimpered helplessly. The master took the sound as a «YES» and started to work the dildo in. It was Incredible. Feeling his ass so full he thought his stomach would busrt, slowly going

in and out. he cried out and came, unable to help hiimself.

-It's alright boy. It's okay to come when that thing is up your ass. But now, I'm going to attach it to the harness, and were going to dress you.

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   And before you leave, I have something to show you.

 He felt the dildo slide completly inside of him, and the clicking noise of the attaches being secured. His master took him in his arms, making him come again because of the shifting of

the dildo inside him. The master hefted him up on the kitchen table, laying him down.

 He spread the his legs a little, feeling the dildo move and his master looked at him with a smile.

-Yes. You see, I don't want you to stain your pants at work, or have you peeing on yourself because you can't take it anymore, so I thought of something.

 The master took out of a drawer a bottle of baby cream and started to rub the cream on his prick, his balls, the place where leg and groin met. When he was greasy everywhere, his master

went to wash his hands. When he came back, he had something white under his arm. He took hold of his legs and  raised them. He gasped, the motion almost making him come again, except he was all

out. At least for a while.

-Close your eyes, baby boy. You don't open them before I tell you to.

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 He did. The master raised his lower back off the table and placed something papery under. His legs were lowered and something went over his. . . A diaper. His master was putting a baby's

diaper on him to keep him from making a mess.

-Yeah. I have to make sure you don't ruin your clothes. And that way, you really are my baby. My pretty, pretty baby,

 A hand was petting his hair, and he dared to open his eyes, finding his master looking at him tenderly.

-Now. It's almost time for you to leave, but I want to tell you I'm going to pass at the bar at around ten. I'll wait around until your finished.

 He smiled.

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   He loved when his master came to watch him work. He felt confident and proud of his work, and his master's gaze always made him feel beautiful.

-But I have a new toy I have to show you.

 He raised a little device with an on/off switch and a round button.

His master pushed the switch to on, and suddenly. . . . OH! The dildo started to vibrate in his ass! He thought he was

going to die! And then his master gave him a wicked smile, looking at him writhing on the table, and turned the round button to the right. The vibrations got bigger. The button was a dimmer!!!

And his master was comming to the bar. He was going to make that huge dildo vibrate all the time!!!

-Yes. You're so pretty boy. All mine.


 That night, when he got home, his master and two of his friends, Erik and Joe, were sitting on the couche, sipping wine.

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   Erik's boy was on his knees, in the position for a spanking. He did

recieve a slap now and then. Joe's boy was hugging his shin, like he was a dog and humped the visitors' legs. The two men were lovers, but they never could be truly together because of both their

dominating personalities, so they shared toys instead. Their boys were twins, and they oftenly had them have sex together and watched them. The boys were legal like him. 20 years old. They looked

so much alike that Erik and Joe just called them «Boys». Sometimes, they made them play all three of them together. They all liked that.

When he crossed the treshold and closed the door, he threw off his clothes and went

to join his master. His master took hold of his arm and sat him in his lap facing him. The master kept talking, but now and then, he gave him a mouthfull of wine. He became lazy and sleepy. He

was about to fall asleep when his master layed him delicately on the coffe table.

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   His eyelids were heavy and when he tried to move, his master's voice came to him loud and clear.

-Don't move boy. Were just going to have fun with you. Just feel. You can come as much as you want.   

 Through a mist, he felt the diaper being peeled off of him, sticking to him because he'd kept comming in it all night. The gentle lapping, soft little tongues cleaning him up. Guess that is

why Erik and Joe brought their boys. A deeper voice ordered something, and the tongues turned to hot little mouths sucking on his balls, taking the baby cream, the come, and the piss off him. He

didn't know how long it took, but then he was turned gently on his stomach, and something was pushed under his rib cage to keep him elevated. The mouths returned on his balls and prick, though the

boys must have a hard time touching them in that position. And then, the leather of the harness loosened.

And the dildo was pulled slowly out of his ass.

Inch by agonizing inch.

When it was out, he heard sighs, and then clicks, like the sound of a video camera.

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   Then, the torture beggan.

A soft tongue pushed in his ass, but just the tip. More clicks. Then one of the boys was rimming him, then the two of them. They played with his ass all night, him barely conscious, just able to

feel and somtimes to come. Then, he felt something small and hard enter him. One of them had pushed his cock in him, but they were small-endowed, which is why when the other boy pushed his prick

next to his twin's, the stretch was not unpleasurable. Not after how his ass had been worked for the past hours.

At one point, he passed out. When he woke up, the two boys were in bed with him, and one was kissing him, the other was fucking him. A throat was cleared and they stopped. His master was there.

-Well, looks like my boy was awaken properly. Me, Joe and Erik are leaving. It's the twin's birthday, and they asked for you, so the guys bought you from me for the week-end.


   Don't worry,

there's plenty of food in the fridge. Be a good boy.

And the he left. I was at the mercy of two very inventive horny sluts who had the right to do anythiing to me, which included doing what they were doing now.

One of them chewed a strawberry and then pressed his mouth against mine, feeding me like my master.

The other was fucking my ass with a banana.

I was going to be a very good boy.

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