Sister-n-law and Niece


As I walked along the side of the road past my ex-wife’s sister’s home, I noticed a silhouette in the window looking at me.   I recalled some year’s prior my ex-wife’s sister tried to seduce me while we played cards at her apartment. We had been playing cards for a couple hours and I had a raging hard on from a foot rubbing my cock through my pants. I was having a hard time trying to concentrate on the game thinking of how good it was going to feel to fuck the shit out of my wife when we hit the bed.   After a couple hours of cards and a cock that was ready to burst through my pants, my wife said she was heading to bed and got up and kissed me gently and said good night and walked down the hall to the room.   I was watching her, but still wheeling from all the excitement in my pants. I turned to her sister Debbie and started the next hand of cards, and then noticed that the feeling of that foot was still on my cock and rubbing it faster.   For the past hour it was not my wife at all but her sister feeling my cock all this time.   I was both excited as hell and horrified at the same time.   I looked at her and all she did is smile a devilish smile and I asked her what the hell are you doing? I said to her “first off, you’re my wife’s sister, secondly… she is in the other room!”. With that I stood up and tried to find my bearings so I could get my mind clear.   I looked around for a second debating if I should simply grab her and fuck the shit out of this slut or be faithful to my wife and go pound her pussy like never before from all this built up excitement.   I walked away and went into the bedroom where my wife was.   As she lay there half asleep on her stomach, I slipped my hand between her legs and softly caressed the outer part of her pussy.   It didn’t take long to feel her wetness and her low moans coming from her.   She started to churn and arched her back so her ass was in the air a bit.

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    I stood up and removed my clothes and crawled back into the bed.   I crawled in from the bottom of the bed and nestled my face between my wife’s legs.   I could feel the heat coming from her body, as I got closer to her cunt.   I started to lick her inner thighs and made small circular traces over her from one leg to the other, and I could her breathing get very shallow. I could hold out any longer as I plunged my tongue deep into her love canal. She let out a small yelp and collapsed on the bed and grabbed for her pillow and started to try to muffle her moans and screams of pleasure.   Knowing her sister was in the next room I began to be a bit rougher then normal eating her cunt, which she liked on occasion and she began to hump my face like she was riding the winner of the Kentucky derby.   I stated to lick her beautiful purple starfish… and then without warning I slammed two fingers deep inside her cunt.   She let out a loud moan and screamed for me to fuck her.   I didn’t hesitate any longer I mounted her form behind and rammed my cock deep into her cunt… and slipped a fingered in her ass.   She was bucking and rolling like a mad woman, without caring about anyone else in the house or that they could hear it. She came in an amazing animalistic manner, clawing at the bed and pillow like it was her last hope to live.   After an hour or so, I pulled my cock from her dripping satisfied pussy and moved up to her face.   She looked at me more lovingly then she had ever done before and slammed her face down on my cock. It didn’t take long before I could feel the wonderful rumblings of a massive orgasm.

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    I tried to pull me cock from her talented mouth so I could cum on her tits, but she wouldn’t have any of that… as she grabbed the back of my ass and forced as much of my cock in her mouth to forced me to cum in her throat.   Although it was no uncommon for her to swallow, it was the most wonderful feeling to have her not allow it to be wasted anywhere else but down her throat.   I came with such force she gagged once or twice, but didn’t miss and drop.   I looked at her and she smiled and whispered, “I love you so much”.   The next morning I was given the angriest look I have ever received from another human, her sister.   She had obviously heard the most of our night of satisfaction and was angry I had not taken the opportunity to fuck her.   While walking past her home and seeing the silhouette I thought of that evening and the way I wished I had fucked her the way she wanted me too.   Now being separated from her ex for about 5 years, I know she has not seen another man since that.   He on occasion came over to her home to fix something and leave a bit of himself in her.   I noticed a hand in the widow waving me to come to the house, and I was unclear of who or why I was being summoned.   I made my way to the door and knocked softly and I tried to figure out why… knowing I had helped Debbie on a couple occasions fix things from her computer the her appliances.   I thought that maybe there was a small problem that needed some attention, although I really didn’t like her much, she was still very attractive and I had often thought of what it would have been like to fuck her.   As I stood there with my mind wondering… the door opened slowly.   There looking at me was her daughter 13 year old Amy.   I asked if her mom had waved for me, and she said “no, it was me”.

