Drugged By My Cum Chapter 1

Mind Control

I began going through puberty when I was 11 and with that came allthe usual stuff, rampant insecurity, the seemingly perpetualhorniness, the zits. When I entered junior high, I was short, barelyscraping five feet and had a little dick. Fortunately, I sproutedlike a weed and by the time I was a high school freshmen, I was upto nearly six feet tall, though thin, with uber long hair and aseven inch weapon. My skin had just about cleared up. Girls finallybegan looking at me and this is where this story begins.

Second semester of my freshman year, I managed to hook up with CathyBernardi,  a 5'3" brunette who was already showing C cups. She had areally cute face with a thin nose, brown eyes nice cheekbones andlips that weren't too thick or too thin. The first month we weretogether, we didn't do much other than makeout and grope each other. I began pestering her to give me a blowjob because my male friendshad bragged that they  had already had their cocks orally worked onand I wanted to join the club. We were at my house making out againsince my parents didn't usually get home until around six. I askedher for probably what seemed to be the millionth time  to suck meand this time, after exhaling in an exasperated way, she agreed.

I stood up, undid and unzipped my jeans and pulled them and myboxers down. She ran a finger over my already stiff pole like shehad never seen one before, which made me wonder. She grasped it andstroked it a few times before running the tip of her tongue up anddown the underside of it a few times. She drew it into her mouth. Fuck, just that felt amazing, the best sensation I had everexperienced in my life to that point.

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   I moaned as I enjoyed her softlips cruising up and down the full length of my manhood (boyhood?),me leaking precum on to her tongue.

As she continued to pump her piehole over my penis, it becameincreasingly sensitive and my balls were roiling like amotherfucker. I suddenly felt compelled to grunt hard and then Ispewed my semen into her yapper without warning. She pulled off of my prong like shehad felt an electric shock and held it in her mouth trying to decidewhat to do with it. "Swallow it!" I pleaded. For  whatever reason,she decided to accommodate me and gulped it down. I was stillpanting when I saw her eyes glaze over. She let out another longbreath, though it didn't appear to be in exasperation, but rather,in pleasure. She had this enigmatic little smile on her face and hereyes were a little lidded.

"Are you alright?" I asked. She giggled and said she was. I pulledmy underwear and pants back up and sat next to her. We startedkissing again and I unsnapped the button on her pants. I pulled thezipper down and snaked my hand under her blue panties. She had neverallowed me to do this before.

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   Whenever I'd try she would slap myhand away. She was moaning into my mouth as I continued to kiss her,obviously loving the deep kissing we were doing. My hand reachedher vulva and I definitely detected wetness. I pressed my middle andring fingers into her cunt and she moaned into my mouth again, onlythis one was more pronounced. I waved my fingers back and forthagainst the upper wall of her vagina and her ardor ascended steeply,causing her to gasp rapidly and then cum so hard she dug her nailsinto my biceps as she sought to brace herself against me.

I kept it up and the orgasms came on only about two minutes apart. "You want me to stop?" I questioned. "No," she breathily respondedand I sat there as I watched her writhe and twitch over and over. Iwithdrew my fingers and tasted them. It was yummy. I was hard as arock, though, and wanted to fuck her. However, I also didn't want toget her pregnant. So I dropped my pants again and she didn't resistas I slipped it into her mouth. The weird thing, though, was thatshe just held it in there, sucking on it like it was a piece ofcandy. That felt great, but at that rate, it was going to take allday for her to get me off.

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   "Come on babe, suck it!" I demanded. Herhead started moving back and forth at a medium tempo, so to helpthings along, I grabbed both sides of her head and skulfucked her. Again, she didn't object and I eventually spooged another load of mycream between her lips. This time, she swallowed it almost like itwas a reflex.

My fuckstick exited her cakehole and she just smiled wanly as itdid. She appeared to be high while she sat there with her top,panties and trousers open and her bra unhooked. I looked at herlike, "wtf?" She let out another wistful breath. "Hey babe, youbetter get dressed. My parents are going to be home in not toolong," I informed her. Robotically, she fixed her bra and top andrestored her modesty down below. She plopped herself against theback of the couch and just stared into space exhibiting that vacantexpression. She definitely couldn't go home this way or her parentswould think she was on something and blame me for it. I took her bythe hand and led her outside, where we walked around for a while. Unfortunately, her familiarity with reality didn't improve that muchby the time I had to take her home. We got within about three housesof her place and I told her to return to her residence.

