David Wicker Chronicles Part IV


David Wicker Chronicles

Part IV


Kathy took her mother’s clothes up the stairs and put them on David’s bed.   She stopped and thought about everything that had taken place over the past week. She went from dating a normal guy and having sex with him, to being blackmailed into having sex with her younger brother over a drunken mistake. The worst part to Kathy as that she was actually starting to enjoy the frequent fuckings, she was glad that she was being pleasured so much.

As she walked into her mother’s room she wondered what David was going to do with all of the power he had over her and her mother. She already knew they would be naked in the house from then on, he had said so himself. But the first thing that came to her mind was now that mom was no longer in charge because of the power David had over her, where did Kathy fit on this pecking order. Was she above or below her mother?

She gathered all of her mother’s panties and bras and walked them over to David’s room and dropped them on his bed. She then walked over to her own room and stripped down out of her clothes and threw them on the bed. She was starting to get wet with anticipation from what David was going to do next.

As Kathy walked down the stairs, as naked as the day she was born, David was sucking on and fondling his mother’s breasts.   She figured now was as good as a time as any to ask her question.

“Um, David?” Kathy asked shyly.

David stopped sucking on his mother’s tit. “Yeah?”

“Well, while I was upstairs a thought came into my mind, now that you are over mom in this house now, where do I fit in? Am I over or under mom?”

“Well, I really hadn’t thought about it that hard. But how’s this, at the end of the week I will make my decision.

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   The woman to pleasure and treat me the best, and the one to obey the best will be over the other. ”

“Wait one second. ” His mother chided in, “are you saying I have to compete with my daughter in pleasuring my own son?”

“That’s right. But here’s the catch, the person on the bottom has to eat separate at all meals and while I am eating will be servicing me orally whenever I want. They will remain under the table and whenever I say ‘suck’ they suck. Now you both have incentive to be the best you can over this next week. ”

Rebecca just sat there taking it all in. She woke up this morning eager to cook a nice breakfast and have a nice day with her children. Now she is sitting naked at her kitchen table with her son sucking and fondling her tits, and now learning she is in a sex competition with her daughter.

“So what now?” Rebecca dared to ask.

“I’m glad you asked, Kathy, go get my camera. ”

Kathy ran up the stairs into David’s room to grab his camera, she knew exactly what for.

“What do you need a camera for?” Rebecca asked.

“Don’t be stupid,” David said, “now, when she comes back you will give me head and she will take pictures of it.

If you disobey you automatically lose.

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“I WILL NOT!” Rebecca said, as though she had authority.

“Yeah you will. ” David said calmly in return.

Kathy came back down the stairs with his camera, her tits bouncing with every step she took. David explained what was going to happen and that she had to make sure he couldn’t be identified in any of the pictures. She said she understood, she was determined to win this competition.

“Now bitch, get on your knees and suck me clean. ” David said to his mother.

She thought to protest but realized that she actually had to win this contest or she would be stuck doing this all of the time no matter what. She slowly sank to her knees; David was standing with his cock out proud in her face. She slowly raised her hand to grasp the base of his dick. The last time she gave head was 8 years ago when her husband left. She brought her mouth to the tip of his rock hard penis, she couldn’t believe it but she was actually getting wet.

“Make sure you get a picture right when she puts it in. ” David told Kathy.

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Rebecca placed her lips around the tip of her own son’s penis for the first time, but definitely not the last. She started to bob her head back and forth on his dick. After a while she started to pick up the pace. For David the feeling of his mother’s mouth on his dick was amazing, she was much better at blowjobs than Kathy. Soon he started to feel like he was going to cum. Rebecca pulled off and started to just jack him off. She was going to let him cum on her face.

“You better suck me dry and swallow if you know what’s good for you. ” David said quickly.

Rebecca immediately got back on his dick and he started to spurt right then. It was one of the best orgasms yet for him. He held her head on the sides and face fucked her until he was done shooting his load deep into her throat. He let go and she milked out the last few drops on her own.

“Oh, I see you’re getting into this competition already mom. Kathy, looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you.

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  ” David said as his mother got up from sucking her own son’s cock. .

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