The Time Shifter Chapter 27


By the end of summer vacation, Sonny was making pretty goodprogress. He had a couple of major scales down and was able to playthem all over the neck. He had learned all of "Smoke on the Water"and I was beginning to show him fingerrpicking stuff using "Stairwayto Heaven" and "House of the Rising Sun" as examples. I decided toallow him to begin taking my Epiphone acoustic home so he couldpractice more, but only with the proviso that he would quit his joband then come over to my house right after school to do hishomework. Then I would let him practice on my black Strat. He wasmore than glad to ankle the fast food toil in favor of working onbecoming a rock star. He would go home for dinner and then comeright back to my place to play guitar, sometimes while he watched merehearse with the band. We let him play that famous DP song with usa couple times and the feeling of doing that definitely gave him anincentive to work hard at becoming an axeman.

There was also the macho factor. He didn't like it one bit that Icould run circles around him on the six string and sometimes hewould take it out on me in bed by fucking me really aggressively. Iwould have a couple of orgasms, but I would also be sore afterward.

The band did our scheduled college gigs that September, which was ablast. I admit that I went back to the dorm room of a couple ofstudents for a good old fashioned rutting. I knew at the time thatthey would be telling everyone that story if I ever became famous. But you gotta live life.

There were some great albums released over the course of the summer.

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  I had the band learn "Once Bitten, Twice Shyy" and "I Get SoExcited" off of Ian Hunter's debut solo opus, "Walk this Way,""Sweet Emotion" and the title track off fof Aerosmith's "Toys  inthe Attic" LP, "Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog," "Rock Show" from PaulMcCartney's "Venus and Mars" record, "White Punks on Dope" from theTubes' debut, "Shoot Shoot" and ":Let it Roll" by UFO from their"Force It" platter, and, from the first Rainbow album, "Man on aSilver Mountain" and "Catch the Rainbow. " Kiss finally released"Alive" and we learned "Strutter" and "Deuce," and from Ted Nugent'sfamous self titled effort we added "Stranglehold, "Just What theDoctor Ordered," "Hey Baby" "Motor City Madhouse" and"Stormtroopin. '"

In October, Rory Gallagher's "Against t the Grain" was put on themarket and we slotted "Souped Up Ford" into our repetoire andAngel's "The Tower" we picked up from their first release. And thenHeart's "Dreamboat Annie" hit the stores and we added"Crazy on You" and "White Lightning and Wine" from it.

In addition to all that, I learned pretty much everything off of thefirst Fleetwood Mac album with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

I suggested that we do a Deep Purple tribute show the first week ofDecember not just because we wouldn't be competing with big rocktours at that time (of which there weren't any), but the markedunhappiness with the Tommy Bolin edition of the band could be anopportunity. We would do the landmark "Machine Head" record in itsentirety

We decided to open with "HIghway Star" and follow it with "Hush,""Mandrake Root," "Woman from Tokyo," "Mary Long," "Pictures ofHome," "Lazy," "Mistreated," "Just Might Take Your Life,""Stormbringer," "Space Truckin', "Demon's Eye," "Child in Time,""Strange Kind of Woman," "High Ball Shooter," "Speed King," "WringThat Neck," "Flight of the Rat," "Hard Lovin' Man," "Black Night,""The Mule," "The Gypsy" and "Maybe I'm a Leo" for our main set. Forour first encore, we would do ""Never Before" and "You Fool No One. "For our second encore, we would do "Burn" and "Lay Down, Stay Down. Our third encore would be just "Smoke on the Water. " Thatwould be better than a two and half hour set. If they absolutelyinsisted we come out again, we would do "Man on a Silver Mountain"as a kind of recognition of where the creative force behind Purplewent.

I booked a couple of American Legion halls because I thought wecould sell a fair number of tickets doing this. As it would turnout, I wished we would have organized more shows because both of ourDeep Purple tributes sold out and we had to turn people away. Unfortunately, they would also be our last concerts with our thenlineup.

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   I'll talk more about that later.

