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The bag lay under his bed, a secret life inside that bag.


It quiet that night around 2 am when Tyler tip-toed out of bed and out of the house. Under his sweater and jogging pants was a thong, black tights, a poke a dot black an pink dress, with stuffed bra.

The now 18 year old had led this life for as long as he could remember, enjoying playing dress up a little too long and the curiosity never ending the “different” becoming normal & comfortable.


As he stepped outside onto the empty streets he began to walk, putting distance between himself and his home before revealing what was hidden. As he came round the corner ready to unzip his sweater he stopped quickly at the sight of a car coming towards him.


He kept walking slowly, hoping no one would notice the breast shape bulges protruding from his thin sweater. The car passed slowly and turned behind him. Picking up his speed once again Tyler headed for his normal spot. Coming to the end of the block he noticed the car had come back around and stopped at the far corner. “must be lost” he thought.


Heading towards the park Tyler crossed and began to walk around the back of the lost peoples car. As he passed the back door it flew open and before he could react he had be pulled inside. Panic and fear over took everything not only was he being kidnapped he was being kidnapped in a dress!


A hand over his mouth he could feel the car start to drive. His heart was pounding faster than he could ever remember. The figure above him shoved something into his mouth and bound his wrists.

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   He could hear laughing but not make out any words over the beating of his heart.


The car ride wasn't very long, the car came to an abrupt stop and the doors flew open. When the light came on Tyler could see the 3 men were all wearing black masks and black clothing, something he couldn't recall if they had been wearing when they passed the first time. “It's not your lucky night boy. ”

the man driving said as he rubbed Tyler's face. The man sitting in the back seat began to unzip the sweater an began to smile and laugh like a mad man when he saw what lay under it.


After they pulled the jogging pants an sweater from him, Tyler lay on the back seats tied and gagged in his pink poke a dot dress and black tights with the 3 rapist around him. “Wow, such a nice colour on you!”


“Lets get started boys!” As the doors opened Tyler's heart began to beat even faster, having ever only put a few fingers in his ass he feared what these men planned on doing to him. As he was pulled from the car he realized quickly there was nothing he could do about what it was they were about to do to him.


Helplessly they through him onto the ground, forcing him to his knee's the driver pulled up his dress and ripped his stockings moving aside the thong and spreading his ass cheeks, the man spit on his asshole and he prayed that would do something. He took a deep breath as he felt the man ram his dick inside him. He tried to scream out an beg for him to stop but he was still gagged.




The man from the passenger seat quickly removed said gag and replaced it with his own very large black cock. The sight of which made Tyler begin to panic even more knowing and judging by the size of it being in his mouth that it was much larger than the cock currently in his ass. The man who had tied him up was filming all of the events and pulled his own dick out going back an forth between sucking on them while who Tyler could only assume was their boss raped his ass.

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“Your turn J” Tyler felt the man cum deep inside his ass as he said the words. J turned out to be the black man, he came on Tyler's face and slapped him with his cock a few times. The camera man grabbed him by the hair and pushed his head down far onto his cock making him choke and spit cum all over the place.


As the black man began to finger Tyler's bleeding asshole he tried begging and pleading with even with the camera mans cock choking him.

He felt the man pull him apart and he sobbed hopelessly for them to stop as he felt more cum filling his mouth and choking him the black man thrustedviolently into his ass. He could feel himself being ripped apart as the man began to pull out an start a rhythm feeling the tip of the cock so deep inside his body mixed with the cum he was being forced to swallow.


The boss of the men came over and jabbed his cock right into Tyler's mouth again making him choke. “ Clean your ass my dick you whore!” nodding as he sucked the mans dick clean.


The black man exploded cum into Tyler's ass and he could feel it squeeze out of him, he knew it was the last mans turn an he'd again have to suck the cock that was just in his asshole, tired, bleeding and not knowing what they were going to do to him was making it hard to focus.


Pain struck him again as the camera mans penis ripped into his rectum. He could feel the dried cum all over his face in his mouth and hair. As he felt the last hard thrust and more cum in his ass the men all stood around him laughing.


The dress was covered in dirt and cum stains, his tights had a huge hole in the back where his now bloody ass was dripping with cum. The men picked him up and threw him into their trunk. Dark and cold Tyler didn't know if he was going to be killed or what.

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Once they opened the trunk they told him to change his tights and handed him a new pair, after he did they gave him his bag that had held his high heals. Bending him over the car they shoved a small sex toy into his ass an left him in the middle of the street in some random town with his dress and heals on.


As he began to walk the streets, people laughed and pointed. He could feel the toy vibrating inside his burning pain filled ass. The humiliation would last his whole life. The video, only then did it hit him, who would see it? How bad would this get? He walked for hours before he realized where he was.


He went to a clothes store, before the hospital.