Preview of My First DVD


Topic: At the dinerMy first professional DVD came the other day and so I invited about a dozen or so friends over to preview it. I had a script that they gave me of what to say and al but I thought it strange that there was no sex in it since it was an adult DVD. Well, I never saw the video and wanted to see it the first time with my friends. Steve and Lynn were there and we all gathered around the 52 inch wide screen. It was really well done. I was dressed very conservatively by the maku-up people and drove a nice car. I stopped at a road side gas station and cafe and gased up the car. The guys at the gas station were good looking and built. They were watching me and out of my view they massaged their cocks through their overalls.
I asked, by the script, "Is that a good place to eat over there?" "Yeh lady, really good. " "Thanks. " I told them and drove over and parked. I got out, had on a nice skirt, business type and blouse with business type jacket over it. I had on a factory strenght bra holding in my 44EEE titties and regular panties with no hose. I walked in and a woman seated me after asking if I preferred a booth. I told her yes and sat down.

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   There were about a dozen or so people there all eating and acting normal. I wondered if this was the right place. My snack came, the script had told me what to order. I flirted with a couple men there and the waitress, all scripted and presumed that the big blank place in the script was the sex part.
I ate and finished and the waitress brought the check. "How bout a cup of coffee?" the waitress said and I accepted. She brought it and I sipped it and drank the rest as I felt that I was ready to leave and maybe I had just been given a screen test or something since the camera people were all over filming. I began to get up and felt dizzy, I sat back down and the room was spinning and slowly faded. After that the next thing I remember was someone outside asking if I was okay. I got up and fixed my clothes which seemed to be a little off and shook my head and drove off to the studio and they all thanked me and said that I did great.
So now we al sat in the living room, some undressed and some not, I was in a thong and that was it. I served drinks and Steve started the DVD. All the beginning was like I just said up to the point that I felt dizzy. The waitress asked me, "Are you okay lady? Are you okay?" I looked at her and laid back down in the booth, melting against the wall on the booth. "Looks like she is ready guys.

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  " the waitress said. She leaned forward and kissed me deep. I did not respond and she said, "Yeh, she is ready" and opened my coat and blouse. My bra was not coming off easily and the waitress took a sharp knife and cut the front making my tits fall out into view. "Damn, those are some tits" she said and leaned over and took them in her hands her mouth finding the nipples and sucking them hard. I laid there totally out and she began biting them hard. Blood came from a nipple and I nver moved. "Fuck yeh, she is out. " A man came over and said, "Let\'s get her in the back. " Several came over and lifted me and they carried me into a back room, well lighted and with a bed in the middle and chairs around and couches.
"Who is first?" a man said and me stood there as I was undressed. My clothes were laid aside and I was spread out. A man stepped and handed the man money. "30 min," the man said and he undressed and got on me He filled my pussy with his cock and fucked me hard. He was squeezing my tits hard and filled me at least twice with cum then the man said, "Times up.

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  " He got up and dressed. Next a man was there and gave the money, "One hour" the man said and began his stop watch. The man was huge and turned me over and put a pillow under my hips and spread my legs He moved around my pussy some and then into my ass letting out a loud groan as he entered my ass. "Damn, nice ass. " he said as he humped me wthout any play to get me going since I was out. He fuked my limp body several times and filled me with cum and the hour was up. "Next" the man said and two men stepped up, naked and hung like hell. "One hour" the man said and they got on the bed. One man opened my mouth and it seemed that I responded some. The man slipped his cock into my mouth and did not care if I was doing anything. The other man entered my ass again and he rammed hard into me. I was on my stomach and the man in my mouth was on his back in front of me. He held my face down on his cock and I was being moved by him. Suddenly he tensed up and I gagged and he filled my throat with his cum.
My eyes opened some and I moved my head.

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   About that time the man in my asss filled it and I moaned. THey changed places and again took my mouth and ass and filled them both. This time I seemed to swallow and did not gag. "Time" the man said again and the next couple stepped up. Two really fat women and gave him money. "One hour" he said and they grabbed me and held me up on my feet. Both had on huge dildos and they were both strong. I was lifted up and they held me up above the ground off my feet. Suddenly they guided the two huge strap on dildos into me, one in the ass and the other in the pussy. At the same time they were really grabbing my tits, pulling and biting them hard. I hung there between them moaning a little but still out. They finished with me as the man said time.
Everyone in the room began to clap loud and then two huge dogs were led to the center of the room. Several men and women moved me to the edge of the bed and put my hips over the edge and spread my legs apart Somehow I was tied that way, my arms up so I stayed on the bed and my legs so my legs stayed apart. The dogs, both Dobermans, were led to my rear and one made to sit near by while the other was coaxed onto my back.

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   He managed to mount me and drove into me and began humping. His knot was soon in my pussy and he was there for a long time as the other dog wimpered watching. Finally he dismounted and the other was loed to my rear. The clapping stopped and someone said, "Put him in her ass. " "Yeh, her ass" and so the dog was guided into my ass instead of the pussy. He humped hard and drove into my ass as my hips moved with his motion. His knot went in and he began filling my ass with his cum like the other did.
Now two women were led to me and they had on collars and chains that they were led by. THey were slapped and made to lay with me on he bed. "Eat her out" they were commanded by a woman that was holding their chains. THey began eating my pussy and ass that was full of all kinds of cum and one even fisted my pussy hard. "Get her up" they told the woman and they lifted me. "OVer here" they said and I was carried still limp to a kind of mat that had plastic paper all around it on the floor. "Okay, everyone piss away or jack off, whatever you want. " Several men began pissing all over me and they even went from pissing to jacking off, their cum shooting all over my ba=ody, face and hair and some in my mouth and pussy again.

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   I began moving and one said, she is waking up" and another leaned over and gave me a shoot and I went totally limp again. The DVD continued and more men and women were on me, mostly now there was a lot of really kinky stuff, pissing and cumming all over me. "Okay, lets see what else we can think of" said a man and a woman brought a huge cock that had to be over 12 inches and really thick. She shoved it in and began ramming hard. "Damn, this woman is really out" one said and filled my ass again with the dldo.
I looked around the room and everyone was looking at me as if they could not believe that I had been in this and taknen all the things they did. "I was out folks" I said and they had begun long ago to each begin fucking and sucking and now even Lynn and Steve were naked, she sitting on his hard cock moving her hips slowly. Jackie had left and now he came back at the end of the DVD. He was smiling and everyone was getting up, naked carressing and each to their friends playing. I was being grabbed hard by as  many as could. "I don\'t belive yu took the dogs, that had to be a double" Jacke said. Everyone agredd and finally I was called on to prove it was me. Jackie went outside and brought in his Doberman and told me, "Put up or put out" I took of the thong and got on al 4s and slapped my ass. "Bring him to me" I said soaking wet as I was. He brought the doberman over and the dog was ready and mounted me right away.

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   I reached back and guided him into my pussy and he drove in. He huimped me and I responded with loud "Fuck me hard" sounds. His knot went in and there were all these people around watching and jacking off and fucking each other with me at the center.
I grabbed a cock that was near to my face and sucked it in deep and swallowed the load in it. There were others offered to me and I took them as if I was starving. The night got hotter from there and I took al the cock and pussy offered to me. Everyone bought a copy of the DVD as they left the next morning. Several men and women came back over later for more personal demos.
My divorce from Steve is almost ready and Lynn and he will be getting married at the nudist colony near her after.
See ya later.