Drugged By My Cum Chapter 2

Mind Control

On the way home from school the next day, I bought one of thosepackets of Oreos that had like six cookies in them. I also stole abox of condoms. When I got back to my residence, I jacked off on toa small plate and then dipped the cookies into the pool of semen. Iactually had to jack off twice to be able to cover them all exceptone. I let the cookies dry, put them back in their container andreglued the cellophane wrapper. I put them in my lunch bag andcarried them to school with me the following day. Marisa and I werejoined by her friends Melanie and Priscilla. As we left campus, Ipulled the cookies out of my bag, tore the packet open and gave themone each. The semen definitely altered the taste of the cookies, andnot in a good way, but they had bitten down into them already beforethey realized it and within seconds they were on the next train toZombie Town.

I led them to my house, where I removed all of their clothes as theyvegged on the couch. "How do you guys like being naked?" I posed. "Ohhhhhh," Melanie sighed, "it feels so good. " I was conscious ofthe fact that there may be a dosage issue here and they may not haveabsorbed as much of a quantity of the seminal hormones as Cathy andMarisa did when they drank right from the source. Whatever the case,it was fun getting an unobstructed view of Priscilla, who was halfMexican and half Asian with C cup boobs, and Melanie, who was slimwith large A's/small B's and a nice ass and legs. None of theshaved, but they kept their pubic hair neatly trimmed.

I pulled Marisa next to me on the couch and fondled her tits.

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   Westarted kissing and my righthand dropped down to push her legs openand finger her. I tried rubbing her clit like I had seen in internetporn and she moaned while her head fell against my shoulder. Theother two girls had their eyes closed and Melanie was unconsciouslyplaying with herself, which made my dick and balls do the tightenup. Marisa suddenly yelped and then quivered as her orgasm rumbledthrough her I slipped off the couch and I buried my face in hercrotch, which she applauded by pulling my head into her. Melaniewent off in a jumble of pants and obscene exclamations as her handfrantically spun on her clit. She let out a long, peaceful sigh,sinking into the couch to enjoy all the sensations she wasexperiencing at that moment.

Meanwhile, Marisa's stiff clit was being thoroughly abused/exploitedby me and she was treated to a heap of endorphins herself when herorgasm blew through her like a hollow point bullet.

I picked up their clothes and told them to get dressed, which theydid in a VERY leisurely manner as if they actually just wanted toremain naked. "How do you guys feel right now?" I questioned. "God,soooo good," Priscilla notified. When six o'clock rolled around, itappeared that Marisa and Melanie were waking up, but Priscilla waspretty out of it. I walked them home, giving Priscilla the samesuggestion that I did to Marisa the day before.

So there was apparently a dosage factor in play. I bought a Hersheybar because it was easy to open. I also got an eye dropper.

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   Sundaynight, I put two drops of my cum on each little square of about halfof it and then let the entire bar dry. Monday, when I brought Marisato my house, I broke off a square and gave it to her. Sheimmediately bit into it and in just a few seconds, she was under theinfluence of my spunk. She came out of it two hours later and shedidn't remember the handjob she gave me. I stopped her just before Iwas going to shoot so I wouldn't waste any of my jizz.

I also wondered if there was any hypnotic potential to this. Saturday,Marisa and I went to a local park , where I fed her another piece of theHershey bar that had a two hour dose of my baby batter on it. Once shewas under, I gave her the suggestion that she would only wear skirtsfrom now on and she was forbidden to wear panties. The next day, though,when I met her, she was in a pair of pants. Having prepared for thatpossibility, I fed her a piece of chocolate with a four hour dose in itand gave her the same suggestion. Monday morning, she wore a skirt, buthad also donned panties.

However, I did take her home and had her eat another two hour dose ofchocolate. We went to my bedroom and I deprived her of her clothes. Ipeeled mine off and then, as she sat up against my headboard with thatdazed look, I jammed my cock into her mouth and face fucked her, usingher lips and tongue for my personal pleasure. When I was ready tospooge, I pulled out of her yapper and splatted her face with myballcream.

