His Wishes part 4

Mind Control

Chapter 4

James woke up with the sun in his eyes. He had a wonderful dream, that he fucked his mom, sister, Dakota, Julia, Sandra and Mrs. Wolfe. Man what a dream that was. If only it was true. James was just lying in bed. He felt so tired. Now as his eyes were focusing on the wall, he found that his room looked a lot different. The walls were pink, and there were coats hanging from pegs, some bras and panties as well. That was when James realized that he was in his sister’s room. When he tried to get out of bed, he realized that his sister was sleeping right next to him all naked. For the first time in his life, James actually felt that his sister was cute. When she was sleeping she slept so innocently, but James was gonna change all that. Pulling off the sheets, James climbed on top of Christine. Positioning his dick right at her pussy, James inserted his dick. He felt that her pussy was tight but he was going to get used to it and Christine was gonna get used to getting fucked.

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“Good fucking morning indeed. ” As James was fucking his sister, he felt a hand reach up to his and drag it towards Christine’s tits.

“Please master, could you lick these for me?” Man he loved being called master. It was like the magical word to turn him on. James was mauling on Christine’s tits as she had her fingers in her ass. Taking this as a sign to be fucked in the ass, James took his cock out and began to fuck her pussy. James now had about 2 whole months to do this every day, maybe he could add some more slaves.

“Fucking slut I bet you enjoy getting banged by your brother…Christine I’m cumming!” James came inside Christine’s ass.

“Now lick all that out of your ass. ” Christine did so. She did it by lying down, then lifting her ass until it was above her face. With the ass above her face, Christine leaned up to lick it all out. James was watching her, taking pictures of Christine as she licked her own ass. Satisfied with the picture, James walked downstairs.

He had forgotten that he told everyone of his sluts to be naked because his mom was standing in the kitchen butt naked.

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   James at first didn’t see her tits, because she had her ass towards him but even her ass seemed so fine, that James wanted to sneak up behind her and just rape her.

James was about to do that but when he took the first step down the stairs, it made a loud creak making his mother turn. Both James and his mother were very shocked. James was shocked that his mother had no excess fat on her, perfect body with her 40EE firm not sagging. But Emma was also shocked. James was healthy and had a muscular body. He was 6’2 and he played soccer as a midfielder So he had a lot of stamina. He was not great at soccer, but compared to his teammates he was godly. So it didn’t take him long to be a starting player and to be the captain of the team. He wasn’t also ugly or handsome but somewhere closer to the handsome side. And there was a rumor that Hannah Wolfe fell in love with James while watching him play soccer, because whenever James scored a goal, he would take off his top letting the ladies drool while watching him reveal his six packs.

James now walked downstairs to his mom with his 8’ standing straight up. He knew that his mother’s eye was glued on his dick so he decided to tease her a bit. Walking up to his mom, James asked.

“Hey Mom, I was wondering if you could get me a house closer to my school? Could you?”

“Sure why not whatever you want, I’ll get it for you.

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  ” James liked what he was hearing.

“Oh thank you mom. ” And with that he gave his mother a full frontal hug but he purposefully positioned his cock so it would rub against her clit. But as he did so, Emma seemed to collapse. If James hadn’t been hugging her, she would’ve had a serious spinal injury. Sitting her down in a chair, James liked what he saw. His mother’s pussy was soaking wet, along with both her slender legs. James first didn’t know what happened until he realized that his mother was programmed to cum very hard whenever he touched her.

“Okay slut you won’t cum every time I touch you” James was afraid that he might cum his mother dry if he were to fuck her. Then James went to lick her thighs. As Mrs. Wellis gave moans of pleasures, she managed to say.

“M…master. . .

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  you have…a visitor…” Thinking that it was one of his slut, like Dakota, James walked into the living room. He was ready to fuck whoever it was with his 8” raring to go. Until he saw who was waiting for him in the living room.

It was Sam, actually Samantha, and she was dubbed “The Wicked Bitch with Glasses. ” She was 4’7 with 42DD, and there was no gossip that she didn’t know. She always had her hair tied in a ponytail, which was always pulled by guys, and always wore those thick glasses, which officially made her a nerd. She was known for blackmailing people to do stuff for her. One famous incident that got her famous was she blackmailed a starting quarterback from our football team to lose a games in which she gambled money on, and then she did some BDSM things with him like tying him up, and stepping on his cock, or whipping him. She also put them up on the internet thus making her infamous.

James knew that with her here it meant that something bad was going to happen but before she could do anything, James was gonna do something.

He saw Sam’s mouth open as she saw James walk into the living room, but she lost her words when she saw his dick. James decided to play with Samantha. Standing right in front of her, he started to jack off. He pretended to close his eyes and lean his head back but he opened them just a little bit to see Sam’s hand move towards her crotch. James started to pump his hands harder and harder.

