Late Night Run


Another long day and to boot I couldn't sleep at all, which happens on regularity.   Its normal for me to get up and head out for a nice long run to just wear myself out so that I am able to come home and get some sleep in for another long day.   Work has been insane lately and well I find a good run one thing to relieve stress and rest.    
   Its about 2AM on a Friday morning, its a cool autumn morning and very quiet everywhere in the neighborhood.   I put on my shorts, shirt and runners and head out to clear my head and wear myself out so I can sleep finally.   Once I get out of the neighborhood I head into the park and the great trails they have.   Not too far into my run I hear some loud noise and then BANG, something is tackling me to the ground.   Before I can collect myself I have my arm twisted behind my back and a knife to my throat.  
   I'm on my knees and I can't see who has me from behind, but then a big man steps out in front of me.   He must be about 6'5" 225 lbs and very intimidating.   He looks me over and then I see him look to his friend and give a sadistic smile.   He tells me to do as he says and I won't be hurt.   Then to my disgust he undoes his zipper and wow if its not the biggest cock I have ever seen soft and I know exactly what he wants me to do. . .
   There in front of me is a thick 10" cock.

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    The man behind me twists a bit harder on my arm and says in my ear softly, "suck that cock or u'll be sorry. "  I slowly open my mouth and move towards this giant 10" cock and just touch the tip with my lips before I pull away disgusted and in fear.   SLAP! Oh the pain across my face as his hand came across it and then in a more forceful way he pulls my face closer to his cock and says, " There is an easy way and a hard way, you choose but my cock is going in ur mouth.
   The pain of my face still intense I open my mouth to receive his 10" cock.   He sticks in the first few inches and I begin to surround this huge cock with my mouth slowly sucking and moving my tongue around his cockhead hoping it is a quick event.   I try to put my mind on other things and close my eyes as I start to suck his huge member in and out of my mouth to the rhythem of his hips.   I begin to feel the man behind me relax his grip on my arm and the man in front begins to grab my head and slam his giant cock in deeper than I can handle and I start to gag.   Oh how I am hoping this man will get his rocks off so I can just get out of here and forget this ever happened.  
   As he continues to slam in and out of the back of my throat the other man removes my shorts and boxers and begins to probe his finger around my asshole and balls.   To my surprise I begin to get hard and let out a slight moan.   The man in back says to his friend whose cock in sliding in and out of my mouth, "I think he enjoys my touching his asshole and balls. "  With that the man behind me slides a finger into my asshole and I jump forward on my knees in surprise and take the cock deep in my throat.   He begins to slide his finger in and out slowly and wow does it feel good as my 6" cock starts to twitch from the pleasure of the finger in my ass.   I start to lose control from the surprising pressure and start to play with the balls of the cock in my mouth. I begin to stroke his cock and suck harder and faster trying to make him cum in my mouth.

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    The man behind then removes his finger and I feel his thick 8" cock hard and at my entrance, but this time I move myself back towards it wanting to feel the pleasure of what his finger had caused and somewhere in my mind I think it will feel even better.  
   Well I was right, though at first the pain was hot and sore, but as he began to get a rhythem and his precum startd to lubricate my asshole it began to feel even better!  Here I am on my knees shorts around my ankles an 8" cock sliding in and out of my ass while I suck on a nice thick 10" cock.   I can feel the mans balls tighten as I play with them and suck on his cock, out poors a pint load of cum into my mouth and so much that it cums out and down my chin.   He grabs my head as he's cumming and deeper and deeper he tries to go as I give him a blowjob he won't forget.   The man behind me is moving faster and faster in and out of my ass and then he grabs my hard 6" and begins to stroke me as he pumps for all he is worth into my now pleasured ass.   He then tightens up and begins to unload into my ass and just as he does I can feel my balls about to explode from the pleasure and I cum in his hand and onto the ground.   They both stand away from me as I fall to the gorund from exhaustion and they say thanks for the fuck little man maybe we'll see u again on another run.  
BEEP BEEP BEEP, I awake from a. . . dream. Wow that was a dream.   I look at the clock and its 2AM and I have cum all over my cock, balls and legs.   Hmm I think ot myself as I get up to clean off maybe I'll just go for a run to cool off.

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