Amelia - Chapter 3- The first day and her second hole


Topic: This is the third chapter of a 61 year old man seducing a young girl of 13 years.   He watched her growing up from a little infant and through all her stages of development.   He never had any sexual inclinations towards her when she was younger because he considered her his granddaughter.   This all changed however when he visited his brother in law one weekend and whether it was by accident or on purpose he doesn’t know, but as he was watching TV, Amelia entered from the lounge and as she entered she put her hands underneath her T-shirt and lifts it up exposing her two beautifully developed breasts.   They were exceptionally developed for a 13 year old girl and must be almost a B-cup with prominent nipples. It was only for a second or two but was long enough to give him an instant hard-on.   He was dreaming from that day every night of making love to Amelia. In the previous chapter she masturbates him to an orgasm which results in her getting some cum in her mouth.   To follow the story properly I suggest you start reading from chapter one. After a couple of minutes she lifts her face, looks at me and says,” What have you done to me? I have your come all over my face and also in my mouth.   I had no choice but to swallow it and what is your finger doing in my ass?”“Oh shit darling I couldn’t help myself.   I wasn’t even aware what I was doing.   All I know is that I wanted to give you also an orgasm.   I must have done it in the heat of the moment.   I am really sorry if I hurt you.   The come in your mouth and on your face is not my fault.

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    I didn’t tell you to put your face so close to my cock but tell me how does it taste?”“No you didn’t hurt me.   As a matter of fact it increases the intensity of my orgasm.   Just as my orgasm started I could feel your finger penetrated my ass.   Oh fuck what a feeling.   I didn’t know you can also use your ass for sex.   As far as the come is concerned the taste is a little bit salty but I must say I rather enjoy the taste. ”“Yes little one, you can use all your holes cunt, mouth and ass for sex.   It all helps to create variety.   I am very glad that you like the taste of cum because oral sex is also an option, that is sex with your mouth where you stimulate and fuck your partner with your mouth and I can come in your mouth and you will have to swallow my come. ”“What, do you expect me to put your cock in my mouth?  You’ll have to wash it very clean before I am going to do it.   Why did we stop fucking?  I am in the mood again for another round of fucking. ”“You will have to wait your sex maniac.   A man differs from a woman in the sense that when he has come he has to wait a while before he can get his cock hard again.   The older he gets the longer it takes.   As far as the cock sucking is concerned you will have to wait and see little one.

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    You will love it so much that you will beg me to suck my cock, or as we name it, to give me a blow job. ”“We’ll have to see about that but I have to go and clean my face.   I can feel your come running down my face.   Yes, I can see a man needs time to recover.   Your cock is now flaccid and not big anymore.   As a matter of fact it almost looks pathetic.   Is this how he looks normally?”“Yes, but before we go to shower I first want to kiss you again.   I enjoyed kissing you so much I just want to go on doing it. Bring your face closer to mine so that I can reach your lips. ”“But my face is still full of your come and it is even running over my lips.   You will smear your face with your come. ”“I don’t mind.   I’ll even clean your face with my tongue and afterwards we can go and have a shower. ”“You’ll eat your own come?  Do you like it?”I don’t know I have never tasted my come.   Now is a good time as any to taste it.

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    Come on get closer so that I can kiss you.   Why don’t you get on top of me so that we are close together and enjoy our kissing more?She doesn’t need a second invitation and in no time is she lies on top of me with her lips on mine.   I immediately taste my come as her lips are covered with it.   Mmmm it tastes not too bad.   It is a bit salty but otherwise quite acceptable.   I think I will love eating my own come. I put my arms around her, push her against me and start kissing her.   Her mouth opens beneath mine and I feel her tongue enters my mouth and her lips moving beneath mine.   Fuck, but she has quickly caught on how to kiss.   She moves both her hands to the side of my face and moves her lips around mine while continuously moaning’ “Mmmmmm, mmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhh. ”  She also keeps rubbing her cunt against my now flaccid cock as if she wants it to get up again. I move my lips from hers and start to lick all my come off her face.   I move my hands down her body and slide my one hand between our bodies until I feel her cunt with my middle finger.   I move my other hand down her back and over her bum until I feel her asshole with my middle finger.

