Ginny Weasley's Free Period


Ginny Weasley’s Free Period
Ginny Weasley had stood lurking behind the slightly opened door to the second floor bathroom for two minutes before she spotted her prey. The beast inside of her sniffed at the air hopefully. She had spent all day stalking him, her heart racing at the thought of what would happen were she to finally catch him. And he was a difficult target to track. He migrated the halls, surrounded by the others in his pack, and she could not possibly devote all of her time to hunting, though she wishes she could. Even during her classes and study sessions and Quidditch practice, she was consumed by her feelings. And these feelings, these desires, could only be described as animal, as primal. It made her desperate. So she had been driven to this: trying to waylay him, praying that he was alone, that he was vulnerable. And she had spotted him, alone, with no others in the entire hall, coming directly towards her. Her heart once again started pounding as she prepared to pounce. As her prey stepped across from her, she whipped the door open, her red hair flashing violently. As she wielded her wand like a sword and pointed it straight at her prey’s heart, she cried with a shaking voice “Accio Harry!”
And Harry Potter shot into the bathroom with her and into her arms with the force of the spell, as if he had been pulled with a hook behind his navel. She caught him and pulled him by the hand into a stall. “Gin, what’s goi--” She stopped him with a finger to the lips, leaning in to whisper “I just need you. ” “What about Snape?” he asked, reasonably.

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   Ginny knew that Snape would love to put Harry in another detention for being late to Defense Against the Dark Arts, and it was these detentions which made her so desperate for alone time with Harry. “This won’t take long. ” She pushed him down onto the toilet seat and kneeled on the floor in front of him. “Take these off,” she commanded, helping him remove his black school robes. If he was to make Snape’s class without detention, there was no time to wait, and she could not wait either. She unzipped his pants, and without delay, pulled out his already hardening dick.

Her primal instincts took over, and she devoured his him greedily. He groaned and bucked with every time she thrust his penis into her mouth. She almost gagged when he thrust in hard, but resisted, knowing that this would just get him ready to go faster. And in no time at all, he pulled out of her and said “I want you, Gin. ” And she was ready for this. All of her planning and plotting and stalking. In the days to come, she would realize that she had hardly wanting anything more than she had wanted Harry in that moment. And she got him.
She stood up and removed her robes.

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   They had been buttoned all the way up, and with good reason; she was stark naked underneath. Wanting him so badly, she had not wanted to be burdened with clothes when the moment came. And now that that moment was here, she could hear her heart pounding as she climbed on top of him. Reaching down to guide him in, she eased down slowly. He slid into her easily, as her desire had made her very wet, and it felt so good. They both moaned with the pleasure of it all, and Ginny started bucking slowly as Harry thrust into her. The angle was such that she could feel every inch of him, and he was long enough that he could feel every inch of her. As they fucked, her heart beat faster, she began to feel hot, and she could feel beads of sweat gathering all over her body. She rode him and he fucked her for a minute, or perhaps it was days or years, but Ginny would not last long under Harry’s constant assault. Trying to be as quiet as possible, she told him that she was close to climax. He was ready to come as well, and they went harder and faster. The feeling rose so powerfully in Ginny that she had to stuff her fist in her mouth to keep from screaming (she wanted to scream it from Astronomy Tower), and she couldn’t hold it in any longer. She, as though hearing him from miles away, heard Harry grunt, and moaned louder than perhaps she should have. But she couldn’t care less, and she didn’t care about anything else. The room swam from view, lights popped in her eyes, and she would have snapped her wand in half to be able to continue that feeling.

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   Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like forever. And then it was over. She gulped in lungfuls of air, and heard Harry doing the same. For a moment they said nothing, but Ginny sat collapsed sitting on top of Harry, who had his arms wrapped around her.
As they dressed in the cramped stall, Ginny knew Harry would be very late. Whether it would cost him another detention (and another Saturday night they couldn’t spend together), Ginny didn’t know. But at that moment, she knew it was worth it, at least from her end. She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed the scar of her hero. “I should wander the corridors alone more often, then?” he asked. “Yeah, I think you should, love. I need to see your green eyes more often. ”
The beast inside of her curled up and went to sleep, satisfied, for the time.