Hallowed Ground - The Awakening


Having spent the last 5 years in a private religious school, Vickie had automatically chosen clothing for college that was similar to the school uniform she had worn for so long, a simple white blouse, a dark pleated skirt that fell just above her knees, white ankle socks, and white tennis shoes. With her long auburn hair caught back in a ponytail, Vickie was completely unaware that the clothes made her look like a luscious woman disguised like a little girl. Little wonder that the boys on campus stopped what they were doing to watch and began to feel their cocks stretch at the sight of the young woman's skirt lifting high on her thighs as she ran. Several made a mental note to find out who this fox was and ask her out so they could feel those firm thighs up close and personal. Little did they know that the chances of that happening were next to none. Being very shy and having a very strict and religious Aunt for a guardian, Vickie had not dated at all in high school and she was still a virgin at 18. Vickie's Aunt had led her in one single direction, the evils of sex in any form. Being lost in grief and needing the love of her Aunt, Vickie focused all her energy into making straight A's all through high school and being a good girl to make her only surviving family member proud. When her body began changing and her questions wandered into sensual things, a lecture on the dirtiness and pain of sex by her Aunt was enough to put Vickie back on the straight and narrow path chosen for her. After all, only sluts and sinners liked sex. The bus was just pulling up when Vickie arrived, out of breath. She took a seat and while the bus made it's way through town, Vickie took time to remember her parents Dave and Amanda. Vickie smiled remembering how loving her parents were, to her and to each other. Her parents were always kissing and touching one another and, sometimes late at night during her last few weeks with them, Vickie could remember hearing strange sounds coming from their bedroom, soft whispers that turned to moans and then the sound of the bed creaking faster and faster. Months after her parent's funeral, as Vickie lay in bed late at night remembering her lost life with her parents, the memory of those sounds had a strange effect on the young girl's body. As she replayed the moans and whispers coming from her parent's bedroom in her head, Vickie's small breasts tingled and she put her hand inside her nightgown and touched them, her tiny rosebud nipples growing hard and distended.

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   Vickie rolled one nipple with her fingers, feeling it tighten and a spark shoot downward to her small pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips and merged with the echoes of her parent's moans as the feeling began to subside. The feeling was so good that she grasped the other nipple and tugged, feeling the spark again travel her body to settle directly in the center of her thighs. Vickie could feel her pussy tighten and moisture touching her thighs as she squeezed her legs tight together. She had no idea what she was doing, only that it felt better than anything she had ever experienced and that she wanted to be naked and feel her hands all over her heated body. Raising her nightgown over her head and dropping it to the floor, Vickie continued to explore these new and exciting sensations. Vickie's breath began to come a little faster as she started to massage her small tits, faster and harder, pulling and pinching her nipples to feel the mounting pressure and wetness of her pussy. She whimpered, not knowing how to reach the satisfaction she needed so desperately. Her right hand traveled down across a flat stomach into the light covering of reddish hair that was just beginning to sprout between her legs. Small fingers were saturated as they rubbed her tight slit and Vickie wondered if she had peed on herself in her excitement. But this wet was different, it was thicker and satiny slick, lubing her slit so that every touch was like a lightning bolt shooting through her torso. She was vaguely aware of her arms being extended and held over her head as she stretched sensually to increase the pressure between her legs, surprised to feel her breasts and pussy continually being rubbed faster and harder. Vickie became aware of feeling a bump begin to rise above her slit that ached to be touched. For a moment, Vickie felt what appeared to be a tongue running over her clit but that was impossible and had to be just her imagination. There seemed to be hands everywhere on her body at once, pulling, tugging, caressing, and rubbing.

