Little Sis and I Part 4


Billy and his sister continued making out when all of a sudden they heard a car pull up in the driveway.
“Shit!” Billy said, “It’s been two hours already?Phoebe, go take a shower and I’ll clean up here. ”
Phoebe ran across the hall to the bathroom and started the shower. The warm water felt good on her slim frame. She used the shower hose to massage her burning asshole. It helped a little. When she was done she got out and noticed “no towels!”Someone had put them all in the laundry and not replaced them. Now what?“I guess I’ll have to make a run for it to my room. I hope Dad is still downstairs,” she thought to herself.
She opened the door and started to bolt – right into her father.
“Phoebe!What the hell are you doing running around naked?” he asked in a loud tone.
“Sorry daddy, we don’t have any towels in the bathroom. ”
Looking at his daughter who will be turning fourteen in just one month, he had not realized that she was indeed becoming quite grown-up. Her budding tits were maturing fast but she did not have any pubic hair yet?“She can’t be shaving at this young age, can she?” he pondered. Her mother shaved so maybe she got it from her. “No sense asking now,” he thought.

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“You are almost a woman now. You are not a little kid who can run around naked. How about if your brother saw you?And you know, your cousin Kyle is staying over next week so I think we better make sure there are towels before taking a shower, right?” he stammered.
“I’m really sorry daddy, it won’t happen again,” she sheepishly said.
“Ok, go to your room. I’ll make sure Billy doesn’t come out of his room until you are in yours. ”He followed her with his eyes and could not keep them off of her beautifully shaped petite body and firm athletic ass. All of a sudden he felt a tightening in his pants. “What the fuck?” he muttered to himself. “I’m getting a hard-on looking at my daughter!What am I, a pervert or something?”But he knew that any man would have lust for his lovely daughter. Just because she was from his blood did not diminish her beauty.
Later that night, Phoebe snuck into Billy’s room.
“More presents?” Billy grinned.
“No, this is serious! Dad saw me naked and I swear he got a hard-on!”
“No way, it must have been your imagination,” Billy replied.
Being pissed that Billy did not believe her, Phoebe said, “OK, but it’s true.

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  And no pussy for you tonight. I’m mad at you. ”With that, she went back to her room.
Kyle, their cousin was going to stay over for a week because his parents were going on a cruise. Phoebe liked Kyle and thought he was cute. Kyle was to sleep in Billy’s room; Billy getting a sleeping bag and Kyle on the bed.
The first day, Billy and Kyle talked about girls and sports. With the talk of girls, Phoebe’s name came up. Kyle asked him if she had a boyfriend or anything.
“I don’t know of any boy friend. Are you interested in her?She is your cousin you know. ”Billy said.
“Second cousins, cuz. I think it’s OK maybe to make out a little or something,” Kyle said.
“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

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  I don’t know how experienced she is really” Billy said, not even giving a hint that he has been fucking her every day for the last six months.
The next day was a school day and Billy stayed over a little to talk with his buddies. He came home and walked in his room as usual. But there was something unusual happening on his bed!Kyle had a huge hard-on and Phoebe was sucking on it like the pro she was. Both were naked and sweating profusely.
Kyle bolted off the bed, tried to cover his boner and said “Oh shit!” before Phoebe could calm him down.
“You didn’t tell him, did you?” Phoebe asked Billy.
“Well, I thought it was our little secret,” Billy grinned.
“Tell me what?” Kyle asked.
“Well, Phoebe and I are kind of ‘close’ if you know what I mean. Probably ‘closer’ than most brothers and sisters,” Billy said.
“You mean she gives you blow jobs too?” Kyle naively inquired.
“And more,” Phoebe interjected with a smile on her pretty face.
“No sense just talking, you guys started this party so let’s keep it going,” Billy said as he took off his shirt and pants. Seeing Phoebe naked always got him instantly hard and seeing her giving a blow job even got him more excited.

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  His hard wood popped straight in the air as he took off his briefs.
“Kyle, just relax and get back on the bed and let Phoebes do her work. I’ll take care of her backside,” Billy said.
Kyle slowly got back on the bed. He had become a little limp because of all of the excitement but Phoebe soon remedied that and continued her oral expertise. She sucked on Kyle’s dick and had her ass in the air ready for anything. The most beautiful holes in the world were in front of Billy now. He spread her soft labia lips open. She was already glistening wet inside her cunt cave, but he decided to lick inside of her anyways. He loved how she tasted. He moved to her clit and tongued it for a while. She moaned and climaxed, her pussy literally dripping with her amble young cunt juices. Phoebe was definitely wet enough for some fucking!
Billy took his hard rod and aimed it perfectly for her wet slit. He glided it easily past her soft young white pussy lips and into her vaginal cave. Phoebe was holding off making Kyle blow his load but it was not easy.

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  She said, “I want both of you to cum at the same time. I want to feel Billy’s load in me and Kyle’s in my mouth. ”
“Ok, Phoebes, I’m almost there,” Billy said.
“Damn, I could go any second,” Kyle said.
Billy could have lasted a lot longer, but he knew Kyle was about to burst his balls. It was always good to be inside of Phoebe’s hot wet cave, but having her also giving a blow job just made it that much sweeter. Even all of the months of fucking her, she was still very tight and nicely squeezed Billy’s cock with her young cunt muscles.
“I’m cumming now,” Billy moaned and let off multiple spurts of his hot jizz deep into her cervix. Phoebe felt his pulsing dick unleash his load inside of her and she shuttered and climaxed with him. At the same time, she expertly sucked Kyle’s dick so he exploded in her tiny mouth. His spew shot to the back of Phoebe’s mouth with a force that knocked her back a little. He had hit her gag reflex but she recovered as he sent more bursts of hot white cum in her wet mouth. Kyle had not beaten off for two days and now Phoebe had such a mouthful of cum that she couldn’t talk. She tilted her head back and took two swallows to finish it off.
“Damn, you had a fucking lot of cum!” Phoebe said grinning.

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  “But it tasted so good!”
Billy pulled out of his sister’s cunt and Phoebe sucked the remaining drops of cum from his piss hole and the sides of his rod. Then she fingered herself, getting more of Billy’s spew and her cunt juices to eat and enjoy.
“You guys have been fucking long or what?” Kyle asked.
“A few months. You are going to keep this quiet, right?”Phoebe asked. “I’ll make it worth your while. ”And with that she sat on the bed and spread her lean long legs wide open. She took her fingers and spread her cunt lips, exposing her clit and pink insides.
“It’s all yours for you silence. ”
Kyle just stared at her beautiful cunt, wide open, wet and ready for action. He could not speak but he certainly was getting hard.

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