Aunt, Daughter and Maid Part 1


Aunt, Daughter and Maid Part 1When I was around 14, I used to spend my school holidays at my aunts house. My aunt, her daughter who was 16 and her maid who was in her 30's used to live in the country where I used to love to stay. My aunt is widowed and is quite beautiful. She has short hair which is jet black. Her skin is so nice that she looks like a woman half her age. She is quite short at 5 ft 2 inches with a slight tummy. Her breasts are 32c and her ass is full and not plump at all. Her daughter bears a strking resemblence to her except her breasts which are quite small around 29b. The maid is an Indian lady with dark skin and long eyelashes. She has a full figure and wears saree most of the time. Her breasts are bigger than my aunts and her hips are wide as is the case with most Indians. One of the reasons I used to like being at my aunts is that being in a mostly female household presents with so many visual opportunities. My aunts name is Jane and her Daughter Jenny and the maid is Namitha. I have on so many occasions seen one of the ladies in various stages of undress. I would get so many opportunites to handle their underwear which used to drive me nuts. I had a curious habit which started when I was younger, to rub my cock against the pillow as I was riding a horse.

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   This gave me a lot of pleasure and I used to cum on the pillow. I could never grow out of it. This was how my Aunt found me when she accidently came into my room ! Damn! I forgot to lock it and I was startled to hear her voice that I fell off the bed. When I rose up she was standing in my room, her hand on her hips and with a look of disapproval on her face. I was in a Tshirt and underwear since I did not want to soil the pillow ! Before I could say anything, my aunt said, "What do you think you are upto young man?""I. . I. . am sorry aunty, I didnt know you would be back so soon" I said. "At least lock the door next time. I don't want Jenny to see this kind of thing ok?" She left the room without saying another word. I felt so bad about what happened and didn't talk much during dinner. My aunt behaved as if nothing had happened and she went out of her way to get me to talk. Namitha as usual was literally bending in front of me giving me the joy of looking down her ample cleavage. After dinner I was helping her do the dishes and she asked me why I was quiet tonight.

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   I told her the story and she laughed. "You mean you do it on a pillow ? Hahaha. . " she laughed so much that she almost broke a plate. I went to sleep early that night but could not relax. I kept thinking of what happened. Then I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and was surprised to see Namitha standing outside my door in a night dress that was cut low to show the swell of her dark breasts. "What are you doing here?" I asked her. "I came to see you do the pillow. " She said with a smirk. I tried to close the door on her, angry, but she would not let me. "I will scream if you dont let me come in. " she said. I let her in.

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   "So show me what you did. " She asked me, sitting down on my bed her neckline plunging further down showing her big breasts encased in a black bra. I felt my cock getting hard. "Please Sam, show me what you do with the pillow. I wont laugh at you. " She said. "Well what the hell! I will show you. You can laugh if you want to. " I said. As I took the pillow and put it on the bed and positioned it between my legs while i hugged another pillow and started to move rubbing my cock through my pyjamas on the pillow rocking like a jockey. After a few seconds I felt a hand on my back. Then a voice close to my ear. It was Namitha. "Do you want something better than that pillow Sam?" Namitha asked me. I could feel a tremble in her voice.

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   I stopped and nodded, unsure what to say. Namitha lay down on her tummy and patted her ass. "Rub yourself on my ass, but on one condition. You have to take your pyjama off. " I pulled off my pyjama, and then she lifted her night dress so her dark ass was bare. Then I positioned myself so that my cock was in the groove of her ass. Then I started to move hugging her hard, moving slowly at first. Her body felt so warm and nice and felt much better than a pillow. After a while, she made me stop. I could see that she was excited too. Then she turned and helped me put my cock between her thighs and pushed them close together imprisoning my cock. Then she made me move up and down rubbing my cock against her smooth thighs. It felt like heaven. Then she started to kiss my face and then without warning she kissed me on the mouth. I was getting close to an orgasm and sensing this she stopped me.

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   "Wait young man, why are you in such a hurry?" She asked, kissing my lips and pushing her tongue into my mouth. Then she pushed my mouth towards her breasts. "Please kiss them. " She urged as I licked the bra cup that was so thin that I could feel her nipples get hard. She was moaning now and I kept sucking her breast through the thin material. She could not take it any further as she ripped her bra off, uncovering her luscious breasts and forced me to suck it hard. I started pumping my cock again between her thighs. I could feel it rubbing against her pussy and the cock started to slide more easily as her pussy got wetter and wetter making a slight wet noise. She then reached between us and got hold of my 4 inch cock and started to rub the tip against her pussy where her clit is while not letting my face off her breasts. She continued to rub as I came all over her pussy but she kept on rubbing it and came soon after shuddering. We lay there for a minute getting our breath back. I was wondering how lucky I was to have a maid like this who would let me do stuff like that. She then pushed me off her and before I had time to react she started licking my cum off my cock. It was in a semi hard on state after the orgasm. Namitha kept licking off my cum until the most of it was gone.

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   Then she pushed her pussy to my face and made me lick my cum off her pussy. I didnt like it at first but the heat of the moment really helped me to lick it off. Then she kissed me tasting my cum again on my lips and then without a word she left the room. I could not sleep that night. I was so excited about what happened that I fell asleep well after midnight. In the morning, I was worried that it had been all a dream until I realised that I had fallen asleep naked. I went downstairs after a wash and was a little worried when my aunt gave me a funny look and asked me if I slept well last night. Maybe it was my guilty concsience that got the better of me. I was shy to face Namitha in the morning, but she acted as if nothing had happened and she was her usual self until I went to the kitchen to leave my plate when she made a playful grab at my cock. When I turned around I saw my aunt leaving the kitchen door. I was sure she had seen me. I was more worried that she did not say anything more about the day before. I was in half a mind to go back home before things got too complicated. But I could not leave this sexy Indian maid who was such an exciting creature to be with. Part 2 will follow.

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