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   In her heightened state of arousal, it never occurred to Vickie to wonder how that was possible when her arms seemed to be captured above her head. Fingers just seemed to be everywhere, massaging her breasts and tugging her nipples, rolling over her clit, squeezing her ass cheeks with just enough pressure to cause her whole body to jerk as the pressure began to mount higher and higher, her moans and whimpers quickly becoming groans of pure sexual need. Just when Vickie thought she would faint from the sensations wracking her body, a thick finger plunged into her throbbing pussy while others rubbed her aching clit and nipples. Suddenly, her head thrashed back and forth on the sweat stained pillow, her neck strained as her thighs and butt clenched, tightly clamping down on the finger inside her pussy, her back arched, and her nipples seemed to swell and grow harder. Then the pressure came to a climax as she felt her legs thrown wide, jerking and shuddering to her first orgasm. Vickie's body was released and sated and she soon fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Over the next few weeks Vickie wondered how it was possible to feel that many hands on her body at once and wished her parents were around to discuss these strange new sensations. Vickie had once asked her Aunt Mary about her memory of the sounds from her parent's bedroom and her feelings and experiences that night but was told in a angry voice that married people endured sex only to get children. The moans she heard were from the pain and shame her Mother felt when having to do nasty things in order to get pregnant with Vickie. Aunt Mary had also given her a stern look and told her that what she had done with herself was sinful and disgusting, if she ever wanted to see her parents in Heaven she had better never do anything like that again. Only bad girls touched themselves that way and God would punish her by sending her to Hell where she would burn forever alone and unloved. Vickie was never completely convinced that what she heard and felt was like that, but she knew better than to challenge the opinions of her guardian and fought off the desires that came sometimes in the night to tempt her body. Soon her sensual nature was buried beneath the frequent lectures against sex provided by her Aunt. Vickie believed in her Aunt Mary and trusted that she knew what was best for the niece she loved. Finally, the bus arrived and Vickie stopped first at the florist to buy two perfect red roses.


   The cemetery was a block away and as the sun began to sink on the horizon, she stepped through the gates and made her way to a single headstone inscribed with the names of her parents. She put one rose under each name and then sat crosslegged on the soft grass and began to speak quietly. Her Aunt had only allowed one visit to the grave a year and Vickie had grown used to using that time to catch her parents up on her life. "Hi Mommy and Daddy", Vickie said softly, "I have missed you so much this year. I graduated from high school this summer and started college this week. I really like it and think I will do well there just like you two did. "As she spoke, Vickie felt the presence of her parents as she did during every visit. It was a gentle warmth that surrounded her and she sat quietly drinking it in, returning to her childhood for a brief moment. Vickie could almost feel her parents sitting by her side, their arms around her shoulders, enjoying the late summer day and watching the sunset. "I love you Mommy and Daddy" Vickie whispered, "I wish you were here. ""We love you too, Baby" a pair of soft voices whispered behind Vickie. Startled, Vickie whirled around and saw something completely illogical. Her parents were standing not three feet away smiling at her. Chapter 2"Th-this can't be happening" Vickie stuttered, looking at her parents just as she remembered them, young and beautiful. Her Dad looked just as he always did, tall, muscular, and strong, the most handsome man Vickie had ever seen.

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   She had once walked into the bathroom and saw her Dad drying off after his shower, his leg perched on the rim of the tub. Without being seen, Vickie remembered staring at his tight butt and the things between his legs that were nothing like hers. They dangled and there was something long hanging against his thigh. It gave her a funny feeling to see her Dad naked and the little girl quickly left before being noticed. Vickie wanted to ask her Mom what those things were on Daddy's body, but by the time she lost enough of her shyness to broach the subject, the accident had happened and they were both gone forever. But she never forgot that sight or the feelings and it's no wonder the boys that ran after Vickie never got her interest, between Aunt Mary's nasty sex lectures and no one ever being as devastatingly sexy as her father, they didn't stand a chance. Her Mom was also just the same as she remembered, petite with an hourglass figure, high full breasts and shapely legs that could make men openly stare. Vickie had inherited her Mom's reddish hair and curvy figure along with the tallness of her Dad and his deep blue eyes. Together they had given her the best of themselves, Vickie thought as she gazed at the apparitions. Reluctantly Vickie shook her head and returned to the present. "I must be going crazy!" she exclaimed. She jumped up and was just starting to leave when her Mom gently touched her arm. "No Baby, you're not crazy" Amanda said, "we have been waiting for so long for you to come here alone and make that wish at our graves. "Vickie's Dad stepped up beside her Mom "Hey baby girl" he smiled, "Mommy and I have been waiting for so long to see you". He held out his strong arms and said, "Don't you have a hug for your Daddy?"Vickie ran to her father's arms and hugged him tightly, "Daddy, I don't understand" she sobbed into his shoulder.

