Cheating With Sienna


**This story was orginal written by me on the website xnnx. com**

My name is Jason Randel, I’m 25 years old and I’m having an affair. You see, my wife and I’s sex life is boring. We only have sex once a week for maybe 10 minutes or so and then she goes to sleep. So a couple of months ago I hooked up with this girl from work (her name is Sienna) and my cock has never been so happy in my life. Unlike my wife, Sienna has perfectly round, big, c-cup breasts. She has a slender, tan body with nice curves and her ass is HUGE. Meanwhile, my wife has small b-cup breasts, is as curvy as a plank of wood and a flat ass.
Fucking Sienna has been the greatest thing in my life, and I’m pretty sure she agrees.
Anyway, back to the whole story. Today, Sienna came over my house in a short sundress that left nothing to imagination.
Her breasts bounced up and down as she walked up the stairs to my house. I rushed to the door and I could feel my hard-on rising in my shorts.
“Hey Sienna. ” I said, staring at her big mounds.
“Hey Jason.


   I see someone’s excited to see me. ” She said with a seductive smile. I smiled nervously and she stepped into the house.
“So, Jason, tomorrow, I have a huge surprise for you. ” She said, trailing her fingers down my chest. I could hardly focus on her words as she eyed my growing cock.
“Uh-huh. ” I said, as her fingers reached my zipper. She smiled at me and then pulled the zipper down.
“But it seems like your cock wants some pleasing. ” She said. While saying that, she slide out of her sundress and revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. I could only moan as she slid my pants down. I yanked my boxers off and Sienna smiled at me again.
“Let’s go to the bedroom.

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  ” She said. But I stopped her.
“No, I have a better idea. ” I said. I lifted her up bridal style and she wiggled, feeling my cock hit her ass. I carried her to the kitchen island and she grinned.
“Come on baby, let’s fuck. ” She said. She took my cock and wrapped her tiny hands around it. I moaned in bliss, loving the feeling of her fingers on my cock.
Now, I’m not trying to brag but, I have a pretty big cock. When erect, it’s 9 inches long and 2 ½ inches thick.
“I love your cock. ” She moaned before grasping my cock in her mouth.
I moaned loudly as she did that.

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   Her tongue felt so good on my cock. It swirled around and rubbed fast against it. She bobbed her head up and down and then began to massage my balls.
Suddenly I felt my balls squeeze and I moaned in her ear “Baby, I’m gonna cum!” Then my cock released my hot baby batter and she lapped it all up.
“Mmm, that was great baby. ” She said, licking the dripping liquid off my cock. I could only moan in reply and she sat up abruptly.
“I have to go baby. But I’ll see you tomorrow. ” She said, kissing me hard on the lips.
I returned the favor and crashed on her lips.
“Please stay. ” I whispered in her ear. I kissed her neck and she shuddered.
“Ohh babyyy.

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  ” She moaned. She wrapped her legs around me and I smiled to myself.
I thrust my cock into her wet, awaiting pussy and she screamed in joy.
“Harder Jason! Fuck my pussy harder!” she moaned breathlessly. I grunted in reply and smashed my cock rhythmically in her pussy. She moaned louder and louder and I felt her body shake.
“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’mmmmmmmmmmm cuuummmmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!” she moaned in my ear loudly.
I thrust harder into her and her eyes widened. Suddenly her whole body shook and her pussy engulfed my cock. I could feel her pussy juices running down my cock and all I could do was moan.
“Oh Jason!” she moaned.
I kissed her on the lips and then smashed my cock harder into her pussy. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and kissed me.
Suddenly I felt my balls tighten.
“I’m about to cum baby!” I grunted.

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“Mmm, Jason! I want you to shoot your sweet baby batter in my pussy. ” She moaned in my ear.
I felt my balls loosen and then I spurted my cum in her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and pulled me tighter.
We stayed there for a few seconds before I removed my cock from her pussy.
“Suck my titties, Jason. ” She said, jiggling her breasts.
I grinned and stuck my face in them and she moaned, rubbing her clit.
“Oh, right there Jason!” she said.
I suckled on her nipples and she moaned.
After a few minutes of this I tiredly sat at the kitchen table.
“That was great honey. But I really have to go. I’ll see you later at work. ” She said.

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   And with that, she kissed me, got dressed and left.
To Be Continued…