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   And he saw Sam finger fuck herself. Opening his eyes, and looking at Sam he asked.

“Do you want me to stop? Is this bothering you?”

“N…Yes please. ” It was a miracle! He got Sam to say “please” but James had no intention of putting his dick away He had to have some more fun.

“Wait I’m almost done. ” And James pumped his dick harder and harder. Just when he was about to cum, he purposefully aimed his dick towards Sam and came all over her.

“Oh Sam I’m so sorry I didn’t know I was going to cum all over you. ” Sam had no idea what was on her face. But it looked the same as the thing she was outside near the pool. When James was done cumming, he decided to take a piss. Still aiming right at Sam, he did.

“Oh I am so sorry Sam, it’s just that I didn’t take a piss this morning. ” After pissing all over Sam’s shirt, skirt and hair, James made her stand up and started to undress her. He was too fast for Sam to react.

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   But Sam didn’t struggle. She was too confused to know what happened.

When she went to James’ house to blackmail him for failing grade 11 (nobody knows how she gets the information) she finds a mansion. Then she finds a pool in the front entrance with some white gooey stuff all over the deck. Then when she knocked on the door, Mr. Wellis was naked and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. She then saw James, also naked, who then jacked off in front of her and then pissing all over her body. And before Sam knew it James had taken all of her clothing off and handed it to Mrs. Wellis as he went upstairs to put something over his dick.

Sam was curious what the cum that James mentioned tasted like. Because the cum that was on Sam’s face was licked off by Mrs. Wellis. Sam just had her first kiss as Mrs. Wellis was licking Sam’s face clean, even inside her mouth. Sam looked around to see if there was any remaining cum that she could taste.

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   And to her relief, she found some on the floor that Mrs. Wellis didn’t see. Bending over, Sam picked up the gooey white stuff and ate it. It was a bit salty but it didn’t taste that bad.

Then all of the sudden she the taste of the cum in Sam’s mouth rang in her mouth. She looked everywhere to eat more cum but couldn’t find any. Then she heard footsteps coming back downstairs and to the living room. Sam tried to recover her composer, though still naked. When James returned Sam began to talk.

“I heard that you…” James had indeed covered his dick but it was covered in Christine’s pussy. James was doing the same thing he did to Sam as he did to his mother. He had lifted his sister by her legs, and was fucking her from behind, so Sam had a nice view of the two fucking.

Sam had seen Christine when she when to high school, and thought that she was one of the most beautiful person ever. She had big boobs, and whenever she bent over, boys would gather around trying to see her panties or her boobs. Personally, Sam idolized Christine and because Christine acted like a bitch but was still popular, Sam decided to try to be bitchy but she failed.

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   Sam did almost anything she was Christine do, trying to be as beautiful as her. But now with her clothe off, she looked even sexier.

Sam slowly walked up to Christine, very carefully reaching out to touch Christine’s tits. But to her surprise, Christine grabbed Sam’s hands and started to rub her tits against them. Then with her other hand, Christine brought Sam closer and began to kiss her passionately.

Christine was watching porn, naked, when her brother opened her door. He began to fuck her as hard as he could making Christine all wet. Then lifting her up, James told her that she will love to do a threesome just that one time. Christine licked girls pussies before, especially with Julia and Dakota, so she was didn’t care about a girl joining in.

Sam however, was confused. She loved Christine and her tits looked tasty but the dick in Christine looked tastier.

James had everything planned out. Before he came downstairs with Christine, she had actually given him several blowjobs so that her mouth was full of James’ cum. Ordering Christine not to swallow it, James brought Christine downstairs where she and Sam began to make out. As Christine and Sam kissed, Christine began to swap cum with Sam.

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   If someone was watching the whole thing from far away, they would have thought that Christine was throwing up in Sam’s mouth. Christine, after giving Sam all of the cum that she had stored in her mouth and letting her drink it all up, decided to play wrestling with their tongues.

James was watching two chicks swap cum when something caught his eyes. It was his mother, she was standing at the doorway of the living room masturbating to her daughter kiss another girl. James signaled Emma to come close to him, and when she did, James told her to sit on his shoulders, with her pussy faced towards her. Because the couch that James was sitting on had a bit of space between the wall and the couch, Emma put her feet there to secure her body.

James began to rub his face in her pussy, licking her pussy, clit and everywhere else. James was loving this. As James kept on licking Emma, he began to cum inside Christine. Blowing his load, James lifted Christine off, he stopped licking his mother for a second to say.

“Christine lick my dick clean. Sam just sit back down and masturbate. I don’t want to get aids from you. ” James was trying to make Sam hungry for his dick. Then he resumed eating his mother.