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   "I know Baby, but Mommy and I are really here and we can explain, I promise" Dave said, lovingly stroking her back as her sobs calmed. Leading Vickie back to her mother, Dave took both their hands in his. "Baby, this is going to be hard to believe but I want you to keep an open mind and remember how much Mommy and I love you. Will you do that for Mommy and me?" Dave asked. "Yes, Daddy and Mommy" Vickie said, looking at each of her parents with wide eyes and trying to convince herself that they were really here and that she hadn't had a breakdown of some kind. As the family walked over to a secluded spot, Dave sat down and drew Vickie into his lap as he had so many times when she was a child. Vickie settled back against his chest and listened as Amanda stroked her head and arms softly. "Mommy and I never wanted to leave you baby, I hope you know that. " Dave said sadly. "When we died a part of us stayed with you and Auntie Mary, watching over you and hoping you would have a good life and could go on without us. But it didn't take long before your Mommy and I saw that Auntie Mary was trying to make sure you didn't grow up the way we wanted, loving and strong, with a healthy sex life and eventually a good man to love and care for you. This has made Mommy and I very sad and we started trying to find a way to reach out and help our precious baby girl. " "How Daddy?" Vickie asked. "Your Daddy and I tried to reach out to Auntie Mary first but whenever we tried, she got scared and began to pray and block our thoughts to her. " Amanda said.

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   "Please understand Vickie, your Aunt Mary used to be a wonderful person, full of life and very loving, but somehow she got tangled up in a very conservative church and they have brainwashed her into thinking some very strange things about life and love. I don't think she means to be the way she is and I hope someday she can find the happiness your Daddy and I have""But Mommy, Aunt Mary says that loving somebody with your body is a sin and that makes it hurt a lot and be nasty" Vickie said. "I know she does Baby, but she is wrong and that is why your Mommy and I knew we had to do something to show you that love isn't that way. " Dave explained. "Do you remember a time shortly after your Mommy and I went away that you were in bed late at night and your body started to feel different?" Dave asked. "Yes, I remember" Vickie said shyly, her face flaming remembering that night and realizing that her parents knew about what she had done. "Baby, you were so beautiful lying in your bed discovering your body for the first time. It was so natural and just what we wanted for you" Dave said shifting his knees and drawing Vickie closer as his arms went around her slim waist and his hands rested just underneath her breasts. The young girl felt something familiar as she shifted on her Daddy's lap, something hard was pushing against her bottom and she remembered that happening in the past. It was a good memory and she sighed contentedly and settled against her Daddy's warm chest. "You found what everyone finds when they reach that age, Baby, that your body was made for having sex and that it is perfectly natural to love that pleasure and make yourself cum. There's nothing nasty about sex Vickie and your Mommy and I loved seeing you with your beautiful body bare and your hands on your tits and between your legs. " Dave said, his breath coming a little faster remembering the sight of his young daughter's wet pussy glistening in the moonlight. His hands were moving down her ribcage and stroking her hips and thighs softly, causing Vickie to begin to part her legs unknowingly. "We just wanted to make you feel everything possible on your first orgasm" Amanda explained as she stroked Vickie's neck and shoulders.