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   I watchedher go through her door and then walked quickly away.

The next day at school, she was normal, but she had been put onrestriction for a month for coming home high and wasn't allowed tosee me ever again. She couldn't figure out why she was beingpunished. I asked her if she remembered giving me two blowjobs theday before and she vehemently denied she had. I was really, reallyconfused. "Do you remember being at my house?" "No. I rememberleaving school with you and then waking up this morning. " "That'sbizarre," I asserted. "After you gave me a blowjob, you looked likeyou were high," I started. "I didn't give you a blowjob! Stop sayingthat!"

So for a month, we could only see each other at school and on thewalk home, which really sucked. The day after she got offof restriction, she was back over at my house even though she wasn'tsupposed to be. But her parents were still at work. "Hey babe, sincewe were apart so long, how about you give me a blowjob?" I grinnedwickedly. "Jesus, Steve, what is it with you and blowjobs?" "Come onCathy, all the other girls are giving them to their boyfriends," Ireasoned. "Oh alright," she caved.

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Like the previous time, I rose off the couch, dropped my shorts andbriefs and out sprang my sperm injector, which was already ready,willing and able. She gave it a strange look like there was somememory of it tingling in the back of her brain. But she encircled itin her palm and fingers and stroked it for a couple minutes beforeengulfing it with her mouth. "Oh fuck Cathy, Jesus!" I testified asI felt the pleasure signals she was inducing in me begin to pile up. God, the pressure of her lips, fuck, I just couldn't believeanything in the world felt better than this! She soon was moaning onit as she bobbed her head, causing me to expel my burden into heroral cavity. Automatically, she dispatched the wad to her stomachwithout protest like she knew she was supposed to do that. Just likelast times, within seconds, she had that euphoric expression on herface. She exhaled peacefully like pot smokers sometimes do when theyare feeling a rush hit them. "Are you okay, Cathy?" "Yes," sheretorted very placidly. "Did you like giving me a blowjob?" "Yes,"see slowly affirmed. I stared into her face and she was in outerspace somewhere. "Shit," I thought to myself. "I'll be lucky if herparents don't call the cops on me. "

Well, that actually happened. I took her home a few minutes later soshe could have a chance to sleep off whatever was causing her tofall into these states.

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   After dinner, the police showed up on mydoorstep, something, naturally, my parents weren't very thrilledwith. They interrogated me about what I had drugged Cathy with. I shot back, truthfully, that I hadn't slipped her anychemical that would cause her to react like that. Well, so I thoughtat the time. She couldn't remember where she was after leavingschool with me, like last time. They took blood and urine samplesfrom her, which ultimately came back clean. The rape kit they did onher also came back negative. So no evidence, no charges.

This experience chased me off of being with Cathy, so I broke upwith her. A couple months later, I started seeing another girl whowas in one of my classes, Marisa. Marisa was sexually easier thanCathy and within two weeks of our getting together, she was on herknees entertaining my main vain. She had dirty blonde hair andfreckles, total Nordic features, and was about 5'4" with B cups anda proportional body for her height. She was pretty enthusiasticabout giving head because she licked and sucked my balls in additionto her mouth touring the terrain of my thunderstick. It didn'ttake long for her to extract my manjuice from my nutsack. She tookit down her gullet and then there it was THAT expression.

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   What thefuck? I was panicking a little bit because she had a brother who wasa defensive lineman on the football team and he would absolutelybury me if he believed I was drugging his sister, forget about hermom.

I figured if I was going to get pounded I might as well get my fill. I pulled her clothes off of her, leaving her naked, and led her intomy bedroom, where I laid her down and ate her pussy. It took me awhile to get her going because I didn't really know what I wasdoing. By the look on her face, though, she was definitely diggingvisiting whatever planet she was on at the time in her head. After Imade her orgasm, I retrieved her clothes, had her get dressed andwalked her home. On the way, I told her to go immediately to bed andto tell her mom and her brothers that she wasn't feeling well. Ifthey asked if she had taken any drugs she was to say no. I savoredthe taste of her cunt on my tongue all the way home.

Well, now I had something of a pattern of behavior. When bothgirls swallowed my cum, seconds later, they were basically stonedout of their gourds. I knew that semen supposedly had a hormone init that gave them a sense of well being. At least that was what Iread on the web. Could my hormonal system be so out of wack due topuberty that I was basically overdosing them on that substance? Andjust how far did this affect brain functioning?

I had to find a way of really testing this out to see where thefrontiers of this were. .

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