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   She made no effort to wipe it off, so it just dripped downher cheeks and chin.

I scooted down toward the end of the bed and pulled her toward me sothat she was now flat on her back. I spread her legs and shoved my faceinto her drenched snatch. Her clit stiffened instantly as soon as Iflicked it with my tongue and, when I sucked on it, her breathingquickly accelerated. She came with a breathy scream. It appeared thatthe hormone in my juice suppressed all psychological barriers to herjust enjoying herself because I was able to bring her off at least adozen times before my cock was hard again. With the great taste of herpussy on my lips, I got up and rolled on a rubber. Marisa wasn't avirgin, so I wasn't expecting her to experience any pain, but when Ispeared her hole, she writhed and sucked air through her teeth, albeitin a dreamy way. I concluded that this might have been only her secondtime. I slowly leaned my beefstick in to the hilt and began thrusting. It didn't take long for her pussy to relax and in five minutes, hervaginal muscles were very pleasurably caressing my schlong and she wasseeing stars, her panting and gasping signifying that she was about togo over the edge again. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down toher as I continued to hammer my battering ram into her sacred gate. "I'mcumming!" she hyperventilated into my ear. I maintained the pace of myassault and her tender tissue comforted my root like I couldn't believe. She was soon gasping again and her vaginal muscles gripped me withalmost pulse like contractions as she traveled to the summit ofsensation yet again.

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   She continued to cum in what sounded likeexhilarated rushes and I was enjoying the sweet vice like feeling of hertwat sandwiching my tool until I couldn't hold out any longer andgushed my semen into my condom.

I withdrew from her slit and tossed the condom into my waste basket. "How do you feel babe?" "Ohhhhhhh sooo good," she moaned. Even though Ihad just used her for my pleasure, I envied her, too, since she was in astate of nirvana I would never know.

I had her put her clothes back on and I guided her back to thelivingroom. She was back to normal about half an hour later, butcouldn't remember sucking my cock or being fucked. That was my firstexperience with sexual intercourse, by the way. And it only made me wantmore.

After Marisa left, I went to the store and bought more candy. Reese'spieces, Reese's cups, Snicker's bars, Hershey bars, Mounds. They wereall just delivery systems for the hormones in my cum. I fucked  MarisaTuesday and Wednesday then I spent Thursday and Friday masturbating anddosing the candy and then regluing the packaging back together.

Saturday, Marisa and I hung out at the park again, going over there atabout 10 a. m. .

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   I fed her a Reese's cup that had a six hour dose smearedand dried into it. She embarked for fairy land seconds after ingestingit. "From now on, you will only wear skirts but no panties," I suggestedto her. We kicked back, her head in my lap, and exchanged occasionalkisses as I waited for the hormone to weaken and transport her back toearth. Once she was back in touch with reality at around four, we walkedto a nearby convenience store, where I bought us cokes, and then tookher home once I ensured she was lucid.

I  had dinner and then met Marisa again once she had eaten with herfamily. She had also changed clothes, from a pair of shorts into askirt. I brushed her skirt up in a joking way and there it was, a bareass. And she wasn't wearing a thong, either. She squealed when I didthat, but knowing that I had hypnotized her into this made me bone hard We parted a couple of hours later and I went home and had one of themost intense orgasms I had ever experienced when I stroked myself off.

Sunday morning, Marisa swallowed another Reese's cup with a six hourdose in it. I didn't want to have to keep feeding her candy to have herunder my control. So when she was floating through the ether, I gave hera suggestion that she would obey every order I gave her withoutquestion and she would feel a little pleasure jag when she heeded what Isaid. When she landed back on earth and I was walking her home, I toldher to show me what was under her skirt. Without so much as a peep, sheturned toward me and pulled the skirt up to show me her exposed busheven though we were on a public sidewalk (nobody was around, though).

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  "Hey babe, I want you to shave your pussy tonight. " "Okay," she smiled. Then she sighed in a very breathy way.   My johnson went right to fullattention again.