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   "Daddy and I had to find a way to let you know that Auntie Mary wasn't telling you the truth about what sex is like and the only way we could do that was to help you see it for yourself. We were hoping that once you saw that sex was wonderful, that you would be able to lead a normal life and find a boy who would continue your sexual education" Amanda said "But Daddy and I didn't realize how much pleasure we would get from helping you cum. And afterward, Auntie Mary was determined that nothing interfere with her plan to have you grow old never knowing sex with a man. ""You were there in the bed with me?" Vickie asked hesitantly. "Yes, Baby, when you felt all those hands on your body it was your Mommy and me making you feel good" Dave answered, moving his hands up under Vickie's skirt to slowly caress up and down her thighs. The familiar sensations of her parent's hands stroking her body felt just like that night and Vickie blushed, feeling her pussy tightening and getting wet. "So we waited until you could come here alone and hoped that you would wish us back for a little while. " Amanda explained. "Baby, we can't let you grow up without knowing how great sex can be. Daddy and I want so much to show you that what you heard coming from our bedroom is wonderful and not at all sinful or nasty. Will you let us do that for you so we can rest peacefully and know that you will live a good life?" Amanda asked. "I-I guess so. " Vickie said, "But how?"Dave and Amanda looked at one another, then at Vickie. "Go to your room at Aunt Mary's and lock the door tonight. Take off all your clothes before you get into bed and wish for us just like you did here.

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   We will come to you tonight Baby and teach you everything you need to know. " Dave said. "I promise you will like it " said Amanda to her beautiful daughter. "Trust Daddy and me, we'll take good care of you. "“Baby we can’t stay any longer, Mommy and I have to go back. I wish we could stay with you always like this but we only get an hour before we lose the power. Be safe going back home and we will see you later” Dave said. "I love you Mommy and Daddy. " Vickie said tearfully as she stood and gave her parents a last long hug. Long before she was ready to stop, they were gone and she was again alone in the cemetery as night began to fall. Making her way back to the bus, Vickie wondered if what had just occurred was real or just a fantasy. Well, tonight will tell, Vickie thought to herself as she stepped onto the bus. Chapter 3Vickie was glad Aunt Mary had already retired for the night at the other end of the house when she got home, closed the door to her bedroom, and locked it. She wasn’t ready for any questions and was anxious to see if what her parents had promised would really come true. Vickie would do anything to keep her parents with her, even if it meant she would have to do things that Aunt Mary had said were sinful and would cast her into Hell.

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   Mommy and Daddy would never lie to her, of that she was certain. As she undressed and got into bed, Vickie wondered how long it would take before they came and what would happen when they did. Would her Daddy have sex with her and make her a woman? What would Mommy do while they did it? So many questions and Vickie had none of the answers but her body was telling her that the time was right by the wetness between her legs and the tightness of her breasts as she lay still and waited. As her body heated at the thought of what was to come, Vickie heard a voice from the shadows of the bedroom “Hey baby girl, are you waiting for somebody?” her Dad joked and winked. “Mommy! Daddy! You came!” Vickie exclaimed as she hurled herself out of the bed and into their outstretched arms, forgetting that she was completely naked. As she hugged her parents, Vickie became aware that she was not the only one without clothes, her Mommy and Daddy were also naked. She blushed furiously and tried to cover her breasts and pussy quickly, trying not to look at her parents bodies but unable to take her eyes off of her Daddy’s cock as it hung. Memories of the night in the bathroom flooded back and Vickie knew that Daddy’s cock was going to play a part in her becoming a woman. “Hey now, your body’s nothing to be ashamed of” Dave said, running his hands gently up and down Vickie’s naked back, “we are all now dressed just as we were born. Trust me baby, this is very natural. And besides, you have a perfect body. ” He said as he let his hands slowly roam over her chest, moving her hands away and gently caressing her now peaking nipples. “You are perfect in every way my precious little girl”“Ok, Daddy” Vickie said as she lowered her eyes to the floor and continued to blush but lowered her hands and showed her beautiful body to the people who had created it. “Come over here baby” Amanda said as she took Vickie’s hand and led her to the bed. “Just get comfortable and Daddy and I will make your beautiful body feel so good.

