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Family fun. From an early age my parents had always told me that I lived with a special family. As a family we should look out for each other. Make each other happy no matter what the cost. I had just turned 15, when I really understood the full implications of this, as I sat on my bed tugging gently at my cock looking through a porn magazine, I watched the door swing open. It was my dad standing grinning at the sight of his son wanking gently. “Mum could you come through here” he shouted as my mum soon followed and stood beside him at the door looking confused, by this time I had pushed my cock back into my trousers and sat embarrassed. “What’s up honey?” she asked as I sat with a red face. “Our little boy’s just found out what his dick is for” My dad said with a grin. “Awe baby” she said with a grin as my dad looked at her and smiled. “You know it’s nothing to be ashamed of” Mum said reassuringly as I sat nodding. “Everyone masturbates, yes even your dad and I” Mum said sitting down beside me throwing her arm around me. “I know…but” I started as my dad interrupted. “I don’t think he believes you” Dad said with a grin watching my mum turn and grin back. “Listen honey, would it make you feel any better if mum and dad showed you how they masturbate” she said softly as the shock hit me. “I….

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  I…. ” I stammered trying to find the right words, any words would have done at that point. I guess I had always fantasised about my mum. Why wouldn’t I she was beautiful. She had lovely blonde hair and a really cute face, but what I loved was going on holiday and watching her in those skimpy bikini’s that she wore. Mum took my hand in hers then looked straight into my eyes. I sat trying to make sense of their offer. “Trust me baby, it’ll be okay just you sit there and watch” mum said as she lifted herself from the bed then slipped her hands up her skirt before quickly pulling down her red panties as I watched them fall on the floor. “Tell you what baby, why don’t you lift mum’s skirt for her” Mum said as I looked up at her face watching a reassuring smile. “Go on son, she wants you to see her pussy” Dad said as I pushed out my hand then grabbed the hem of the skirt just above her knee’s and lifted slowly watching her shaven mount appear before my eyes. “Is that nice” mum asked as I looked up and nodded. “Now you know I love you, don’t you?” mum asked as I sat nodding. “Well because I love you so much, I’m going to let you touch between my legs. Would you like that” mum asked as I nodded. “Go on son, do it for mum” Dad hissed at the door way as I turned to watch my dad, noticing he had a huge bulge in his trousers.

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  Slipping my hand down it didn’t take long before my fingers found her wet pussy as I slowly worked my fingers between her lips. “oh baby, that’s nice” Mum hissed then slowly pulled my hand back then took a hold of my hand guiding me through to their large room and sitting me on the bed. “Listen I’m going to take my clothes off and lie on the bed. What I would like you to do is, if you love me as much as I love you. Then you will lie beside me and touch me” mum said as I watched her pull off her blouse then bra. In seconds she was completely naked and crawling along the bed. As I sat watching her roll over and smile at me. “You know what baby, I think it would be better if you got undressed too” she said with a smile as my eyes stared at her beautiful soft “C” cup breast watching her nipples stand proudly. “Go on son, show your mum how much you love her” Dad groaned as I watched him pull out his long cock and start to wank. Nervously I stood up and peeled off my clothes then crawled up the bed, then lay beside her rolling onto my side watching her smile at me. “You know what I really like is when someone sucks my nipples, would you like to do that for me?” mum asked as I nodded feeling my cock solid between my legs. Dropping my lips to her nipples feeling them hard in my mouth I lay sucking gently for about a minute listening to my mum moan gently and praise the work I was doing. “Listen son, I think your mum is about ready for you to kiss her between her legs” my dad groaned as I looked round watching him stand naked at the foot of the bed slowly wanking. Trying to slip down the bed and kiss at the same time my mum stopped me then smiled. “Put your feet up on the pillow” mum said as I understood what she meant, turning slowly watching my dad kneel at the foot of the bed and spread her lips as my head reached his fingers.

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  “listen son, this is your mum’s clit” he said as I felt my mum shift slightly then from nowhere I felt a sudden warmth on my cock as I quickly turned watching my mum start to suck my hard cock gently as I let out a moan of delight. Turning quickly back to my dad I watched him sitting stroking her clit gently then started to explain about using my tongue on her clit. Dropping my head down it didn’t take me long to thrust my eager tongue into her wet pussy tasting a woman’s juices for the first time. Within seconds I was eagerly licking her blood filled clit as my mum let out muffled moans as I tried to lie as still as possible letting her suck my cock. “You know son, mum would really appreciate it if you actually tried to fuck her mouth with your cock” Dad hissed as I looked up watching him wank inches from my face. A quick look round and mum was nodding her head still trying to keep me in her mouth. “But dad I might push too far” I said watching him smile. “Trust me son, the further the better” he hissed as I slowly moved my hips in time with her mouth. Suddenly as my tongue stroked her clit I felt a tightness around my cock then listened to my mum make a gurgling sound before pushing her mouth back up again onto my cock. “See son, your mum loves that” dad groaned as I continued to fuck her mouth realising that she was actually letting me push into her throat. About a minute later my mum tapped my bum as my dad spoke. “Listen son, your mum’s coning close to Cumming, I think she would like it better if you tried putting yourself inside her” Dad groaned as I rolled off watching my mum nod. “Please baby, I want you to fuck me, but you have to do it really hard” mum groaned as I slipped round until I was lying between her legs as mum reached down guiding my 7 inch cock to her pussy. Like a perfect dream my cock slipped easily between her lips finding her wet hole pushing through the muscle into the wet and warm haven of her pussy. “Oh fuck son, you feel great” mum groaned as I started slowly lifting my hips then pushing back inside her.

