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my name is john and i am 14 years old and one day when i was feelling depressed i decided to drink some alchohol that i found in my house. as i slowly started to get more and more drunk i started to get horny. forced sex and rape always turned me on and i would read stories about it on sexstoriespost. com and while i was getting drunk i was on my computer on MSN. now it was about 3 in the mourning and my ex-girlfriend megan was online at the time so i started talking to her. usually i dont talk to her and i have her blocked but tonight i was drunk and bored and i felt like having some fun. so we started talking andi said to her we should hang out some time and she said ya thats a good idea so she said when and i said how about now you only live a couple house down from me we could hang out and talk about things. she said ok ill be there in about 15 minutes i just have to get ready. so i waited 15 minutes and finnaly there was a knock on my door. i greeted her and led her to my bedroom where i said it was nice a private and it was somwhere where we could talk. now while i was waiting for her before i had secrectly put a knife in my pocket and when we got into my room i grabbed her from behind and put the knife to her throat and said we are going to have some fun tonight and if your tell anyone i will kill you and to prove i waqnt lying i cut her arm i little bit just so it started bleeding a bit. now i said the first thing youare going to do is simple you will pull down my jeans and underwear and start sucking on my cock and you better do it real good or your going to get hurt worse then before. so she started unzipping my pants and she slowly pulled them down i could tell she was nervous so i slpped across the face and told her to get on with it. so as she pulled down my boxers revealing my 6 inch cock she grabbed it and started sucking. ii felt so good in her warm mouth as her tounge swirled around my cock. all of a sudden her braces caught my pubic hair i little and i said oww and slapped across the face twice i yelled at here to do it better.

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   so slowly she started sucking. she started to het tears in her eyes and i found it so erousing. finnaly after a couple minutes i could feel myself about to climax so i told her once i cum in your mouth you going to swallow it all or die. she started sucking faster and a basiclly started throat fucking her until i blew my load right into her mouth i could see that she didnt like the taste but i kept my cock in her mouth until i knew she swallowed it all down. after that i grabbed her by the neck and pinned her on to my bed and told her to listen carefully. you are going to slowly strip for me then lay down in your bed and im going to fuck the shit out of you. she nodded her head and started to strip. slowly she pulled her t shirt off over her red hair revealing her c cups and her blue lacey bra next she started pulling down her jeans it revelaed her blue g-string next shw was about to unclip her bra but i jumped up and threw her on to my bed and cut the bra of with my nice and out popper her c ups boobs i started rubbing them and sqeezing her nipples and she started to cry so i did it harder and slowly i removed her g-string and to reveal i nice trimmed pussy. i pilled my cock out and trusted it into her she said please dont but that only made thrust harded deeper and deeper into her pussy. i could feel her starting to get wet i pumped and pumped by now she was crying really hard but that only turned me on more and made me thrust harder until finnaly i pulled my cock out of her red and bleeding pussy and i came all over her chest
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