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  ”“Ok, Mommy. I trust you and Daddy. ” Vickie said as she was slowly lowered down on top of the bedspread, her legs together and her arms at her sides. Dave walked over and lay down on one side of Vickie while Amanda lay on the other side. Vickie felt safer than she had in years with her parents close to her. She could feel the warm heat of their bodies as they shifted to face her. Dave took her face in his hands and turned her lips toward his. “Have you ever been really kissed Baby?” he asked. “No Daddy” Vickie replied looking into his deep blue eyes so much like her own. “Will you teach me please?”, she asked. Her father’s answer came in a featherlight kiss on her lips, soft and sweet. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his warm tongue trace around her lips, parting them for his tongue to delve into her soft mouth. The kiss lingered on and on, Dave’s tongue playing hide and seek in the warm folds of Vickie’s mouth. Her arms wound around her father’s neck, pulling him closer and closer as the young girl pressed harder and harder against his hard body, wanting the kiss never to end. She felt her Daddy’s cock pressing against her and grew even wetter and tingly between her legs.


   Amanda’s hands slowly stroked her back and hips lovingly as she felt her daughter’s arousal begin. Lying her back onto the pillow, Dave and Amanda moved Vickie’s arms over her head, holding her hands still as her breasts pushed forward and they began to trail kisses down her neck and chest, letting their other hand lead the way rubbing lower and lower, coming closer and closer to her lush breasts and pointed nipples. Vickie whimpered low in her throat as her parents hands closed over her throbbing tits, feeling no shame as they caressed her nipples to aching hardness, just wanting more and more as a familiar sensation shot through her body and into her moist pussy. “Yes” Vickie moaned over and over, tossing her head from side to side as two mouths began to suckle her nipples as their hands sensually kneaded her stomach and hips, stopping to lightly rub her puffy slit. The feeling was indescribable, Vickie was floating on a cloud of sexual stimulation, giving over her body to new feelings making her heart pound and her pussy flood with juice. A pressure began to build and Vickie knew that she would cum soon. “Spread your legs for Daddy and Mommy” Dave whispered “We want to see and feel our baby’s tight pussy”Vickie spread her legs just as she felt a hand brush lightly against her mound. “So beautiful” she heard her Mommy say, as her legs widened even more to give them access. A finger gently touched her clit and began to stroke in lazy circles as another hand covered her pussy slit, now dripping in juice. “That’s it baby, relax” said Dave as he placed a thick finger against the entrance to her pussy. “This won’t hurt and will make you feel so great” he whispered as he pushed his middle finger into his daughter’s tight pussy. Dave’s cock had been growing steadily and with the feeling of his finger entering his daughter’s tight, hot pussy, his cock was pressed firmly against her hip. He wanted to fuck his baby girl so badly, to feel his cock slide into that tight sheath and rock them until his cum shot out deep into her pussy. Dave moved the finger deeper, stretching to her virginal barrier and then sliding his finger in and out rhythmically faster and faster. Vickie’s body instantly reacted, frantically pushing against her father’s finger as her mother began rubbing her clit faster and with slight pressure.

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   Her chest heaved as she tried to breathe against the mounting tide of pressure in her pussy. Vickie felt something huge approaching that would devour her. Suddenly, her body arched and exploded in climax as her father slid a second finger into her tight pussy and her mother flicked her moist tongue back and forth over Vickie’s sensitive clit. “Oh God” Vickie groaned “I’m cumming” as she jerked her hips upwards and clamped down tightly on Dave’s finger. Amanda lowered her mouth and sucked hard on Vickie’s clit as her daughter quaked and shuddered through her orgasm. Slowly, the shudders subsided and Vickie relaxed against her parents now slowing fingers. She felt as if she had climbed to the top of a mountain and fallen to the bottom. Opening her eyes, she saw her parents smiling faces as they watched her body slowly relax from her shattering climax. “Good Baby?” Dave asked, lightly rubbing her sweat covered body. “Oh, yes Daddy!” Vickie said hugging him tightly and kissing him passionately, then turning to do the same to her Mommy. “I never knew anything could feel so good!”“That’s just a taste of what sex can be, Baby” Amanda laughed. “Catch your breath, Daddy and I have so much more to show you”. Vickie smiled and closed her eyes, hoping that this feeling never stopped. Chapter 4 “Ready for round two?” Dave asked as he winked to his daughter. His cock was aching to show her the next phase of sex.

