21st Birthday With Mom


A slow song from George straight came on and I asked her to dance. When I was younger we used to dance all over the house, it always made her happy. I led her by the hand out to the floor, where started to dance very slow. I could smell her intoxicating perfume and it was starting to make me a little excited. As we danced on she pulled me closer to her. I was so close that I could feel her large d breast pressed against my chest, and her swaying hips across my crotch. I'm sure she could feel my now rock hard penis against her through my tight Wranglers. I slipped my hands down onto her ass, now trying to see what I could get away with. She didn't even budge. The song was near over and she looked up to me and said, "I'm really drunk do you think you could take me home?" I answered with a happyness in my voice, "I deffinately will mother!" We parted from eachothers arms and headed for the door. Once outside I Grabbed her by the waist and started to guide her in the direction of my truck. My truck wasn't far so we got there quick. I opened the door for my mom and helped her into my lifted truck. I shut the door and walked around the truck to get in. When I got inside she was already possitioned in the center of the seat. I fired it up and it let out a roar.

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   My mother proclaimed, "I have always loved your truck, it's so beefy and if you ask me sexy!" I was pulling out of the parking lot and my mother took it upon herself to place her hand on my thigh and rest her head on my shoulder. I could smell the shampoo she use to wash her long red curly hair. It was the most wonderful smell. We quitly drove home with her still in the same position. Once we got home, like a gentlemen helped her out of my truck and into the house. We sat down on the couch and I turned on the t. v. I tuned to a softcore porno. This wasn't unusual for me to watch porno around her. Eversince my dad left we have been very open with eachother. After about 5 minutes of quit she aked me, "Do you think I'm attractive?" I looked over at her, her large breast climing over low cut shirt. I answered honestly saying, "You are one the most beuatiful women I have ever seen. " I examined her a little closer noticing her black mini-skirt was hiked up exposing the full length of her long smooth legs. Her deep green eyes were now staring deep into my eyes. That's is when she said the most mind blowing thing I have ever heard her say.

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   She asked, "Do you ever think of me sexually? I always think of how you long, thick, hard dick would feel in my pussy. " Astonished, I replied back with, "I have always wanted you. " Thats when I worked up the courage and leaned over and kissed her. This was no mother, son peck. I could feel her toungue massaging mine. As we kissed I started to undress her. I pulled her shirt up over her head, leaving the black lace bra to continue to press her ample breast upwards showing more cleavage than I have ever seen. She lifted her hands up to my button up shirt and tore it off me quickly pulling it off my body. As she reached down to undo my belt and my pants I yanked down on her skirt, pulling it off her body. I started to venture my way down her body kissing every inch of it until I reached her red, nicely trimmed bush. I put my hands on the inside of her thigh and spread her legs wide open. I planted my face down into her moist pussy. I reached inward with my tongueand began a circular motion while I sucked on her pink lips. My mom started to moan and she forcively pulled my head deep into her pussy. I started to pull my pants down and off of me.

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   Her moans started to become louder and the preassure of hands on the back of my head pushed my face in deeper. She let out a yell saying, "Fuck me now son!" I unhessitatingly pulled my body up and reached down to guide myself into. I started to press in noticing that her pussy was suprisingly tight. I started to pound her when she stammered, "Go slow its been awhile and you're really big. " I started a slow sensual pace. I began to kiss her supple lips again and began undoing her bra. It wasn't long before I had it off her. She slid it off of her arms leaving me with those huge tits to play with. They were sagging off to the sides of her body a little. I reached down and grasped her right breast and pushed it towards the center of her chest. I was manipulating her rock hard left nipple between my fingers. licking her soft bikini tan lined breast was a dream come true. She was starting to loosen up as I continued to pump slowly, driving my dick deep into her wet pussy. I brought my head up to her mouth and began to kiss her passionately. With both my hands full of her breasts clenching them tightly I started to kiss and lick her neck and earlobe.

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   This was driving her crazy. I could her thrusting her hips into me harder letting me know she is ready to get pounded. I leaned up placing my hands on her shoulders I began thrusting as hard as I could. With every fast hard slide of my dick her moans became louder. She stuttered out the words, "Keep fucking me!Your my baby boy, I want you to keep fucking me!" Exciting me I found a little extra power to fuck her harder with. Her moans her now become full on screams of pleassure. Over her screams I said, "Tell me how you want it momma!" With that she leaned up and pulled me down so she could be on top. As she rode my long hard shaft, her soft, ample breasts were bouncing all around. I reached up and squeezed her nipples between my fingers. My mothers breathing became more iradict and her moans cut by her short breathes. I felt her whole body tense up as she let out one loud, lengthy yell. I felt her juices start to pour out of her over my dick and drip down onto my body. She slowed down her bounds and began to regain her breathe. She dismounted me and lowered her body. Slowly she lowered her mouth down onto my pussy juice soaked dick.

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   With dynamite skill she sucked the life out of me. I muttered, "I'm cumming. " She must have felt the first surge of my young cum and she lifted her mouth away from my dick. The second and third blast of warm, sticky cum landed on her face. She grabbed onto one her tits. While messaging it she ran her finger across her face brushing up the rest of my nut. She seductively licked my man juices off of her finger. Laying back away from me on the couch she said, "I knew you would be able to please me and give me exactly what I need. I been waiting for you for along time now son. " Replying to her words that I most deffinately wanted to hear I said, "Growing up I knew the only women that would be right for me is the women I love most in this world, my mother. " We slept in eachother arms allnight. The next day we started the rest of our life long affair toghether. For the information of my readers this is a very real and true story. And I couldn't have asked for a better 21st birthday present. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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