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  • Leticia reviews 25-08-2022
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    2022-08-23 60 Volos
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    Leticia  - escort review from Greece Přejít na profil
    This was only my second time spending time with an escort and even though my first was fun, Leticia is on a different level. I never imagined it could be this good!
    She is beautiful, with a gorgeous smile and eyes and the body of a godess. They way she looked at me made me melt. From the first moment she was very nice and welcoming and made me feel like I was on a real date. Her english is not perfect, but that's actually a bonus because she sounds so sexy, especially when she speaks Portuguese.
    Without going into much detail, the sex was amazing. Non stop action. She is really into it and makes not want to take a break, even for a moment. You really feel like the worlds best lover. Her kisses are amazing. I would pay just to make out with her for hours.
    I will be thinking about her for a long time and at the risk of falling in love, I will meet her again first chance I get love
    Kisses beautiful fellow