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Greece in the summer is simply fabulous. Beautiful sea, sunny beaches and amazing nightlife make Greece, and Thessaloniki especially, a wondrous place in the summer months and other seasons as well. However, if you’re a gentleman that seeks something more from his travels, we strongly advise you to try Thessaloniki escorts . Meet the girls that look like models and fuck like sex machines. You won’t regret making this decision as it will be a highlight of your whole stay in Thessaloniki.

What is the reason for Thessaloniki Escorts being so popular here?

Thessaloniki Escorts are not only a tourist attraction. A lot of people who live in this city have only the words of praise for these babes. If you try out this service, we guarantee that you will be one of them too. Escort girls here are real professionals that treat their clients with respect and care, providing them with the utmost satisfaction and pleasure. They are always on time, dressed elegantly and are up for any occasion.

What do these girls look like and how can I be able to contact them?

Only women who are beautiful and mighty attractive are available through this service. On the website you are able to look at each girl’s photo album to convince yourself about their looks. These photos are authentic, and there is no trickery involved. The girls really look like that, you can be sure of it. By clicking on the picture in a catalogue, you will open up that escort’s profile. Here you will be able to find physical information (height, weight, age), as well as contact information and pricing.

Does Escort News only exist here or can I use it somewhere else as well?

Actually, Escort News does not only operate in Thessaloniki. These is a vast number of Greek cities where you can find escort girls. These include Athens, Kalamaria, Chania, Heraklion, etc. And it doesn’t end there. The website allows you to contact escorts all around the world practically. On the left side of the homepage you will be able to see all the countries and the cities where you can find quality escort service. So if you had fun in Thessaloniki, make sure to use anywhere else the road takes you. Have fun.