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Topic: Followed HomeSo it was one of those days.   Five O’ Clock rolls around and it’s time to head home.   Not a minute has passed all day without some sexual though on my mind.
The previous day I purchased a new life like 8” dildo! Just the site of this thing had my mouth watering and my dick leaking pre cum. unfortunately when I got home I had no more lube.  So I figured I’d grab some after work the next day.
On the way home I stopped at the rite aid down the street from my apartment to pick up this essential item.   I walk to the isle these things are kept and there was another man who was also in search of a good lube. He was tall, about 6’2”, nice tan skin, short black hair and green eyes.   He was wearing a snug polo shirt that really accentuated his sculpted firm pecks and buff arms.   The first thought to run through my head was to walk up to him and slide my hand between his legs. Maybe if I were more adventurous. Besides the fact he might be buying the lube to break in his girlfriend/wife’s ass. Either way I kept to myself as usual.
I walked up to the rack next to him and grabbed a bottle of astroglide and KY Jelly. As I selected my items I noticed him glance over at me and give me the once over.

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   I figured he was thinking,  “What the hell does this guy need with 2 bottles of lube. ” I walked to the front of the store to checkout. The fine Italian gentleman was close behind. I paid for my items and returned to my car. As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw him again in the car behind me. I didn’t think anything of it until he followed me right into my parking lot. I know I hadn’t seen this man before. I defiantly would have fantasized about him on more than one occasion.
I grabbed my things and headed inside. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I already had a suspicion, but I never would have foreseen what happened. I answered the door. It was him! This man followed me all the way home from rite aid and knocked on my door. Before I could even open my mouth I noticed his fly was open and his dick was poking out for some air. He looked at me and said “Let's put that lube to good use.

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  ” My jaw dropped to the ground. I already had half a hardon from thinking about this guy pounding my ass.
 I was still dumbfounded when he invited himself in and walked straight to my bedroom. Quickly coming to grasps with what was happening I followed eagerly behind him. He noticed the dildo sitting on my bed waiting for me. “We won’t be needing this” he said as he tossed it aside. “Take off your pants” he ordered. Still being half in shock I quickly complied. I pulled of my shirt and dropped my pants to the floor. My still growing cock was peeking through the front of my boxers.
. “Nice” he said, eyeing my cock and nice round ass.
He stripped off his shirt exposing his statuesque form. Large firm pecks, cobblestone abs and muscular biceps. His pants fell to the floor exposing the rest his growing dick.

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   It was about 9. 5 inches long and thick enough to fill anything it needed to. It had a very well defined head, like a large helmet, atop an almost perfectly straight shaft.   His pubic hair was manscaped into a nice patch. He pulled me close to him and slid his hands down to my soft round ass. I ran my hands across his granite like body, feeling every ripple.   “Get on your knees” he requested. Without any instruction I knelt down in front of him wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock and slid the head into my mouth. I slowly ran my tongue around the outline of his dick head while firmly gripping his shaft. I slowly slid his dick between my lips and down my throat as far as I could. He began to pump his hips pushing his dick into my mouth.   I continued to work his dick down my throat, my tongue massaging the underside of his dick head with every thrust, until he pulled it away. He took his dick in his hand and slapped me across the face with it. “Stand up” he barked. Just as I got back to my feet he took me and through me face down on the bed.

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   I moved to the middle of the bed and got on all fours awaiting what he had in store next. My asshole quivered as I heard him take the lube out of the package and rub some on his now throbbing dick.
He got on his knees behind me and slowly pushed the head of his dick into the crack of my ass. He squirted a little lube on my asshole before pushing into me. I let out a deep moan as he penetrated my ass. It was just the head at first. This alone was enough to make my legs feel weak. He slid deeper into my asshole with each stroke until he had all 9 inches buried deep inside me. I began to moan louder as he steadily fucked my ass. All of the sudden he pulled out. Before I could ask what happened he rammed it all the way in. Again he did it. Slowing pulling his member all the way out before plunging back in so hard the headboard banged against the wall. Each time he re-penetrated my asshole a wave of intense pleasure came over me.
After a minute or so he built back up to a strong steady stroke.