Since  Pete was still going out with Lynn, I didn't sleep with himagain after they hooked up. Moreover, Sonny got himself a regulargirl, too, so my opportunities to ride that killer dick of his wentout the window. It's not that he didn't want to fuck me, it was thatI wasn't going to if he was already banging somebody else out offairness to her. He was still coming over for his daily guitarlesson and his playing improved bit by bit. For Christmas, I surprised him with a cheap Japanese Les Paul copyguitar that I had modified with better tuners and pickups so that hewould have something he could practice on at home as well as alittle Pignose amp.

In January,  1976, John left the band after auditioning with a groupthat already had a label deal and he got the job. The same thinghappened with both Cliff and Danny. None of those bands reallypanned out in the way of commercial success, but I was glad to seethem take the shot. John's girlfriend had been pressuring him toquit music and get a regular job so that they could get married andstart having kids. Once John was in that outfit, he dumped her fornot believing in him and good on him.

This left Joe, Pete and me in a quandry as to our future together. For now, we opted  to carry on without a keyboard player and beginauditioning drummers and singers. However, I also told them to notpass up any good opportunities out of a sense of loyalty. I was justdoing the band for fun and enjoyed playing other people's songs andthat was all I wanted to do for the foreseeable future.

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   We alsodecided to stay a heavy rock band rather than a general purposecover group because it was more fun playing harder music.

Frampton Comes Alive hit  the shelves that same month and would goon to become the biggest selling album of all time. We learned "ShowMe the Way" off of it, but that was all even though we liked most ofthe songs on it. Unfortunately, they were just too lightweight forus. God bless Peter Frampton, though. Great guy, great player.

David Bowie abandoned his flirtation with R&B and went back to amore art rock approach with "Station to Station. " The three of uslearned the title track while I personally also added "TVC 15" and"Stay" to my personal assortment of tunes. We also added theOutlaws "Green Grass and High Tides. " From there, we went on anAllman Brothers binge, too, because their music was so tasty. Ipicked up all the albums before Dickey Betts left to form GreatSouthern and we set about endeavoring to nail material from them.

February also came and went, but first not without Lynyrd Skynyyrdputting out "Gimme Back my Bullets,"  the title track of which weall thought was great and slotted it into our rrepetoirestraightaway. Also, the first post-Peter Gabriel Genesis album,"Trick of the Tail," came out and was definitely on a par with theirprevious records. We decided to learn "Robbery, Assault and Battery"and "Squonk. " It would be the last Genesis record I ever liked,though, since they went tto more of a corporate rock directionafterward.

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In addition, Be-bop Deluxe proffered "Sunburst Finish," and welearned "Fair Exchange," "Blazing Apostles" and "Ships in the Night"off of it. It was easily the best thing Bill Nelson's band ever did. Just about out every song on it was a gem.

The same week that the Be-bop Deluxe LP was in the stores, Joe wasintroduced to the sister of one of his music major classmates afterJoe had lamented that we were having a bad time finding replacementsfor Danny and Cliff. She was a vocal performance major, played pianoand admired Janis Joplin. Joe had her come to my house to try out. Her name was Jessica Cross and she was a big girl at about 5'9" and140 pounds with D cups and she had power to burn. Her phrasing wasstill raw and she had no idea at all, really, on how to look and actlike a rock singer because she'd mainly performed in school andchurch choral groups. Nevertheless, I couldn't pass up the challengeat turning her into one. Because she was only 19 she wasn't that setin her ways yet. So there was a lot to work with. Her voice had aslightly husky edge to it, but not that "smoked five packs a dayfor  40 years" Bonnie Tyler or Tom Waits sound.

I immediately made a bunch of cassettes for her of great singers. Ann Wilson, Tina Turner, Etta James, Billie  Holiday, Laura Nyro,Robert Plant,  Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Mahalia Jackson, B. B.