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   Dave had always secretly dreamed that he would be his Baby’s first man and that he could be the one to show her how much pleasure fucking a man’s cock could bring to a girl during her first sexual experience. “Yes, Daddy” Vickie said eagerly as she felt her pussy tighten in anticipation of the next round. As good as this felt, her imagination couldn’t conceive of what could be better. But Daddy and Mommy would make her feel good and keep her safe, of that she was positive. Amanda helped Vickie position herself for her first fuck, raising and spreading her knees and putting her feet flat on the bed. Amanda explained that Daddy would show her everything else to make it good for them both and that Vickie should do everything Daddy said so it would be less painful for her baby daughter. Vickie stammered as she fearfully asked “I-Is it going to hurt like Aunt Mary said?” “There is a little pain” affirmed Dave gently “But Mommy and I know how to make it so you won’t feel it but for a moment then the pleasure will make you forget all about it. You trust us don’t you Baby? You know Mommy and I would never hurt you”“Y-yes Daddy” Vickie replied, hoping that the pain would be short and that she wouldn’t cry like a baby. “That’s my good girl” Dave said smiling as he moved her hand towards his aching groin, “Now put your hand over Daddy’s cock and feel how much I love you Baby. My cock has grown so hard watching you cum and I need your little pussy to help me cum too. ”Vickie was hesitant as she stretched her fingers around her father’s cock, it was much bigger than it had looked in the bathroom that day and she began to be afraid that it wouldn’t fit in her pussy. Daddy’s finger had made her feel full and this was huge!“Don’t worry Baby” Dave said rubbing his fingers lightly over Vickie’s cum soaked pussy, “You are so wet and I promise your pussy will take all of my cock. Just relax and leave it all to Daddy” Slowly and carefully, Dave moved between Vickie’s parted thighs and Amanda placed his cock at her daughter’s dripping slit. Amanda lowered her head to Vickie’s breast and began to suck a nipple while using her free hand to pinch and roll the opposite nipple. Within a minute, Vickie was moaning and pressing her tits into her mother’s face, wanting more of this exquisitely sensual feeling to move through her body.


   Dave pressed his throbbing cock forward into his daughter’s moist slit and began to move slightly back and forth, claiming more ground with each gentle thrust. Keeping control was almost impossible, this was the tightest pussy he had ever felt, even Amanda’s when he fucked her on their wedding night wasn’t this tight. For a moment, Dave thought it might be all over before it began when he heard his daughter’s whimpers of desire and knew he had to do this right for her. His baby daughter’s first time would be remembered forever and the men in her life would be measured against his performance, it had to be his best. So Dave corralled his lust for release and concentrated on his daughter’s needs. Feeling her Daddy’s cock move into her small pussy, Vickie’s fear was only helped by the sweep of desire brought on by the feeling of her Mommy sucking and nibbling on her nipples. The girl threw all her concentration into the shooting sensations coming from her tits and moving in waves down into her pussy. Amanda was aware of her daughter’s fear and every time Dave advanced his cock deeper into Vickie’s pussy, Amanda clamped her lips tight around her daughter’s nipple and sucked hard. The result was that it almost felt as if the slight pain came from the pressure of her Mommy’s mouth and not from her Daddy’s cock stuffing inside her tiny pussy. Vickie was aware of Daddy’s advancement into her pussy but it was more pressure than pain and she didn’t panic. Inch by inch, Dave pushed until he was directly against Vickie’s virginal barrier. Giving his daughter a moment to adjust to the huge cock in her pussy, Dave gave Amanda the prearranged signal that he was about to break through her maidenhead. As his hips moved back to make a determined thrust, Amanda left her daughter’s nipple and moved her lips over Vickie’s distended clit. Vickie’s hips thrust upward automatically as Amanda sucked the swollen clit into her mouth. Dave planted his knees firmly into the bed and gave a mighty thrust.

