Family Farmhouse Fun


As she walked holding the hand of her 14 year old son Billy, him trotting contentedly at her side down the long sloping gravel path that curved home towards their magnificent farmhouse, set back from off in the isolated ohio valley, Amy heard her 13 year old daughter Daisy's voice raising up in cheerfull song. His cock is up my assHis cock is up my assHigh-ho the derry-ohDad's cock is up my assShe smiled at hearing the chorus repeat, punctuated by cries of "Oh fuck daddy, ass fuck your dirty little daughter!" and "yes daddy, yes!" and looked down at her son in time to see not only his ears but also his naked dong perk up at the sound. "Why don't you run ahead and see what's cooking kiddo" Amy said to her son, he hardly needed that much encouragement, but was off running down the path, his naked cock, slapping his belly and legs ad it started to swell up from the whorish fuck racket his big sister was making. Watching his tight little ass as he ran, she savoured the momory of how she had only recently been licking at his cute little hairless asshole, kneeling behind him and toungue fucking him while he beat off and she helplessly fingered herself in her ass and cunt, hopelessly wet from thinking about how good it felt to be so fucked up and nasty while out on a naked walk with her little 14 year old son. At 32 she was a stunner, she had gone from being a pretty little girl to a beautiful young woman, and was now growing into a stunning lady, her slim waist curved out to a broad pair of hips that supported a large, round ass, lightly dimpled, that giggled while she walked. Her tits were full and round with saucer sized areola that drew to a point with nipples that stood out fat and long, like chunky rasberries. She reached the house and climbed up onto the poarch and crossed it and went through the screen door to find a sight that immediately brought a smile to her face. Daisy down on elbows and knees, ass raised thrusting back onto her daddy's big fat fuck stick, where he squatted behind her feeding the first few inches (Amy knew from past experience that his dick was too big to fit any more) into her young asshole with his fist. Billy had obviously been so turned on by his slutty sister that he had started pumping his, now rock hard unsircumsised dick and as she watched, he pumped out a sprey of clear boy cum all over his sisters fucking back. "Oh yeah, little girl, you like that, you like your little brother spraying all his spunk on your little body don't you babyslut?""Oh yeah daddy, I love being spreyed with incest cum, it feels so much nastier then normal cum! Oh fuck daddy, that dick is sooo big in your little babysluts ass, tell me what a whore I am while you ass fuck me, please daddy!""you are such a. . . Oh fuck that ass is nice, such a good whore, so slutty that you fuck your family members and, oh yeah- push back your littel teenage butthole! you want your face cupmmed up baby?" and with that her daddy smeared his hand all over her back, covering it in his 14 year old boy cum and, pulling her head back by the pigtails with his other hand, smudged it all over her pretty, blue eyed face, ending by four finger fucking her smiling little slut face while she giggled and hummed her contentment. She slowed her push back ass fucking to gyrate her hips and concentrate on giving her daddy's fingers a sloppy suck job. The whole spectacle was exactly the sort of thing that made Amy go week at the knees, just knowing how wrong it was and how good it felt for everyone, she nealt down by her son's side and wrapped her arms around her son, fingering his still semi hard dick and smiling at him. "Doesn't your sister look lovely baby, you like to watch her while she sluts don't you?" and Daisy sure was a looker, at 13 she already had firm little tits and a nice round ass, her cunt had even plumped out a little and had a lovely downey coating of blond fuzz.

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  "Oh sure mom" Billy beamed, smiling as Amy felt his big boy-boy dick twitch in her hand, "she looks so pretty and she fucks like a filthy slut, I love watching dad use her almost as much as I love fucking either of you!""You wannna do something to make daddy come baby?" "Sure mom" and his dick got harder in Amy's hand"Go round behind your father and reach between his legs and genly finger his big hairy fuck-sack and asshole for him, just how he likes""Yeah!"While he did that, little Daisy fixed her eyes on her mothers and started to speak in a her little girly voice, straining occasionally as she bore down on her fathers huge horse cock. "Oh, gee whiz mommy, daddy's got his big dinky up my bum bum, it's so big mommy, ohhh. . . ""Oh my poor baby, does it hurt" the little slut had guaged early that the younger she acted the more it turned us on, now she was acting accordingly. "Yuh, oh, yuh, it feels funny and twitchy my little cunny mommy""Does it feel good baby, when your little cunt twitches?""Yuh, does that make me a bad little girl if it feels nice and twichy in my li'l cunny when daddy puts his dinky up my bum? it stetches me so good mommy, his dinky is soooo big in my little bum-bum, ohhhhh. . . !" she moaned"Yes sweety" by now Amy was giving herself the sloppiest four finger fucking in history, making a wet mess on the floor, "Only naughty little girls like getting boys dicks hard, let alone getting their daddy's dinky up the bum!""Oh no mommy, I wanted to stop but it felt so good mommy" Daisy was now diddling her cunny too, her Daddy had started to pick up the pace, groaning and muttering about how tight his daughters little ass was and his boy, billy had buried his face in his daddy's but, licking away at his ass and plum sized balls, which swung slapping away at the mess of cunt sauce that Daisy's fiddling was making. Oh-no baby, you better not cum with your daddy's dinky in your bum, then you'll be a real nasty little anal slut who cant say no!" Amy was just about there and her little girl tipped her over the edge. "oh yuh, I'm mommy, oh daddeeee," looking over her shoulder as her ass started to twitch, "Please put dat nasty daddy sauce up my bum-bum, pleaaaaaaaaase dadeeeeeeee"With that the whole family came together.
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