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  King, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Mamie Smith, Koko Taylor, SteveMarriott and yes, Steven Tyler and Paul Stanley, though the lattertwo for more how they comported themselves on stage than theiractual vocal chops and made her learn a song a day ffrom each ofthem and then had her do them for me the next day. I alsoiinstructed that no matter who you are in reality, you have to bebigger than life when you're on stage to get across to an audience. I took her to Hollywood and bought her a bunch of rock star styleoutfits and then worked with her for several hours a day on weekendson how to move, pose and command an audience. Her height had madeher feel huge and self conscious iin high school even though she wasactually very cute. I had to keep advocating for her to use it toher advantage. When I put her in black six inch platform boots shesaid she felt like Elton John in the "Pinball Wizard" sequence ofthe film version of Tommy, which was a pretty funny remark.

While I was relentlessly working on Jessica's approach, Joe, Peteand I were becoming frustrated with the aspiring drummers we wereseeing. Cliff set the bar high and we really didn't want to deviatefrom that standard. I started hitting the clubs in Hollywood againtrying to find someone I could poach. After a couple months, I hitpaydirt. At the Rock Corporation, I saw this totally crap band thathad a terrific skinsman and I buttonholed him after the show. As itturned out, the group he was in was based in the Valley, where hewas born,  but when his dad got a job at a different aerospace firmin Orange County, they moved to Lakewood to be closer to thatworkplace. The guys in his band were friends of his from way back,but he knew that it sucked and the schlep up the 101 freeway wasburning him out. Thus, he was quick to take my offer, especiallyafter learning that my previous drummer had been picked up by asigned act and that I had a rehearsal space in my house.

I called Pete the next morning and let him know that I had solvedour drummer problem.

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   We now had a complete group again. I bought aYamaha electric piano and amplification equipment for Jessica and anew double bass drum kit for the incoming percussionist, KellyHelton. We began  rehearsing everyday so that Pete and Kelly couldget into the pocket with each other. Furthermore, we had to exposeboth Jessica and Kelly to  the wide range of material we did. Kellyalready knew a lot of the Led Zeppelin tracks because he was a hugeJohn Bonham fan, as were most drummers of that era. He still wasn'tas loud as Cliff was, which made rehearsing with him morecomfortable than with hiss predecessor.

In March, Kiss' "Destroyer" was out on the street and we learned"Detroit Rock City" from it. Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" appeared aswell and from that we  studied the title tune as well as "The Boysarre Back in Town," Cowboy Song" and "Emerald. " Then Led Zep birthedits "Presence opus" and "Achilles Last Stand" went into our main setstraightaway while we also . acquired "Hots on for Nowhere. "

Pete, Joe and I decided that to keep stretching Jessica out, so wewould schedule a Zep tribute show for August. I asked Kelly if hecould hack playing three hours of that band's songs. "Fuck yeah,man!!" he enthused. Jessica wasn't so sure of herself and that wasthe point. She needed to have her limits pushed and forcing her toready herself for a concert was the only way to do it.

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   We gave herMondays and Thursdays off to rest her voice while the rest of us meteveryday. I suggested that she might want to begin running in orderto improve her aerobic health and stamina.

In April and May, Bob Seger's "Live Bullet" was issued and I hadeveryone learn Bob's cover of Ike and Tina Turner's "Nutbush CityLimits" as well as two originals of his, "Heavy Music" and"Katmandu. " Pat Travers debut surfacedand we llearned "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights). " From Rainbow's"Rising," we cadged "Stargazer," and we took Blue Oyster Cult's"Don't Fear the Reaper" off of its Agents of Fortune platter.

The first Ramones record saw the light of day and set off the punkrevolution, but it wasn't our style, even as great as it was.   Ialso obtained an import ccopy of AC/DC's "T. N. T. " and cajoledeverybody into getting the title tune, "It's a Long Way to the Top(if You Want to Rock and Roll)," "The Jack" and "Live Wire. "

The highlight of that month for me, though, was the release of UFO's"No Heayy Petting," an unsung classic album. We worked on the firstfour songs on side one and then "Highway Lady" on side two. "Howcome we're learning so many songs?" Jessica wondered. "Because thatis what cover bands do. We can't keep playing the same set yearafter year," I propounded.

