Birthday Present


My wife Anna and I had flown out to our villa in Spain for my birthday, as we did every year, to spend a long weekend lying by the pool and soaking up the sun. On my birthday I was woken up by my wife with a kiss on the lips and 'Happy birthday Chris' whispered in my ear. Normally it would be blowjob and breakfast in bed that first greeted me on birthdays, but obviously not this year. 'Where's my usual birthday wake-up, I hope you not getting complacent,' I teased. 'Your presents are downstairs, and this birthday will be different from usual, I don't want you becoming complacent!' With that she got off the bed and wandered towards the door, I followed her pert bikini-clad bottom to the door. She then looked over her shoulder and said 'have a shower and then come downstairs for breakfast. ' With that she walked out of the door, and I could hear her go downstairs. The sight of her cute bottom had started me to get hard, as I thought about her tight stomach, 34C boobs, long brown hair and button nose it sent me rigid. I decided to take that shower, if only to cool myself down.
I wandered down stairs after my shower in just a pair of trunks and wandered into the dining room, my wife was sat at the table with two places set. She looked up and said, 'Nice, you still have the body you had when we met at uni. ' Both my wife and I like to stay fit and have a gym at home and in the villa. 'Take a seat and we can have breakfast. ' As I sat down I heard the kitchen door open and in walked kayley, one of the barmaids from the local british pub, carrying my breakfast and wearing a white bikini and white high heels. She set my breakfast in front of me, gave me kiss on the cheek, whispered 'happy birthday' in my ear and walked back into the kitchen, I turned to watch her go my eyes fixed on her bum and slowly moving up her body to her luscious red hair. 'There is birthday present one,' said Anna as I turned back round, 'and here comes birthday present two.

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  ' I turned to face the kitchen again and out walked Emily, another barmaid from the local, in a black bikini and black high heels. She placed breakfast in front of my wife and came over to kiss me on the cheek and wish me happy birthday. I again watched her walk back to the kitchen to see another pert little bottom and only then realised she had cut her blonde hair into a short bob. I turned back to face my wife, mouth open wide. She looked at me and said, 'drink your champagne and eat your breakfast, then you can enjoy your birthday presents whilst I go into town to pick some things up. The only rule is that you can't stick your dick in their pussy or arse. That is reserved for me, and me only. '
Once we had finished our breakfast Anna got up wandered over to me and whispered in my ear 'I will be out until lunch, enjoy your presents they have been told to do whatever you want. ' With that she turned towards the front door, slipped a dress over her bikini and left. As the door slammed shut Emily and Kayley came out of the kitchen and cleaned the table. 'Meet me by the pool once you have finished' I said as I got up and headed outside. Once outside I threw a towel over my favourite lounger lay down, closed my eyes and soaked up the sun. A few minutes later a shadow fell over and when I opened my eyes Kayley and Emily were both stood over me, 'You put any suncream on?' asked Emily, I shook my head, 'Good job I brought this then,' she said as she held up some suncream. 'turn on to your front and we will make sure you are fully covered' said kayley. I did as I was told and revelled as their hands roamed all over my back and legs, then without any warning my trunkes were pulled down and I was lying there naked, just as I was about to complain their hands started to massage my arse and that stopped me in my tracks.

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   'We have finished your back, now turn round' said kayley. I turned over and both of their eyes immediately went to my cock, which by now was rock hard. 'looks like we will need more cream to do this side, hey kayley,' chuckled Emily. Kayley just nodded as she poured more cream into their hands. They started by rubbing the cream into my shoulders and gradually worked their way down my chest to my stomach, they teased me by rubbing my groin and upper thighs for ages before finally working their way down my legs. They then started working their way back up my legs and stopped by my groin but refused to touch my aching cock. Then suddenly I felt a hand wrap round my cock and as I looked down i saw Emily slowly wanking me with a smile on her face, when she looked up and saw me she opened her mouth and wrapped it round my cock slowly sliding down to its base. As she continued to give me blowjob I looked over to kayley who put her hands behind her back and undid her bikini top, her breasts fell out and i looked on in awe, they were exactly the same size as my wife's but with smaller nipples pointing right at me. I montioned her up towards my head and took a nipple in my mouth, kayley moaned with pleasure and after a few minutes took her nipple out of my mouth and placed the other one in. I was more than happy to nip and suck on this one whilst Emily kept working her mouth up and down my rigid penis. A couple of minutes later Emily said 'time to change', and as I looked up she too was topless. Her tits were smaller than Anna's and kayleys and not quite as pert, but their was something about them that just made me stare. I was brought back to reality when kayley slipped her mouth round cock and took it all in in one go, and emily then placed a nipple in my mouth. After five minutes of this I was ready to cum. I whispered this and kayley stopped sucking me and ordered me to sit on the edge of the lounger, I did as I was told.

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   The girls took turns licking and wanking me off, as I was about to cum Emily upped the pace and the girls both looked me in the eye as I came all over their tits and face. I was so horny my cum went eveywhere, completely covering them especially Emily. After I had finally finished I surveyed the scene and we all started laughing, Kayley wiped some cum off her chest and wiped it all over Emily's face, with this they started play fighting and ended up in the pool. As they washed themsleves down my thoughts turned to Anna and what a wonderful wife she was, I looked down at my watch  and realised she would still be a couple of hours yet so I decided to make the most of her generous presents whilst I could. . . . . . . .
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