The Walk after a Busted Date part 1 of X


It was a Friday evening about eight just before the sun was about to set on a pleasantly cool evening. The brisk air kept me comfortable since my body was a little warm from being nervous with the coming scenario. I was going to meet Phil, my date, as a hooker. We have been planning on this for a few weeks and our schedules finally matched enough to make it happen.

The club I was going to served a very eclectic clientele and right now, there were free line dancing lessons with the 70's top 40 songs. The Village People, to Sat Night Fever, Abba, and the Bee Gees were some of the groups. No doubt, some of the folks in there were just like me. A CD Milf on the prowel and were most likely going to get their prey. But crap, did the place have to be so popular? The nearest parking was 2 blocks East of the club. Not so bad though, I guess. After checking in the mirror to check and apply a dab of my red "fuck me" lipstick and any stray hairs on my head, I left the van and proceeded to the club.

"Relax," I said to myself. "Get loose, elbows in, knees in, sway the hips a little. " Something must have been right enough to elicit a short "Toot-toot" of a car horn as it passed me by. It startled me a little but only after I realized why, the first butterflies of the day took off. They honked at me for my looks.

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   To get my attention. Cool!

I slowed my walk down a little to see if I would get another before I made it to the club. I was walking with the traffic so they could only see me from behind. Sure enough there were more than a few toots get feed my ego. I wondered, "How many know what I am like under these clothes? I had on 3 inch black boots, fishnet stockings that were attached to garters under a black mini-skirt. The 3-4 length sleeve blouse had fishnet arm warmers as well as my 'net chemise was the same net as everything else. Black and white all around. I really did feel slutty and must have looked like a hookers that frequented this city. To be desired for sex in such a way, like an instrument to get off on, is a feeling that no other activity could muster. Kinda like when I'm in bondage and I couldn't do anything but take it like he wants me to. But here, it's alittle different. I'm meat just the same but literally, now just a tool.

Hey. Was that the same car that honked at me 5 minutes ago?

Not too many folks were out in this are since it was mostly an office like district during the day so I was a little nervous about the man approaching me slowly in front of me. He paused about twenty feet away.

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   He looked at me up and down. I managed a smile. He frowned and turned and walked away. I began to feel unwanted and ugly. Cold and alone. I hated that feeling. I was rejected like that before. They were expecting someone like Christy Brinkley with a little extra in the skirt and even though they get a pic of me before. . . . Grrrr! I pisses me off thinking about it.

Deep breath. Walk to the club. Easy.


   Easy. I think it must have parked 3-4 blocks away instead. Ah well. Another block to go.

"Toot-toot. " Startled me out of my wandering thoughts. I looked over and there was that same car again. I'm sure of it. It pulled up next to me matching my pace and I heard, "Hey Sweetie. You wanna take a ride with me?"

"Who me?" I said increduously.

"Yeah you. You're the only sweetness I see walking out here. Just a sec. " he called out as he pulled into an access alley in front of me.

There he was.

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   Blocking my way to my destination with my date waiting for me. Sure. Why not. See what he has to "Offer" and say I have an "appointment" with a client in a few minutes to get rid of him. Cool thing to do! I'm bein' the hooker I am goin' to play later. Except this wasn't play. This guy was for real. Deep breath.

I leaned onto the passenger window sill and looked at a cute younger guy who seemd a little nervous. Problably just as much as me. Good thing I was on the other side of the door so he couldn't see that my legs were visibly shaking.

"I need some directions. I need to get off at the I-69 highway and wandering if you could give me a hand? he said confidently emphasizing "Hand. " Apparently he has done this before with the smooth way it came out.

I stammered out something about my appointment and that I may be around later.

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   He just smiled at me as he pulled away down the alley onto the other street. That made me feel a little better than a few minutes ago when the other guy did his thing. Is this the way a street girl feels? The ups and downs of the customer rejecting or accepting you? I'm guessing it is.

Thirty minutes later after finishing my favorite shot, a lime gimlet, (A quarter lime juice and three quarters gin) I was still waiting for my date to show up. I must have looked interesting enough for a few guys would come up to the little table I was sitting at and ask if I would dance with them. I hate to see a guy's body just collapse a little like that when they get a "No" as polite as it was.

Another ten minutes later I beging to feel a little self-conscious. Nobody else came up to me. My date didn't show. A thousand thoughts went through my head. Was he like the guy on the street who just shook his head and walked away. A little lump formed in my throat and before I get all worked up about it, I headed to the door to go outside for a little fresh air.