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   In fact, we  mandated that Jessica wouldhave one month to learn the lyrics and vocal melodies to our setlist for the Zep tribute show as well as those for the 30 othersongs I listed on a piece of paper I gave her or she was gone. "Thisis how things are done in this band, babe. The question is if youwant it enough to display the dedication of a professionalmusician," Joe stated. She didn't  though, have to know the piano/keybyoardparts yet. We would give her more time for that. The same would holdtrue for Kelly. .

After concluding the rehearsal and sending Jessica and Kelly home,Joe Pete and I put together another setlist for our non-tributegigs. We would still open with "Now I'm' Here" and segue into "StoneCold Crazy," but then, after a break to greet the audience, wouldfollow that up with "Just What the Doctor Ordered" and Heart's"Magic Man. " Following another stage rap, we would shift into"T. . N. T. " and "Cowboy Song/The Boys are Back in Town. " Another briefconversation with the audience and then we would rev it up into"Achilles Last Stand," "Burn" and "Shoot Shoot.

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  " And so it would gothrough "The Ripper," "Hair of the Dog," "White Punks on Dope,""Detroit Rock City," "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)," "Katmandu,""Don't Fear the Reaper," "Man on a Silver Mountain," "FairExchange," "Gimme Back My Bullets," "Ridin' the Storm Out" and"Green Grass and High Tides. "

For our first encore we would do "Hey Baby" and "Smoke on theWater. " For our second it would be "Doctor Doctor" and "Free Bird. If they still wanted more we would do "Rock and Roll All Nite" andthat would be all.

In the midst of all  this work, my pussy was being relegated tosolitary confinement in my panties except for occasional visits bymy fingers while I recalled the amazing sensations and emotions Iexperienced when Jim fucked me. Everybody I knew had a girlfriendplus my entire social life had revolved around the band for the pastfew months. Fortunately, it was now June and the weather was quitewarm. I started slipping on a t-shirt and shorts over bikinis andgoing to the beach every morning to lay out, take long walks and doa spot of swimming before returning home to eat dinner and rehearse. When school was out, I began inviting Jessica to go with me and itenabled us to get to know each other on a more personal basis. Wecommenced jogging down by the waterline every morning and then welaid out to work on our tans before returning to my place topractice. Jessica's long fingers felt great when she oiled my bodyup with sun screen and I certainly enjoyed doing it for her. Iwanted to make a pass at her really bad, but I did give her lots ofcompliments on her looks  like, "I wonder how many guys' eyes arefollowing you right now. " "Those eyes are probably for you, Melody,"she  modestly retorted. I couldn't just come out and say I wanted tobury my face in her pussy because, back then, hetero chicks wouldhave flipped out if they thought their friend or coworker was gay orbi. I didn't want to end up chasing her out of the band if shewasn't into girls.

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   The other thing was that I didn't want arelationship, just some recreational sex.

Since Pete, Joe and Jessica now had their days free, we were able tomake it so that I now had my evenings largely to myself because wecould rehearse in the afternoons. That month, the debut from Starzcame out and I had the band learn, "I Pulled the Plug," a dittyabout euthanasia, as well as "Keep Pushin'" by REO Speedwagon fromtheir then latest opus.

By the end of the month, both Kelly and Jessica had learned all thesongs I had demanded and then it just became a matter of helpingJessica polish her stage presence. I took her out to my school oneSaturday morning in early July and had her stand on the stage of theamphitheater and work on that. I brought my Les Paul and one ofour mic stands with a mic. I ordered her to sing "Immigrant Song" asloud as she could wiithout straining her voice, something sheinitially expressed embarrassment about. I explained to her though,that if she was shy singing in an amphitheater of a totally emptyhigh school campus then what was she going to do in front of 200people? Run behind the amps and hide? She relented and for threehours I put her through her paces. It was fun hearing her leatherlunged vocals reverberate around the concrete and wood amphitheater. I did the same thing with her Sunday, too, and she was much morebrave and assertive that time and was getting the hang of it. Infact, I think she was getting off on hearing her voice come back ather.

When we rehearsed with the rest of the group later that day, I saw adifferent dimension of her emerge. There was much moreattitude and attack in her approach, as she finally seemed to begetting the message to either go balls out or go home. That night,she never went home, but not because of her improved stage presence.