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    I asked what it was she needed, and she grabbed my hand and pulled me in. I hesitated for a moment and staggered in off balance and pinned her to the wall with my weight.   I moved back and smiled at her… and to my surprise she was grinning ear to ear.   I asked what she needed and she asked me to follow her to her room.   I asked why, and she said it was her computer… so I followed.   I had been in there a number of times not thinking anything of it, fixing both her and Debbie’s computers.   As I entered the bedroom I noticed all the posters of boys and band members and models without shirts and posing in seductive poses.   I asked Amy what the problem was and she turned on the monitor, and to my amazement a full screen of males naked with hardons and porn was plastered all over the screen.   I looked at her in amazement and smiled at her without knowing what to say. She looked at me and said she needed me to get that off her system so her mother would not find out she had been looking at pornography online.   I looked at her as she stared at the monitor and could see the excitement in her eyes as she glared and a young girl being face fucked, and another girl being fucked doggie style by another guy.   I could see a gleam in her eye and she looked deeply into the monitor as if she wanted to be there.   I asked her how long she had been looking at this type of site, and she said it has been for about 4 months. Her friends and her had talked about how far they had gone with a boy and when hearing some of the things being done she wanted to know more.   She had been sheltered for most of her life and had not gone on a date, but was allowed to have boy come over the study while her mother was home.

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    I left the moving of the girls being fuck on the monitor as I cleaned up the other screens and propagating site images.   She told me every time she closed a window another two or three sites would pop up.   I had told both her and her mother Debbie never to shut down the system by power only, so she was afraid to do a simple hard reboot.   I finally got all of the screens removed and cleared the registry of unwanted sites.   I looked at her while the movie was running, and asked how far she had gone with a boy.   She looked at the monitor and said she had not gotten even close to a boy’s private parts.   She said she had rubbed a boys thing through his pants once, but was not able to get any further because her mother was in the other room. I asked her if a boy had ever touched her, and Amy looked at me and said not the way she had touched herself.   I looked at her after she said that and noticed she had her hand placed on her panties under her skirt, not realizing it.   I asked her if she liked the feeling of being touched and she looked at me and said she loved the feeling of her pussy getting wet when she touched it, but didn’t know if it was the same when a boy would touch it. By this time I had felt my cock getting hard quickly, trying not to let my mind go where it was heading.   I could help it knowing she was so damn innocent and yet only in body and not mind.   I thought of the times I wanted to fuck her mother and the night her mother had felt my cock playing cards.   I looked at her and touched her wrist, and she looked down and noticed she had been softly rubbing her pussy over her panties. She began to remove her hand and turn red when I pushed her wrist back to where it had been and told her it was ok to make herself feel good.

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   She looked and the monitor and a guy was cumming in one of the girl’s mouth and she was moaning and begging for more.   As I looked at the monitor and notice the same I felt a small hand rub my steel hard cock through my pants.   I looked at her eyes and could see a dark burning deep inside her waiting to be fulfilled.   I looked at the monitor again and the second girl was taking the guys cock in her hand and guiding it to hr mouth.   I looked at Amy and she seemed to know exactly what to do.   She slowly removed her panties and pulled at the button on my jeans releasing my pants that caged my cock.   She then looked and me and slowly pulled my hand to her little pussy and asked me to touch her.   As I slowly caressed her small tight pussy I wondered how far I would allow her to get and couldn’t imagine what would happen if her mother came in to find this.   I couldn’t believe how wet this little girl was as I slid a finger into her hot tight hole.   She moaned gently and wiggled her hips a bit with each thrust of my finger.   My cock could not take any more of this without being free.   I reached down and removed her little hand from my pants and pulled my cock free from its tomb.   It sprung out like a gymnast looking for a perfect score at the Olympics.   She looked at it and asked what was glistening on the end of it.   I explained to her that it was pre-cum, and was to help lubricate a woman that a man was going to have sex with, and told her that her aunt used to love the taste of it and always had to suck my cock before fucking because she wanted to taste the pre-cum and the cum that came out afterwards.

