Topic: WorkWalking past your desk to my office, I pause at the doorway and turning to you, ask, "Emma, could you please come see me?"
Seated comfortably behind my desk, I invite you in, "Close the door and sit down. " 
"Yes sir. "
"Look," I started, "I know you've only been here a short while and, yes, we do have a casual attire policy on Fridays.  But, I'm afraid what you're wearing today is just a little . . . um . . . too casual.  It's not really appropriate. "
"Why? What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" you ask.
"Well, you're skirt is too short and your blouse is cut way too low," I reply.
"Well, Mr. H, the dress code policy isn't very clear of what it defines as 'appropriate'. "
"Yes, I know, but.

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  . . "
"Do you like what I'm wearing?" you interrupt.
"That's not the point, Emma. . "
"Well, do you?"
"Truthfully, yes, but it's inappropriate for the workplace," I reply.
"And, just why is that, Mr. H?" you continue.
"Well, because it's distracting. "
Smiling, you stand up, approach my desk and lean forward on you hands, "You mean like this?"
Staring into my eyes you watch them drop to behold the inviting vision of your gorgeous breasts harnessed in a red lace bra.  "You want them, don't you, sir?" 
Glancing back up at your lustful eyes and impish smile, I am momentarily I finally confess, "I do.  Go lock the door. "
I watch your swaying ass as you go to the door, locking it.  Sitting on the overstuffed leather sofa in my office, I pull you down beside me.  I kiss you softly on the mouth, gently parting your full lips with my tongue.

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   As my hand glides over your blouse, massaging your breasts, you moan your approval and suck my probing tongue.  I feel your hand drop to my lap and start to rub the cock growing in my pants.  My hand slips under your blouse, deftly unhooking your bra and sliding up to your ample breasts.  You arch your back as your hardening nipple slips between my rolling fingers.  Kissing you harder, my tongue finds yours, dancing around it, playing with it.  
Sucking your hot mouth, I can only image how delicious it would be to feel your full lips and soft, wet tongue taking my cock.  As if reading my mind, you break from our passionate kissing and, looking down at the bulge in my pants, unbuckle and unzip them, pulling them down to my ankles. Climbing up on your hands and knees beside me, you kiss me again, your tongue snaking into my sucking mouth as you stroke my aching cock.  My hand slips inside the top of your blouse (I told you it was cut too low), squeezing your breast and tweaking your erect nipple.  You moan your satisfaction as you stroke me harder.  
Lowering your head to my lap, you gently play with my cockhead, sliding your tongue around it.  I watch you in unbridled lust as you push it back against my stomach and lick and nibble your way down the underside of my shaft to the base.  Pulling your hair aside, I savor the sight of your nimble tongue and warm mouth slowly working back up my dick to the crown.  You glide back down and up twice more, sucking, nibbling and licking me harder with each pass.  "Oh fuck, Emma, take it," I plead as you giggle at my impatience and slip your tongue over my head, tasting my pre-cum.

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Figuring you had teased me long enough, you lower your hot, wet mouth over my cock, your tongue sliding along the underside.  You take only the head at first, sucking and toying with it.  As you slowly begin to take more of me, I watch as my shaft slowly disappears between your full lips.  I roll my head back, the pleasures too intense, as you swallow my cock.  You wrap your delicate hand around my girth and stroke me as you bob your head in my lap, almost releasing my engorged meat before sucking it back in.
I slide my free hand down your back and hike up your short skirt.  Invitingly, you slightly turn your ass towards me as I slip my hand inside the side of your red lace panties.  My fingers glide over your moistening pussylips, caressing the folds up to your swelling clit.  As I gently twirl it, you moan your approval, sending delicious vibrations through my cock.  You slowly roll your hips as I finger your sensitive clit and stroke your soaked pussy.  With each pass along your slit, my finger dips a little further inside you.  You suck and stroke my cock faster and harder as I slip further inside you.  You finally release me from your mouth with an audible pop and, still stroking me, ask not really expecting an answer, "You like that, Mr. H?" I simply smile and, pressing you gently on your shoulders, softly tell you, "Lie back, Emma. "
Giggling in eager anticipation, you lie back, legs slightly hiked, your head resting on the padded arm of the sofa.

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   I climb over you, pulling up your skirt and kiss your hot, sucking mouth.  My hand reaches under your top caressing your heaving breasts and taut nipples before lowering to my rigid cock and pushing it down between your legs.  My fingers return to your nipples as I start to hump your drenched pussy and quivering clit through your panties.  Laughing into my mouth, you say, "Ya know, it works better if you take them off. " Returning your laughter, I give you one final, deep, soulful kiss.
I kiss and lick your tender neck down to your chest.  As I start to pull your top up, you rise up and pull your top off in that cross-armed way that girls do and lie back down.  I bury my face against one breast, sucking and flicking your hard nipple while my hand and fingers attend the other. Your fingers are in my hair as your begin to roll your hips under me invitingly.  Sitting back, my cock still fully erect, I hike your skirt, slip off your wet panties and lower my mouth to your eager clit.  I softly nibble it, my tongue gliding gently over the tip.  My fingers start to stroke you along the full length of your soaked pussy.  A soft squeal escapes you as you feel my mouth sucking you deeper, my tongue dancing around your quivering clit, twirling it.  "Oh fuck yeah. .

