My mom and me


Topic: my mom and memy name is mike and for sometime i have had feelings about my mom her name is sarah she has about c tits a nice ass and great legs she has brown curly hair  every time i see her i have thoughts about her this is how it started! 
i just had got enrolled in school and i was feeling deppresed and she was in my room and she was in there! whats wrong honey im kind of deppresed mom i dont think i can make it through colleage oh honey yes you can you just have to work hard she leaned down and kissed me so i had to make my move i grabed her head and started making out with her honey stop it oh mom i have strong feelings for you i want you honey you need to keep those feelings to your self its not right! than she left she came back an hour later with a robe on she said honey i thought about it to and i want it to. she took her robe of and she was wearing black lacey stockings and black panties and braw you like honey hell yeah you look fucking hot! she got in bed with me and we startef kissing  oh mike your big and hard yeah and its all for you. . oh i love you mike i love you to mom i started sucking on her tits and biting them oh mom you have big tits. i slid down and took her panties off and i saw a nice hairy pussy i started so suck  it you like that mom oh mike suck my pussy finger me honey so i took my finger and started to finger her oh yeah harder faster oh yeah give it to me so i slid two more fingers in her she was bucking aw honey im cumming so i stuck my face in her pussy and swallowed all of her juices god it tasted so good. . aw honey that was amazing. . its your turn honey she slid down and took off my boxers and started rubbing my cock and licking the shaft god it felt so good then she took the whole thing in her mouth aw mom  that feels so fucking good after about ten min i started to face fuck her she started gaging mom you ok oh im fine sweeety i love it rough. . i cumming mom then she took my cock all the way in her mouth and i came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. . aw mom your the best. . then we kissed and i was hard again mom i want to feel your pussy oh sweety let me ride your hard cock she got on top i started to fuck her her tits bouncing up and down i was slapping her ass aw honey thats it harder then i shoved my cock all the way in her thats it baby i love you having you inside me. .

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  while i was fucking her she said honey get off so i did and she said honey i have never done anal i want you to be my 1st and my last. . ok mom so i got behind her and stuck it in her ass oh it hurts sweetey you want me to stop no keep going she cryed in pain for a while than the plessure took over oh thats it harder deeper i fucked her for about twenty min than she wanted it in her pussy oh sweety i love you i love you to mom than i was about to come i tryed to pull out and she wouldn't let me mom your not on birth control i dont care baby i want your cum in my pussy ok mom anything for you so unloaded in her burst after burst. . than she came i was so fucking tired we colapsed on the bed together. . than we had to talk mom what about dad who cares i think we were going to get a divorce anyway so she said i have some money put away i know how you have told me you wanted to move to oregon you want to hell yeah. . so two weeks later we moved and started our life together!     let me know what you guys think!! email me at kvn_muller@yahoo. com i will post more if you like!!.