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    She looked at me with a questioning look, so I told her it would be ok if she wanted to taste it.   She looked at me and asked if she would like ti.   I told her some girls do and some don’t, but there is no way to describe the actual taste other then to try it. She reach out and touch the head of my cock, and it jumped and startled her.   She took her wet finger and put it to her mouth and slid her tongue across it and tasted it for the first time. I asked her if she liked it and she smile and said yes, but didn’t get enough to make sure. She then bent down and took the head of my member into her hot little mouth and looked at the monitor and started to move her head up and down in rhythm to the girl now on the screen. I could believe my niece was sucking me off and she was only 13 year old, but I could stop her or myself. I inserted another finger into her hot hole and she moaned and I could feel the vibration on her moans on my cock.   This was driving me crazy, and I was having a hard time trying not to cum.   She looked up at me as she sucked my cock deep as she could into her mouth and that was it, I could hold back any longer.   I started to cum…. “Amy, I going to cum…. If your going to taste it be ready to swallow fast” and with the last words I started to jet cum into her mouth. To my absolute amazement she didn’t miss any of my juice and swallowed as fast as she could and savored the last little bit in her mouth then smiled at me and swallowed it.

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    She laid on the bed and said she loved the tasted and wanted to taste it again and again.   I laid on the bed next to her and told her I was going to do something that she was going to love for giving me such a great blow job.   With that I pulled her upwards and put her on my face.   I let me touch dart out fast and hit her wet slippery tight hole and she screamed in pleasure. I then took a finger and slipped it in her hole as I eat her pussy like it was the last pussy on earth.   She squirmed like a bowl of jello as I entered her with my tongue and finger and suck gently on her swollen clit. As I was looking into her eyes while eating her pussy and feeling her tight hole pulsate on my tongue I felt a hot breath on my cock.   I told the dog to get the fuck out of the room, and then felt a hot mouth engulf my cock. I pushed Amy aside to find her mother Debbie eating my cock and pulling off her panties.   I looked at Amy in horror and wondered what was going to happen, but couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of finally having her mother on my raging cock after all these years. I buried my face in Amy’s pussy again and let all my thought leave and concentrated on what I was doing.   As I was eagerly eating this young pussy I felt Debbie stop sucking and worried what she was about to do, and without warning I felt a warm soft, wet feeling sliding down the length of my shaft.   I looked behind Amy and Debbie had mounted me and was now riding me and plunging my cock as deep into her as she could get it.   She then reached around Amy and started to squeeze her tender nipples, and Amy moaned in delight. Soon Amy was trusting like never before and I could feel her tense up, and start to scream out loud.

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    She said she felt something she had never felt and didn’t know what it was or if it was ok… her mother whispered to her it was ok and to let it happen and she would like it.   With that she let go and came in short spurts of happiness and collapsed and fell to the side of me on the bed.   She looked at her mom fucking me like she had seen in the movie on the monitor and told her mother to “fuck him mom”. As I felt another orgasm coming I could here Debbie start to breath very deep and her pussy tightened like her sisters before cumming.   We exploded at the same time and lay there for a few minutes.   As I wondered what to say, I look over to Debbie and she was rubbing her daughters wet pussy, and inserting two fingers into her.   After about five minutes she demanded that I get behind Amy, so I did exactly as she demanded and she grabbed my cock.   She placed it to the opening of her little girl and gently pushed Amy backwards and I felt her tight pussy starting to stretch over the head of my cock  After a couple minutes of gentle probing I was fully inside this young girl and she was moaning like her mother and pushing against my hard cock. I fucked her softly at first and held her hips and guided her as I fucked this sweet thing.   Debbie got to the top of the bed and opened her legs in front of her daughter and pulled her hand to her wet cunt.   Without a work Amy touched her cunt and pushed three, then four fingers into her mother. As she finger fucked her mother she moaned with delight as I started to push harder into hr virgin pussy.   She bend down to get as much cock into her as she could take, and she noticed she was right in front of her mother pussy… and she gently stuck her tongue out and tasted her mothers cunt.   Debbie moaned loudly and Amy could feel her mothers legs twitch so she started to flick her tongue on her mother’s cunt the way I had done to her.   Before long Debbie was hold her babies head and forcing her against her cunt as she came with a forceful scream.

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    I could feel myself beginning to build so I pulled my cock from Amy’s tight hole and moved it to both of the heads and started to cum… both Debbie and Amy opened their mouths to get as much of my cum as they could get.   She I lay there exhausted the two of them licked each other’s face sharing what was left of my juices.   As they lay on the bed, I gathered my clothes and dressed in the bathroom.   As I went to leave the house I looked in on them on more time to be sure I had not imagined all of this, and to my surprise. . Debbie was between Amy’s legs gently eating her little girl’s pussy. As I walked home, I could only wish my ex-wife had been apart of such an exotic sexual experience.   To this day I have not had another experience with either of them, and make it a point to walk by her house any time I have to go that way.