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  Vickie cried out as she felt something rip deep inside her pussy and began to panic as a huge wave of pain mixed with a climax shook her body. Her legs tightened around her father’s calves as she rocked her pelvis closer to Mommy’s sucking mouth and Daddy’s fucking cock. “No, No Please stop Daddy, that hurts!” she cried as she felt her Daddy’s huge cock slide all the way in and bump up against her tender cervix. The waves of pleasure then began as she felt Dave’s cock throb in her pussy and begin to move in and out as her Mommy continued to lick and suck her exploding clit. “Oh God, Daddy and Mommy, don’t stop fucking me! I’m cumming so hard!” Vickie cried as she automatically squeezed her pussy to trap the cock and strained her body to intensify her climax, milking her Daddy’s cock in undulating waves. It was all Dave could do not to cum, his balls were aching and he knew it wouldn’t be long but he wanted one more cum for his Baby. Amanda moved back to Vickie’s tits, taking a rock hard nipple in her mouth, nursing at her daughter’s breast as Vickie had done as a baby. “One more time Baby. Cum for Daddy one more time” Dave grunted as he began moving his cock quickly in and out of his daughter’s pussy. Vickie felt the pressure begin building again as she planted her feet on her father’s shoulders to give his cock room to go deeper. Faster and deeper they fucked, until Dave’s cock swelled and exploded, bathing his daughter’s pussy with sperm. Dave cried out and slammed his cock as deep as it would go then reveled in Vickie’s climax milking his cock of every drop of sperm. Streams shot deep into his daughter as she cried out and clamped down like a vise on her father’s pulsing cock. Amanda watched, proud of her husband and her daughter and knowing that what they had come back from the grave for had been accomplished. Her baby was a woman now and knew firsthand from her parents just how wonderful sex can be.

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   Dave collapsed onto his daughter, holding her and telling her how beautiful she was and what a woman she was, now she knew what sex was all about. “This is what Mommy and Daddy wanted for you” Dave said as he looked at his beautiful daughter’s relaxed face. Vickie listened to her father from the fog of sexual fulfillment and knew she was the luckiest woman on earth. She gathered her parents in her arms and drifted into a light sleep murmuring “Thank you, I love you Mommy and Daddy” and hearing her parents soft reply “We love you too Baby. Don’t ever forget that we did this because we love you so much”. A few minutes later, Vickie drifted back to consciousness to find herself alone on her bed, naked with her legs spread wide, a delicious aching between her legs and some bloody semen on the bed as the only evidence that it had really happened. (to be continued)Author’s note: This is my first submission and I welcome any feedback for improvement. Thanks. .
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Μη διστάσετε να επισκεφτείτε τους Συνοδούς στην Μυκόνου πορνες και να ανακαλύψετε πως είναι πραγματικά η ηδονή, ενώ σας προσφέρουν κορυφαίας ποιότητας υπηρεσίας συνοδών.

Μυκόνου κανε σεχ - Τι Πρέπει Να Γνωρίζετε

Η Ελλάδα, είναι μια από τις πιο εξωτικές χώρες σε ολόκληρη την Ευρώπη. Διαθέτει μια ενδιαφέρουσα ιστορία 4,000 χρόνων, είναι η χώρα της δημοκρατίας, του πολιτισμού, του φιλότιμου, με φιλόξενους ανθρώπους, και εντυπωσιακές φυσικές τοποθεσίες. Στην πραγματικότητα, εάν θέλετε μπορείτε να εξερευνήσετε μερικά από τα πιο ελκυστικά νησιά στον κόσμο μόνο για να συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι θα ζήσετε μια ανεπανάληπτη εμπειρία ζωής.
Τα 6,000 ηλιόλουστα νησιά της, το Ελληνικό φαγητό, το Ελληνικό καμάκι κάνουν την ατμόσφαιρα ακόμα πιο μαγική. Έτσι, δεν αποτελεί έκπληξη το γεγονός ότι έχουν δημοσιευτεί εκατοντάδες άρθρα που αναφέρουν ότι το ταξίδι στην κανε σεχ Μυκόνου θα είναι ένα από τα πιο γοητευτικά μέρη στην Ελλάδα, ακόμα και στην Ευρώπη. Για αυτό είναι και τόσο δημοφιλής πόλη ανάμεσα στους ανθρώπους που προτιμούν να ταξιδεύουν στον κόσμο.
Παρόλα αυτά, θα μείνετε άφωνοι όταν ανακαλύψετε ότι η Ελλάδα μπορεί να παρουσιάσει πολλά περισσότερα σε εκείνους που τολμούν να την εξερευνήσουν. Ετοιμαστείτε για κάτι εντελώς ερεθιστικό. Καλώς ορίσατε στον εντυπωσιακό κόσμο Συνοδών στην https://www.sexjobs.gr! Ο καλύτερος προορισμός για όλους τους πρόστυχους άντρες που σχεδιάζουν να γεμίσουν τη ζωή τους με εκπληκτικές εμπειρίες γεμάτες ακολασία και αχαλίνωτο πάθος. Θα μείνετε ολοκληρωτικά ικανοποιημένοι με αυτές τις κορυφαίες συνοδούς που θα δείτε στην πουτανες Μυκόνου.
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Τι Θα Πρέπει Να Περιμένετε Από Την πουτανες Μυκόνου