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   As soon as his mother came buckets, James told her to get off now wanting to see the fucking hot chick sucking him off. He was pleased with the picture. Even though she was good a sexy body, he still hated that bitch. But he decided to send her off because he didn’t know what to do with her.

As Sam left the mansion, fully clothed, she still was hungry for more of James’ cum. Walking towards the entrance, Sam saw the pool and all the cum in the area. Quickly she went on her knees and started to lick it all off the floor. After she was done licking, she turned back to the mansion to see if anyone was watching her. Happy that nobody saw her, Sam left, but Sam didn’t see the window that was hidden in the shades of the tree. Through the window, James smiled as ideas began to pop up into his mind.

Now James was starving. He fucked Christine twice, came like 5 times. He decided to eat while watching TV. But the sad truth is that his mother didn’t allow watching TV while eating so they had no table to put James’ food on. Thinking of Dakota and Sandra, James said

“You two come here now! I’m fucking starving.


  ” Dakota came first, followed closely by Sandra. The second both of them stepped into James’ house, they took off their clothing and headed for the living room, where James awaited their arrivals with his food.

“You two I want you guys to feed me with your whole body. The faster you feed me the faster you can get fucked by me. ” Sandra went first as she put a piece of bacon in her mouth. Pulling James in she began to kiss him passionately and while kissing him, she pushed the bacon into his mouth. Dakota followed by putting a tomato in her mouth, pussy and ass. She then made James suck it all out. James had fun especially licking the tomato out of Dakota’s ass cuz he kept on pushing it in. He knew that Dakota was feeling ecstasy so he decided to play some more.

“Hey Sandra keep on giving me more tomatoes to put in Dakota’s ass seems like she’s liking it. ” Sandra kept on giving James more and more tomatoes. But it began to look like Sandra wanted something up her ass as well. Pushing Sandra in front of him James began to fuck her ass as he continued to stuff tomatoes in Dakota’s ass. Soon Dakota’s ass was too full with tomatoes that even if James tried to push more in, there wasn’t enough room.

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   Dakota looked like she was constipated.

“Sandra I want you to suck each and every one of them out of Dakota. James watched as the two hot chicks made out. Then he decided to join in. With Sandra in the back sucking out tomatoes James decided to play in front of her. James loved ravishing Dakota, with her tight pussy. As he went on, he decided to go to Sam’s house and tell her that she is his bitch now.

“Okay bitches go home now, I’ll call you guys soon” James took out his dick. He wanted it to be ready for action. Who knew he might come upon a milf on the road. James started to walk down the street. He didn’t want to admit it but he used to be friends with Sam so he knew where they live. As he walked on the street, he saw a small boy crying near a creek.

“Hey kid why are you crying?”

“Mommy and Daddy had a fight. Now Daddy wont come home! And now all mommy does is drink alcohol! She even hit me for looking like my daddy.

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  ” James decided to “help” the kid (only if his mom was a milf) So James asked the kid the direction to his house and went there with the kid. Once at the door, the kid produced a key.

“Here you go before me I don’t want Mommy to hurt me anymore. ” As James opened the door, the whole house reeked of alcohol. Stepping in James took a look. And on the couch he spotted a milf wearing lingerie.

“Kid, what’s your name?”


“Well Jason, my name is James and I am going to help your mommy okay?”

“Is she sick?”

“Yes but I can save her okay just stay here okay?”

“Sure thing James. ” The kid actually thought James was gonna “save” his mommy

He heard of the milf before. Her name was Priscilla. She moved here recently and her son didn’t seem to be going to school because he was always out and playing even during school time. Priscilla was 24 years old, 5’6 with a bust of 38D. James had, once, used the telescope in his room to spy on her as she lay on bed with a vibrator.

James walked up to Priscilla trying to see if she was sleeping or not. She wasn’t and she had heard James approaching her.

“Henry is that you?” She seemed to be drunk.

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“Fuck Henry. What you need is this. ” James pulled down his pants. Priscilla jumped off the couch.

“Oh please fuck me with it. Henry never does it with me ever since I got Jason. ” And Priscilla tried to put James’ dick into her mouth.

“Fucking slut. ” And James moved out of her way making sure to trip her. Now that she was on all fours James started to slap Priscilla on the ass.

*Slap* “You slut so you want my dick don’t you?” *slap* “You slut” *slap* “Does this turn you on you cunt?” *slap* “Answer me cunt! You fucking whore!” *slap*

Then Jason steeped in front of Priscilla

“Don’t hurt mommy! I’ll hurt you if you hurt mommy!” James laughed. What could a measly little id do to him? James now held the power to even make the president bow down to him, to get even all the WWE champions to work for him and to get Ms. Universe to fuck him.

“Don’t worry Jason, this is an adult game. Look you see mommy is having fun too aren’t you mommy?” Priscilla caught her breathe before replying.