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  I lay on top of her looking into her eyes watching her smile as I slowly fucked that wondrous pussy. “Okay baby, now try and push it in a little harder” mum said with a smile as I nodded feeling her hands down on my bum guiding me. “Oh fuck” I groaned feeling my cock slam harder and harder into her pussy watching her close her eyes. “Oh baby, your going to make me cum” mum hissed as I felt her hips moving in time with mine. I was leaning on my arms feeling my arms getting sore as I continued to power my cock into that lovely warm hole; mum continued to groan quicker and quicker until suddenly she let out this amazing groan as he body went rigid. “Good boy, you’ve just made mum cum” Dad hissed as I felt my own cock wanting to shoot my seed inside her. “Dad, I need to cum” I groaned listening to him laugh watching my mum finally open her eyes. “No son, I want you to cum in my mouth” mum hissed as my eyes widened. Mum suddenly pushed me off her rolling me onto her back then slammed her head between my legs. “Grab her head son and fuck her mouth until you cum” dad hissed as I watched him stroke his cock faster. Grabbing her head then thrusting my hips up I listened to my mum gargle then take me back into her throat. “Oh mum” I groaned then felt my cock come to life in her mouth. “Fuckkkkk” I groaned pushing up feeling my cock slip into her throat then expel a burst of cum down her throat. “Good boy” Dad groaned as I continued to cum in her mouth feeling mum trying to deal with my cock. A few seconds later and my cock had stopped, spent after it’s first full work out.

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   Mum lifted her head and smiled at me. “Oh baby, you were wonderful. Thanks for Cumming in mum’s mouth, I loved every drop of it” she said then climbed up and kissed me full on the lips allowing our tongues to play for a few seconds. “Okay now go down and watch your dad, he is going to do something that I want you to try next time” mum hissed as I slipped down the bed watching mum back herself down the bed then stop on her hands and knees. “You know son, your mum loves getting her ass fucked” dad grinned grabbing her butt then opening her cheeks letting me view her tight ass hole. Dad guided his cock forward then gave a heavy thrust as my mum let out a loud scream “Fffuuuucckkkk” she groaned as I watched my dad’s cock drive deep inside her. “Once it’s in you have to let her get used to it for a minute” dad said as I watched his cock stay deep inside her. A few seconds later my mum looked round at us and nodded as my dad started slowly pulling back then pushing forward gently. “You need to start slow until she’s ready, then once she’s ready. Then you can fuck her as hard as you like” dad said as I watched his cock continue to fuck her. “Okay baby show me what you’ve got” Mum groaned as my dad laughed then looked at me and winked. “Listen love, by the time I’m finished tonight, you won’t be able to walk” my dad hissed as my mum laughed feeling his heavy thrust penetrate her. Suddenly looking down my cock was hard again; I stood stroking watching my dad continue to slam his cock into her. “Oh come on baby, surely you can do it harder than that” mum hissed as my dad looked down at me stroking my cock then smiled. “Mum, he’s hard again.

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   I think your arse is really going to be sore” he groaned then really started to ride her for all he was worth. “Fuck” he groaned then flung himself onto her back as I realised that he was Cumming in her ass. “Oh well done baby” mum groaned as dad lay there for a few seconds then pulled out of her. “Come on son, give her one” dad said as I looked down at her large hole closing. “But dad, your cum” I said listening to him explain that it wouldn’t do me any harm. In a second I was behind her pushing my cock forward then pressed feeling how tight she was. “Come on baby, do it to me” mum groaned as I started to buck my hips wildly enjoying the tightness around my cock. Grabbing her hips like dad had done, mum pushed back taking everything I could give her. “Oh fuck dad, she’s so tight” I groaned watching him smile as he watched his boy fuck his wife’s ass. “Go for it son, come inside her” dad said unable to take his eyes off the show. “Oh Fuckkkkk” I groaned feeling my cock spit into her tight ass as I pulled her hips then held myself deep inside her. “Oh baby, that was wonderful” mum groaned as I stood holding her not prepared to come out of her lovely tight bum. Slowly I pulled my hips back feeling my mum move, then thrust my cock back in. this happened a few times as I listened to my dad. “Do you think you can keep going” dad asked as I nodded continuing to fuck her slowly.

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  Within five minutes I was ramming inside her listening to mum groan, “shit George I’m Cumming” mum moaned as I felt myself shoot a little more inside her. Stepping back exhausted, dad took over as I watched him plunge straight in then continue for a few minutes. Stepping out of the room, I grabbed pyjamas then headed for a shower. A few minutes later my parents had finished as we sat talking about how much we loved each other. “Well son, from now on I expect you to show your mum plenty of love” Dad said with a grin as my mum sat nodding. It was like a dream cum true!.
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