"Ahh. I needed that. Freedom from the thoughts, the sights and sounds of the club, and a lungful of crisp air.

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  " I thought as I aimlessly wandered along the sidewalk. It must have been aimless because it was in the opposite direction from where I parked.

"Toot-toot!" said the car next to me as it interrupted my wanderings the another familiar voice said, "Your appointment over?"

It was the young man from before. He pushed the passenger door open for me and I heasitated. Frozen in time knowing exactly what this man wanted.

"Well? Get in. "

I did exactly that and after a few minutes of silence while driving down the street, he turned into a side street and to the back delivery area where no one can be seen from the street. My heart was aflutter and my mind was racing to keep up.

The next thing I heard from him was, "Can you give me hand with directions. I think I'm a little lost. " He peered at his crotch the right into my eyes then moved his seat back to give me the proper room to do what he, I think he wanted.

It isn't like this is the first time I have done this. Just this time, this guy think's I'm a hooker. A real one for sure! I better do what he suggests. I've heard stories of girls getting beat up for not going along and I don't have a Pimp for protection either.

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I unzipped his pants, and started to pull his cock out, which was actually pretty difficult because his cock was already hard and wouldn't bend much. As I was trying to work it out, he was responding by getting even harder. There. . . push his trousers down. . . to the side a little. . . watch the zipper!. . bend. .

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  . ahhh, success!

I finally got his cock out and started gently stroking him off. I was really trying to focus on the head of his cock, which was obviously extremely sensitive since a passing dry rub would make him jump. I deftly worked a bit of spit in my hand and used that for lubrication. Must have worked since his cock definitely kept getting harder as I played with it and worked on it, and I soon found myself wanting really badly to lean over and see what that big hard rod would feel like to suck on, and to have him cum really hard in my mouth. He just wanted a hand job so a hand job he will get, by golly!

He was leaking a lot (a lot) of pre-cum on my hands, and was definitely ready to cum. No more saliva was needed for this bad boy but I wanted him to get his moneys worth and so I slowed down to make it last. His ideas were different than mine! His hips started pushing and he got moaning loudly like a volcano's rumble before the eruption. His eyes were occasionally closing while I hept mine open staring at his rock solid hard meat in my hands. His hips were starting to push back and forth as he literally began to fuck my hands. I wanted so badly to suck on his super hard cock so I was trying not to let him cum while I was deciding what to do.

I realized we haven't said anything since we stared. I managed to blurt out just one thing, "Yeah Baby. Cum for me!" in my best fem sexy voice I can muster.

Not sure if that was the trigger but his cock let loose a gob of pre-cum over the back of my hands.

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   At that very instant, I made a decision. I squeezed one hand tightly on Jim's thick cock shaft and lightly grabbed his cock head with my other hand and started pumping really fast. He rolled flat on his back and started raising his hips off the seat as he got ready to cum.

I had also just made the decision to wrap my mouth around his huge cock and suck every drop of his load out but it was already too late. The very instant I started moving closer to his cock so I could suck him off, he blew the biggest load of cum that I had ever seen. There were cum spots on the car window (really!), the car door (I had at least some thought to not let him cum all over himself) there was cum running on my hands as I kept pumping, and by the time I managed to get his huge cock head into the my mouth, only a very few remaining slurps of cum continued to ooze out of his gorgeous big cock, which felt warm, huge, hard, with tasty goodness throughout flowing throughout my mouth. I sucked on him and played with him between my lips for a few more minutes before I went back to sit in my seat.

He let out a long and moaning sigh before he said, "That was fucking awesome. But dammit. I'm gonna have to was the lipstick off of my cock before I go home. The cum on the doorI can wipe off easy enough. Bu the lipstick is going to take some work. Get out of the car now and take our fucking money before I think about it too much and get mad!" He threw a couple of twenties at me and I didn't hesitate to exit like a tree, and leaf!

As I was walking back in the direction of the club, about a dozen blocks away by now, I was thinking, "Yeah, his girlfriend or wife would be pissed if lipstick would be found on his dick. Gotta to remember to do only what the guy asks next time. " Then I cought myself! "Did I say next time?" I did have fourty bucks to my name and a nice aftertaste of a hard cock.

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It wasn't long until I heard it again. . . "Toot-toot!"


(ps. I really like to role play and if you are somewhat local to me, leave me a message about this story if it gives you any ideas).