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"Daddy your step brother is in town!"
Wait, i didn't know my dad has a step brother. how did this happen? In my 14 years of existence I always thought my dad's side of the family was an almost perfect family. It was one ordinary afternoon that my mom came running from her mom's house for a gossip or maybe just visiting.
"Who told you he's here?" my dad asked and before mom could answer he walked from behind her with a serious face. He was younger than my dad and smaller than him too. I do not know what to expect on how he would react to him. Daddy just have a gentle heart and is ok with almost evrything, he is a cool type of dad. But this is something way out of the meaning of almost everything. I was expecting him to be so mad and punch the person in front of my mom. It would be be wat i'd do if i learned something like a stepbrother just showing up out of no where and surely would bother a peaceful family. And when i got a nice view  of him i saw the same gentleness that my dad has. they were so much alike its just that there was something not right about him.
 "What are you doing here? Dad died a couple of months ago! Are you here to bother my mom?"
He didnt answer just yet and was just looking in the floor.
"Come on Jay! mom will be devastated if she'll see you, i suggest you leave town right away!"
"Joe, i have no intentions of causing any harm to your family" he said still satring at the floor, then he slowly looked up and there i saw his face. he was more goodlooking than my dad and if i'd guess his age,he must be between 19-23. Then our eyes met and he smiled a little at me.

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   "i'm just asking if i could stay here for a night or two. i an heading for the north and waiting for my ride"
Knowing my dad, i knew what he was about to say "you can stay for a night and that's it you have to leave before my mother find's out you're here"
"Thank you so much. I know i dont deserve this, but i really appreaciate everything, i will repay you in any way i can soon!" Jay answered and then looked at me and smiled. my dad saw that and he introduced us.
"Kathe this is Jay my step brother" he said looking at me with those sincere eyes knowing that this was new to me,"Honey, i know this is quite weird but i also know that your old enough to understand mommy and I will be going to your granma's house to see if she already knew. Why dont you show uncle Jay around the house and lend him a pillow and blanket for tonight. " and they left in a hurry.
"Hi Kathe, I didnt know Joe's eldest daughter is all grown up! Nice meeting you"
"Yeah, I just turned 14 an--"
"Beautiful" he cut me off
"Whatever, come,i'll show you around"
We went to the kitchen and i asked if he was hungry, he said, "I am but not for food" i pretended not to hear it and i asked "Come again?" and i cought him staring at my boobs with that look that sent shivers on my spine. . "nothin, i just have a lot in my head right now, where will i be staying?" I turned turned about face so he'd stop staring at my boobs and told him, he'd be staying in the living room sofa s he'll not be able to sleep until everybody's gone to bed and nobody's watching tv. and when i looked back at him, he was still staring. . . at my behind and seem to have been lost in thought. I faced him and when he was back from his deeptought, he asked.

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   " Is there a place where i can at least lie down for a while?, i had a long and tiring day i'd like to get some rest for a while" I thought for a while, there was no other roomin the house, if i let him on the couch at this time, there would might be poeple coming and find out about him and the secret frommy grand mother may not be kept that long. so i decided to send him outside by my brother's tree house. there's a matress there, and he went.
I made my way upstairs to get a pillow and thought of getting him a blanket also, he might stay asleep throughout the night if he's that tired. It tool me quite a while to find the thing i need and when i got to the tree house i was shocked to see him holding his cock and slowly jerking it with his right hand and the other arm on top of his eyes as if he was asleep. It was the first time I saw something like that. I felt something unusual and i didnt know how to react. I had my jaw dropped and before i realized it he was already staring at me and our eyes met. I dropped the quilt and the pillow. I was ready to make a run for it but i didnt know why i didnt. and he was about to stand up and i made a move to go down the tree house but i was too late. he was able to grab my arm and turned me around and he kissed me, he wraped his arms around me and i felt his hard on pushing my belly. I could feel the warm rod against my tummy and he broke the kiss looked down on me. "Haven't you seen anything like this?" i shook my head and he released me. I was about to pull away and leave but he dragged me to the matress.

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   I asked "What are you doing?My dad will be angry!" i was about to cry but he kissed me again "He doesnt have to know" he told me"This is wrong. stop this right now!" i begged and he took my hand and placed it on his errection, i didnt know what to do and that weird unusual feeling was intensified. the tingling sensation from my cunt was really sending more of that feeling all over my body. I looked up at him and i was really about to cry, i did not understand what was happening. He guided my hand up and down his shaft and i could feel him growing i my palms. with the arm wrapped around me, he slowly reached for my boobs. "I have been dying to feel at least one of this" then he was there squeezing my boob and then he brushed his rough thumb through my nipples and that just gave me a weird pleasing feeling. "You liked that didnt you?" He asked then he let go of my hand and this time i was unconsciously jerking him, with my thoughts distracted by what he was doing with my boobs. His now free hand, slipped in the leg of my shorts and he caressed my now soaking panty. He was litle by little increasing the pressure of his caresses and he was begining to breathe heavily. He then slowly layed me on the bed. he kissed me again. took all of his hands to undo his pants totally and pulling them down along with his underwear.
"We have to stop" i said. they may be heading home by now.

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"We cant stop right dow kathe, ive been starving for this for a long time"
He kissed me again grabbed the hem of my shirt and took it off exposing my boobs, he licked them and he took my hand again and guided them to his rock hard penis. then he lowered my gartered shorts and slipped his hand inside my panty "You are so wet" and he brushed finger in between my crack and that jsut gave me an instant ecstatic feeling then he slowly inserted a finger in me but he was not able to even stick a centeimeter in. "You are so tight as well" he then slowly took my underwear off. i am now completely naked and he continued rubbing his fingers in my cunt. "I dont know if this might help but we'll have to see" he lowered himself down and he's now facing my pussy "that's just the sweetest thing i'd seen" then he started kissing my mons teasing my clit with his tongue and little by little he went lower and lower until he is now eating my pussy. He was circling his tongue and going side by side and before i knew it, he was able to insert the tip of his tongue in me. he continued there and i was grabbing his hair and was pulling him closer to me. "Just as i thought, you'd be loving this" he said cutting off what he was doing "Dont stop what you are doing!" i said then he continued and there i was building  and building up. until i was not able to breathe anymore and i held my air and in one exhalation i shuddered and felt fluid in my vagina flowing and wetting me. I almost forgot about my uncle, when i looked down on him. he took out his fingers, two large fingers out from my vagina and licked it " you enjoyed that didn't you?"
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