Η κάθε γλύκα μας είναι κορυφαία ερμηνεύτρια όσον αφορά το σεξ και διαθέτει εξαιρετικές δεξιότητες που θα σας αφήσουν άφωνους. Κάντε περιήγηση ελεύθερα στη συλλογή φωτογραφιών μας για να δείτε αυτά τα εκπληκτικά κορμιά με πιασίματα και τα σαγηνευτικά πρόσωπα που δεν ντρέπονται να σας αποκαλύψουν τα μοντέλα μας.
Πέρα από τις κορυφαίες υπηρεσίες συνοδού κατά τη διάρκειας της ημέρας, οι καυτές συνοδοί μας μπορούν χωρίς αμφιβολία να σας προσφέρουν αξέχαστες υπηρεσίες συνοδού τη νύχτα, όταν είστε οι δυο σας.
Οι σαγηνευτικές καυτές γκόμενες από την Μυκόνου Συνοδοί προέρχονται από διαφορετικές τοποθεσίες. Έτσι, θα είστε σε θέση να βρείτε μωρά όπως παθιασμένες Λατίνες, σέξι Ασιάτισσες, βιτσιόζες Αμερικάνες, ερωτικές Ευρωπαίες, καυλιάρες Αφρικάνες, και πολλές περισσότερες που ανυπομονούν να σας δείξουν τα κρυφά χαρίσματά τους. Απλά πείτε μας τι ακριβώς προτιμάτε, όπως την ηλικία, τον σωματότυπο, την εθνικότητα, και εμείς θα αναλάβουμε όλα τα υπόλοιπα.
Συνδεθείτε και συμπεριλάβετε τις λεπτομέρειες σας στη φόρμα εγγραφής και θα σας δοθεί απευθείας πρόσβαση στον κατάλογο συνοδών μας που είναι γεμάτος με καλλονές συνοδούς. Μπορείτε να προσαρμόσετε την αναζήτηση σας επιλέγοντας διάφορες κατηγορίες. Νιώστε ελεύθερα και επιλέξτε ανάμεσα στην Κανονική, στη VIP, στη Διαμαντένια κατηγορία και άλλες κατηγορίες υπηρεσιών συνοδών όπως τσιμπούκια, ερωτικό μασάζ, παιχνίδια ρόλων, ερωτικά παιχνίδια, γαμήσι στον κώλο, μαλακία, ποδομαλακία, ΣΔΜΧ, κατούρημα, ομαδικό σεξ, ανάλογα το μέγιστο προϋπολογισμό σας.

Αξιοπιστία Συνοδοί Συνοδοί Μυκόνου

Όλες οι ιδιωτικές εγγραφές τις διαχειριζόμαστε με τη μέγιστη προσοχή και ασφάλεια για να διασφαλίσουμε ότι θα διατηρηθούν πλήρως ασφαλείς ότι και να γίνει. Επομένως, μην χάνετε άλλο χρόνο και βιώστε αξέχαστες εμπειρίες Συνοδών στην Μυκόνου εσκορτ ανακαλύπτοντας τις εντυπωσιακές κυρίες, επειδή χωρίς αμφιβολία θα τις λατρέψετε!

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