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+Who can advertise in our directory?
Only independent escort providers, agencies, saunas, massage parlor  and clubs can advertise on our directory. You can find here Ads of female escort providers but we also have a special section for male and trans, shemale escort providers.
+What does “Verified” sign mean?
We as the administrator do verify profiles. Each advertiser on our website has a "verification" option in the account. To get verification they need to send a verification photo based on our requirements. Verification status on profile confirms the authenticity of the pictures. We recommend book verified escorts.

However, please be aware that the EscortNews directory cannot and does not make any guarantees or warranties that the advertiser in the photos on any particular ad will be the same individual who shows up for any date arranged between an advertiser and a customer.
+What does “New” sign mean?
Sign New is on Ad which was created within the last 30 days.
+Why I need to create a Member account?
With a Member account you will be able to:

  • manage favourite Ads
  • add reviews
  • add comments
  • follow escort girls
  • receive a regular newsletter with new Ads in your city

To register Member account is free. We don't charge any fees.
+What does VIP sign means?
This means that the Ad has active premium advertising and Verified.
+How can I contact an escort?
- on each Ad, you can find “Contact me”. After clicking on this button you fill up your name, email address and your message. This message will be delivered directly to the advertiser's email address and they will reply to your email

- on Ads, you can also find telephone number and website via which you can also contact the advertiser.
+Do you arrange meetings with Escorts?
We are an escort directory (an advertising platform), not an escort agency. If you want to book the girl, it is necessary to contact her directly. You can find a contact form on her or escort agency profiles.

We don't arrange meetings between the girls and clients! We are the escort directory website only.
+How do I recognise SCAM?
On our website, there are reaally a lot of Ads. We have many control systems, however to reveal scams is always a difficult task, because the Ads look like a regular Ads. All huge escort websites struggle with scams. In the most problematic countries, we require verification before we publish the Ad.

Generally, we recommend to never send money in advance especially if the advertisers ask to pay with any kind of gift card such as Bing card, NEOSURF coupons, PCS coupons, Google play card, Western Union etc. You can find scammers everywhere. If you will send money in advance, it is always your risk and nobody can guarantee the service.

If you already made a payment and the Advertiser does not respond, please, send a fake report from the profile, so we can delete and block this user. In case you paid with your payment card, please do chargeback or complaint to the bank. We are an advertising platform and we are not able to help further with this issue.

We do recommend booking verified escorts because the chance to be a scam is very minimal.
+What if I find out that the Ad is scam / fake?
In this case, please go to the Ad, click on “Report fake” button and send a message explaining why this Ad is fake / scam.
+What means incall or outcall?
If you book an escort girl, escort boy or escort trans/shemale for an outcall appointment, he/she comes to your place - to your home or more usually to your hotel room. For an incall service - you visit her/him at their place. Most incall service provided in hotel rooms or private apartaments.
+Who can advertise in our directory?
In our directory only independent escort providers, escort agencies, private apartments, adult clubs, massage parlor, sauna and strip clubs can can create an account. We not accept WebCams, escort directories, pornsites or dating sites. For such a websites we can offer a paid banner place only.
+I am an independent escort provider. How can I register an Ad?
To start advertising, please, create "private girl" account via https://escortnews.eu/signup/escort

Please, log in to your account, fill required information about yourself and upload your photos. Once your account is approved, you will be notified and you can start to advertise.

ATTENTION! if you have website url address is necessary to place our banner on your website home page to visible positions. If you would have problem to manage this, please ask our support for help
+I have an agency. How can we register an Ad?
To start advertising, please, create “Escort agency” account via https://escortnews.eu/signup/agency

Please, log in to your account, first fill in information about your agency and then you can add profiles of your escorts. Each profile represents only 1 person. Profiles with photos of different people or duplicate profiles are not allowed. Once your account is approved, you will be notified and you can start to advertise.

ATTANTION! if you have website url address is necessary to place our banner on your website home page to visible positions. If you would have problem to manage this, please ask our support for help
+Ad approval with your website URL address
To approve your account with your own website URL address, we require you to place our banner on your home page. If you would have difficulties to add our banner, please contact our support.

You can find the banner codes on https://escortnews.eu/contacts
+What does Verified sign mean?
You can verify your Ad by sending us the verification photo with all requirements. Verified Ad reaches better visibility. Verification also increases the credibility of your Ad too.
To verify your profile, please log in and click on a button "100% VERIFY" and follow the instructions. Verification is reviewed within max 24 hours.
+What does VIP status mean?
  • With VIP status your profile appears on the homepage (the most visited page) www.escortnews.eu + your location on the TOP positions.
  • VIP status costs normally +50€ to not VIP package. Payment is one time for package time, we do not have recurring payments.
  • VIP status available only for 100% VERIFIED Ads.
  • VIP status will bring you at least 10 times bigger traffic.
+How can clients contact me?
- clients can contact you via a Contact form on your Ad (the message goes directly to your email) or they can contact you on the phone number you published on your Ad
+I made some changes, why is my profile not active now?
- if you make any changes in your account (photos, description, etc...) your listing goes to the pending mode and has to be approved by our administrator. Usually, it takes up to 1-2 hours (working time) before your profile is reviewed but a maximum of 12 hours. Your profile stay online, only changes must be approved by our administrator!
+Is your website escort agency?
- we are an escort directory (an advertising platform), not an escort agency. We do not arrange meetings between the Advertisers and clients!

- if you want to work as an independent escort and manage your clients yourself, please register an account as "Private girl" and start to advertise.
+I forgot password. How can I reset my password?
- you can reset your password any time via https://escortnews.eu/remind
+Can I disable reviews or comments on my Ad?
- it is not possible to disable this function, it is always enabled. You can always post a reply to each review or comment.
+Can I use fake photos in my Ad (I do not want to show myself)?
- it is not allowed for users to upload fake pictures. If we find such Ad, the whole account will be deactivated immediately. If this account has "PREMIUM", active package or VIP status money will not be refunded. Users can provide verification photos to prove that profile is real. Verification photo requirements are stated in each user account. Verification photo is for internal use only and it will never be published.

- to keep your privacy, you can blur face or crop head on your profile photos, however, it is required that it is you on the photos
+If I pay by card, will website name appear on my bank statement?
On your bank statement will appear “SiteWays” name.
+How many profiles can I have?
Each advertiser can only have one profile.
+How can I pay for my advertising?
We accept payments by major card brands (VISA and MasterCard), Paysafecard, Wire/Bank Transfer or Crypto currencies.
+Can I pause my package?
Unfortunately, once a package has started, it cannot be paused.
+What is BOOST ME?
BOOST ME - allows your ad and your profile to be listed first - Get On Top.