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  . that feels soooo good," you remark as I easily slip one then two fingers into your tight, hungry pussy.
You begin to roll your hips, grinding harder against my face and fingers.  My tongue flicks over your rigid nub as I suck you harder.  I start to twist my fingers as they burrow deeper in side you, stroking you in time with your rocking hips.  Your hands on my head force my face harder against you, grinding against your groin.  Your juices flow over my probing fingers, coating my face. . . . mmmmmmm . . . . .

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  . you taste so delicious.  As your bucking under my mouth increases, I suck your harder, my tongue flicking you faster.  My fingers pound into you in a sweet, steady rhythm.  "o fuck me, Mr. H. , please just fuck me," you plead.
Sitting up, I pull you atop me.  Reaching below, you grab my engorged cock and guide it over your aching clit, pressing my cock against my stomach.  You rub over my knob a few times then slide your clit down along the underside of my shaft, bumping over the swollen veins, then back up.  As you reach the top, you roll your hips in small circles crushing my cockhead.  Staring into my burning eyes, you do this again, lubing the fullness of my dick with your flowing, creamy juices.  On the third pass, you allow my crown to slip down into the dripping folds of your hot pussy.  I pull your face to mine, kissing you deeply, as I feel you slowly swallowing my cock.  You pause momentarily to feel it throbbing inside you.

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   "Oh fuck, Emma, you're so fuckin' hot and tight!" To which you only reply, "mmmmmm hmmmmm. "
Our mouths are locked in passion, tongues darting, probing, playing.  My hands slip under your skirt, grabbing your tight ass as you start to rock in my lap.  I feel my cock nearly slip out of you with only my swollen head inside you.  You roll forward engulfing the entire length and girth of my hard shank.  My hands slide up your sides and cup your heaving breasts, pinching and tweaking your rigid nipples.  You break our kiss and tilt your head back, eyes closed, biting your bottom lip to the sensations of me buried deep inside you.  I suck and lick your sweaty neck as you rock harder and faster on my cock.  I feel your swollen clit grinding against me, your fuck juices streaming into my lap.  You stare into my sex-crazed eyes, "mmmmmm. . . . Mr. H.

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  , you're so fuckin' hard inside me," as you continue to ride.
I respond by grabbing a tangle of your hair and forcing your wet, sucking mouth back to mine.  Our tongues are entwined in lust as you start to moan into my mouth repeatedly, "mmmhmmm. . . mmmhmmm. " The walls of your burning pussy clamp down on my throbbing cock.  I sense you're getting close, your juices flowing harder as I pound up into your faster.  Pulling your face from mine, "C'mon, Emma. . . cum hard for me, Baby. " "Uh huh," you agree as you attack my mouth again.  I pinch and roll your nipples hard as I suck your slithering tongue.  Your repeated moans are louder and faster and your bucking harder in my lap.

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   Your pussy erupts your hot, gushing cum over my cock, your cream flooding my lap.  Waves of ecstasy shudder through your body.  Unable to control myself, I explode deep inside you, pumping load after load of my own cum inside your gripping pussy.  Mmmmmm . . . . my orgasm is so intense, so hot!!
You collapse against me in utter exhaustion, panting heavily, your sweaty forehead against my neck.  I stroke your back as you squirm in my lap, teasing my spent cock still buried inside you, your delicious, hot, drenched pussy contracting on me, milking me.  My hand still in your hair, I pull your head back, kissing you softly on your warm mouth.  "That was so fuckin' amazing, Emma. " You say nothing, tonguing my lips.
(Click) "Mr. H. ?"
"Aw shit," I mumble as you climb off of me and settle in the corner of the sofa watching me.

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Pulling my pants up and approaching my desk, I answer the intercom "Yes?"
"I don't know where Emma is.  But, this is Mrs. Hamilton.  Your 3:00 appointment is here.  Should I show him in?"
Glancing at my watch I note he's early, "Um. . . no. . . take him to the conference room.  I'll be there in a minute.  Thanks. "
"Oh. .


  . . and Mr. H. ?"
"Yes?" I reply.

In a hushed voice, "Well, Sir, I hate to say this. . . . but, have you seen how Emma is dressed today? I don't think it's in accordance with company policy. "
Smiling and glancing over at you on the sofa, gently stroking your clit under your skirt, kneading your breast and smiling like you'd just been fucked good, I respond, "Yes, I have.  I will need to speak to her about that.  Thanks. " (Click)
We laugh.

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