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“Yes, Jason he is playing an adult game with mommy. Now go wait outside. Mommy will come to you after mommy is done playing her game. ” Jason did as he was told to by his mother. James laughed. He didn’t even have to use his ability on her and she already seems like his slut.

James’ dick was on full erect at this point. But he decided to play a bit of a game with Priscilla. Pushing her onto her back, James lifted both her legs. Priscilla thinking that James was gonna fuck her squealed; but James put his dick in between her legs and started to fuck her legs. To James it felt as if he was actually fucking a pussy. But Priscilla’s pussy was aching for a dick.

“Please. I’ll even give you money to fuck me. ” James didn’t listen to her.

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   He just kept on fucking between her legs.

“I’ll even bring over my cousins, nieces, sisters, anybody you want. I’ll even buy you a slut. Please just give me your dick. ” Now this got James’ attention. He asked for an album with pictures of her family members. Her cousins and sisters were milfs, her nieces were fucking hot even her sister-in-law and her family members were all fucking hot. But trying not to lose his cool James managed to keep a straight face.

“Eh I’ll think about it. But now that you mention it, there was one thing I wanted to buy on the internet but I just don’t have the money to do so. If only I had the money…. ” James threw out a bait for Priscilla. And she caught the bait right away.

“I’ll buy it for you. Just hurry up and blaise moi!” James was surprised when he heard French.

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   It made him realize that he needed to fuck his French teacher from school. Finally convinced to fuck Priscilla, James laid down on the floor. Priscilla got on top of him. As she bounced up and down, James saw her tits bobble up and down. James squeezed them as hard as he could. He was surprised when he saw milk coming out from her tits. James knew almost nothing on female bodies other than they get fucked in the pussy, ass, mouth (and even sometimes in their tits?) and that if there was milk coming from their tits, it meant that they are pregnant.

“Fuck bitch I didn’t know you were pregnant. ”

“I’m not ever since I got Jason, I just couldn’t stop milking myself. But Henry thinks that I cheated on him. ” James pretended to listened to Priscilla blabber on about how her tits were special, but he didn’t listen to any of it. He was too busy sucking on her tit.

The milk was soft, and creamy that he wished to drink her milk every day. Then James was about to cum. Without any notice, he came in Priscilla.

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   Before she could react, James pushed her off his dick, got her on doggy position and positioned his dick to her pussy, when Priscilla’s ass caught his attention. Thinking that he was going to have fun, James rammed his dick into her ass.

“Pl…please…ha…harder…I…want…your…dick” The ass must have been her weak spot because Priscilla was panting like a dog who was left outside on the middle of August. Her ass was so tight that James had problems getting his dick in all the way.

James would like to get used to the ass fucking, it was almost as good as pussies, maybe even better cuz asses are tighter. James noticed that whenever he fucked people’s asses, he came quicker. As he was about to cum, James pulled out of Priscilla’s ass.

“Pu…put …yo…your…dick…back…in…. me…please!” She didn’t have to ask James to do that cuz he was already going to do so. As soon as James pulled his dick out of Priscilla, he plunged it right back in her ass, making his dick go all the way into her ass, before cumming as hard as he could. James knew that this time he came a lot but to his surprise, it was enough to make Priscilla vomit all over the floor. Maybe it was because James rammed his dick before cumming into Priscilla, James never got a chance to try it again. The front door, broke open as a big hairy guy, stood on the doorsteps.

“What the FUCK are you doing! Are you the fucker who got my Priscilla pregnant?” James knew that because he called Priscilla “My Priscilla” that he must be Henry.

“And you must be the all brawn no brain who married Priscilla.

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   Am I correct?” James smiled but he didn’t have long to smile because Henry swung at James with all his might.

“Henry stop! Now you will leave Priscilla alone, and go somewhere else with Jason and live there. You are going to be one of my minions. So whenever there is someone I don’t like, you will beat the shit out of them. You will call me “Sir” and you will not care if I fuck Priscilla or not. ”

“Yes Sir!” And with that Henry left with Jason. Now James turned to Priscilla, who didn’t look so well from throwing up.

“From now on, you will become one of my bitches. If you get kicked out of this house, you will move into mine. Whenever you are in my house, you will strip naked and from now on no bras or panties at all time. And also only my dick will pleasure you and you will let me fuck you whenever I want. Also from this point on you will call me master. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. ” James then decided to go on the internet to buy some items he saw on eBay a week ago. Luckily it was still there.

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   James bought it along with some other items. Now James decided to fuck Priscilla once more before he left to Sam’s house, like he originally intended to. James put on his shirt and pants. He was thinking of how many hot chicks he could get from his school alone. James smiled as he counted over 20 just from his PE class. He was now going to be the king of the world.