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    I slowly move the one finger between her cunt lips and into her wet hole while the other one, after I wet it in her cunt, simultaneously penetrates her ass.   “Oh yessssss!!! Again.   Please fuck both my holes again!” she shouts and forces her cunt against my hand to get my finger in deeper.   My god but she as a sex maniac.   If she wants to get fucked who am I to refuse her the pleasure?I tell her to turn slightly onto her side and to lift her top leg to expose her cunt so that I can have easier access.   She turns her lower body sideways and lifts her leg and suddenly her cunt is there for me to play with unhindered by anything. I remove my middle finger from her ass and she just wants to moan when I replace it with the thumb of my other hand and pinch my two fingers together between her cunt and ass while slowly moving them in and out.   I slowly move my other hand up her body and when reaching her shoulder I move my hand between our bodies until I have her one breast in my hand.   I start to play with her breast and roll her nipple between my fingers. “Yesssss!!!!!!! Oh yessss!!!!!!  That is so fucking nice.   Fuck me yesssssssss fuck me!!” she moans as I carry on fucking her cunt and ass with my fingers and playing with her breast with my other hand.   She moves her lips to mine and starts kissing me like I was never kissed before. Suddenly she turns completely around so that she is lying on her back.   I tell her to move her hand down to her cunt and rub her clit which she does and she enjoys it so much that she suddenly splays her legs wide open and shouts,”Oh my fuck what are you doing to me Hendrik! Fuck my cunt and my ass!!! Make me come!!  Oh fuck I cannot take it anymore.   Oh my shit I am going to come!!!!  Fuck me faster and harder!!  Fuck my cunt and ass.

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    Oh my god I’m comminngggggg!! Yessssssss!!!!!!!!  Ohhh yessssssss!!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”I carry on fucking her because I know she is multi orgasmic and I want to see how many orgasms she can manage.   She also carries on stimulating her clit and it isn’t long before she has her second and just a short while later her third orgasm.   Each one more intense than the previous one.   Still I don’t stop but carry on fucking her cunt and ass with my two fingers. “Oh fuck Hendrik what are you doing to me.   You are going to kill me.   I cannot take it any more.   Oh again!!!!! Yesss!!!!!!! Oh Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!! Ohhh Shiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! I’m dyinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she shouts and falls back against me. She just lies still and doesn’t show any reaction on my playing with her cunt.   She has also stopped playing with her clit and her hand is just lying on mine.   Four orgasms, that is not bad.   I lift my face and looks at her.   She lays dead still with her eyes closed and a smile of satisfaction on her face.   She remains like that for at least 5 minutes before she eventually gets of me, kneel next to the couch and says,” Oh Hendrik you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.   I didn’t know anything in life could be so fantastic.

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   Oh thank you so very much.   I will do my best to make these two weeks just as good for you,” she says and put her hand on my cock which was half mast again, “Oh and I see he is not so calm anymore.   Your fucking me must have done something to him. Come let’s go and shower maybe it will kick him into action again. ”“Before we shower I just want to have a good look at you naked.   We have been so busy that I didn’t have time to look and admire your body.   Come on stand up. ”She slowly stands up with a blush on her cheeks, with her hands behind her back and her legs wide open. “Like this?” she asks. “Yes, oh my but you are beautiful you know.   You are really built to be fucked.   When you are a little older, say 16, the boys will kill each other to date you and get inside your pants. ”She is a sight to behold.   Lean without an ounce of fat with a body, although not fully developed yet, already ripe to be fucked, and those breasts!  They are definitely a B-cup with the nipples standing upright at least a ½” long and begging you to play with them.   The legs apart and the sparse pubic hair give me almost a bird’s eye view of her cunt.

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    You can just see the start of her slit with the beginning of her prominent outer lips.   Let me tell you this will be a cunt to fuck when she is fully developed.   Boy that cunt will swallow you completely.   Looking at her and remembering what I did to it just a couple of minutes ago and what I am still going to do it in the next couple of days gives me another hard on.   I quickly jump of the couch, take her hand and pull her towards the shower. “If you think I am ready to fuck why you don’t then make use of your hard and ready cock,” she says as she grabs my cock and starts walking with me to the shower.   I put my arm around her shoulder and take her breast in my hand and plays with it while walking. “Because you still have a lot to learn about sex before we do the ultimate act,” I say,” and we have enough time on our hands not to rush it.   You may get so fed up with me that you don’t want to fuck me anymore. ”“Never, no way will I get tired of you or your cock. ”On reaching the shower I adjusted the water and both of us enters and started washing each other from our heads down to our toes.   We give particular attention to our genitals as it is very enjoyable and also needs to be very clean for our next round of sex. To be continued……… 
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