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   I could feel his thrust getting faster by the minute. Drowning in pleasure I was quickly brought back to the moment with a hard slap on my ass. I yelped. He smacked my ass again. Each trust grew faster and stronger. He fucked my ass so hard my arms gave out, burring my face in a pillow. He continued to pound my ass relentlessly. I was overcome with ecstasy I lost control of the majority of my muscles. I was now laying face buried in a pillow on my bed, only my ass poking up in the air slightly to accommodate his fucking. I could feel his solid arms wrapped round my chest. His right hand fondling and pinching my nipple. His pace increased again. We were now both rocking violently back and forth in the bed. His hand continued to play with my nipple and squeeze my chest.   The feeling of his pulsating dick filling my asshole and the friction of my dick against the bed brought me right to the edge of splurging.

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“Fuck me harder, Fuck that tight ass” I yelled.  Still moaning and grunting each time he pumped his dick into my ass.
Every stroke he took brought me closer and closer. He buried his dick deeper in my ass fucking me faster and faster.
“Oh Fuck, I’m going to cum” I screamed.
Hearing this only motivated him to fuck me more violently.
Wave after wave of gratification rushed through my body as I reached my peak. My dick, pressed between my stomach and the bed, oozed out a load of hot creamy cum. My stomach and the sheets were now smeared with cum as he continued to pound my ass. Every stroke prolonged my orgasm, my dick now well lubricated rubbing against my stomach.   It wasn’t long before I felt his dick swell with anticipation. His trusts grew faster and more erratic.
“Fuck yes, I’m gonna cum in your ass” he blurted out as his dick started to pulse shooting his load of thick hot cum in my ass. He continued to fuck my ass as he pumped it full of cream. His strokes started to shorten and stop.

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He collapsed on top of me the tip of his dick still in my ass. I pushed my ass up against his hips taunting is spent cock. His dick slipped out of my ass. I felt a stream of his hot load trickle out of my ass and down my thigh. The warm sticky feeling let me know he was satisfied. A sign of his appreciation is how I saw it.
We both laid on the bed collapsed in a pool of cum. I felt his dick between my thighs. Slowly working it between them.   He pushed his dick down between my cum soaked thighs. It wasn’t long before he was ready to go again. He got up and I rolled onto my back. I lifted my legs in the air and spread them showing him my asshole still dripping with cum. He took my legs and held them over his shoulders and entered my ass. In and out he pumped his dick.

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   I grabbed my legs and pulled them back to my head.
He leaned forward pushing deeper into my ass. I moan almost uncontrollably as he fucks my ass pushing deeper and deeper.   He is now leaning over me in missionary position with me holding my legs high in the air. I feel his hot breath on my neck. His dick pounding away. He leans and whispers in my ear, “This next one is gonna be messy. ” To overwhelmed to pleasure to think about what that meant I begged him to fuck my faster and hard. He increased pace thrusting harder and faster. I squeezed his dick with my ass on every stroke. The increased tightness put him over the edge. He pulled his dick out of my ass and knelt over me.   Gripping his dick tightly he pointed it at face.   I opened my mouth in time to catch the first spray of thick cum.
He jerked his hand up and down his shaft spraying out a load of hot cream with every stroke.

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   The second landed on my left cheek and running down my neck. The third and fourth landed in my mouth with the final 2 dripping out onto my lips and chin. My face now fully covered in cum. I swallowed what has already pooled in my mouth.   I grabbed his dick and ran it across my face smearing the cum all around. I take his dick into the back of my throat to milk out every last drop. I ran my fingers across my cheek hoping to collect the rest of his spilled load. After licking every finger dry I thanked him. Not a moment would pass before he was dressed and walking out the door.
“Wait, what is your name…” I called out as the front door closed behind him.   I lay in bed still covered with man love wondering who that man was, and if I’d ever see him again.