my roleplay to my girl

Erotic Novels

one day you were doing your housework mid-morning, your husband was at work and children at school. that particula day you were feeling especially horny and had played with your favourite vibrator earlier, giving yourself a strong orgasm, but u weren't satisfied and wanted the real thing.

as you were running yourself a hot bath the hot water suddenly stopped running altogether, feeling frustrated you remembered that a handyman leaflet had come through your door a few days earlier. you found it and called, i picked up and u explained the probem. i said was near you and could be there in 20minutes. you threw on your dressing gown and waited patiently on the sofa.

around 20minutes later you heard a van outside, you looked out and i got out the van, you immediately thought i was attractive but wanted the hot water sorting asap, i came in and slyly noticed your cleavage inside ur dressing gown, making my eyes bulge and my cock also. u knew i looked but didn't cover yourself over, enjoying the attention.

u explained the problem and i said i'd like to take a closer look, my eyes being drawn to your chest on display. u said but sort the bathroom 1st flirtily and noticed how i blushed a little.

u showed me the problem and i told u i can have this sorted within a few minutes, as i sorted the problem u asked if i would look at ur kitchen sink also as had been causing u a few problems too. i agreed no problem.

u answered the phone and told ur husband the problem but said u had called someone out and it would be fixed no problem, he seemed happy to hear it. when u came back the tap was running normally and i was nowhere to be seen. u heard me go into ur kitchen and try the taps downstairs. when u came downstairs i was lay under you sink tightening the nuts on the waste water pipe, my t-shirt was riding up, showing my hard abs to u.

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   ur eyes also moved down me to the large crease in the front of my jeans, ur pussy immediately became wetter than before, ur flicked ur eyes away as i shuffled out. u asked if i would like a tea, i agreed and u stepped over me to run the tap to fill the kettle, as u did u purposely stood open legged to allow me a perfectview of ur moist pussy.

u knew i was looking so took far longer than u needed, pretending to wash a couple of cups as u were there, loving the attention i was giving u.

as u walked away u notived how the crease from before was now a huge bulge that my jeans was struggling to contain, this only made u even wetter, knowing that u had made my cock go so incredibly hard in such a short space of time.

i finished the pipe fairly quickly but lay there much longer than needed as the view i had of ur legs in ur dressing gown was amazing, and the view of your pussy was just incredible. u asked if i was finished my drink and squatted down to pick it up, parting ur legs slightly so ur pussy was in full view and also allowing me a great view of ur large breasts. this only made my cock become harder than before.

as i moved out you were stood legs parted again, allowing me to see up ur thighs to ur perfect wet pussy. u saw me looking clearly at it and asked if there was anything u could help me with today, ur eyes drifting down to my bulging jeans. i immediately ran my hand up ur ankle, to ur knee and up ut thigh, stopping just short of ur pussy and running a finger through ur moist lips, making u gasp out loud, u opened ur dressing gown and it dropped to the floor.

as u stood there naked i kissed up the back of ur leg, reaching the top and kissin into ur ass cheeks, u open ur legs and allow my tongue to snake across ur wet pussy lips, making u moan out.

if u like so far let me know and i'll send you an amazing finale.