My Wish is Their Command Chapter 2

Mind Control

Monday morning, Asia and I were standing in the hallway of one ofthe classroom buildings. I was just about to kiss her goodbye when Inoticed that here were these three girls picking on this geekychick. I walked up to them and, in a voice loud enough for them tohear but not really anyone else, I barked, "Hey you bitches, kneelon the ground and kiss her feet!" I demanded. They immediately wentto the floor and smooched the girl's tennis shoes, which made them,of course, look insane. "Okay bitches, from here on in, Doreen hereis your queen. Whenever or wherever you see her, you will come overto kiss her feet and you will ask her how you can serve her," Icommanded. "Now listen up, after school today, you will  meet us infront of the bathrooms in this corridor. "Okay," all three of themsaid simultaneously in rather dejected voices.

"How did you do that?" Doreen wondered. "I don 't know, just forceof personality I guess," I chuckled. "Anyway Doreen, I have to saygoodbye to my girlfriend. Meet us in front of the bathrooms. We'regoing to have some fun with these chicks," I grinned wickedly. "Okay," she obeyed. Doreen has been in some of my classes in thepast and she's tiny, about 5'1" with glasses and mousy brown hair and very bookish andquiet, so seeing her picked on really pissed me off. "Thanks, Paul,"she smiled.

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   "No prob, babe. Check ya later. " I then walked back overto Asia, who liked what I did, and kissed her goodbye and headed off across campus to my first period.

After school was out for the day, I mosied over to meet Doreen andher new slave girls. We waited until the building was cleared out,which didn't take long. Then I told Doreen to go into the bathroomand check to make sure nobody was in there. The three bitches wereeyeing me fearfully and with good reason. When Doreen gave the allclear, I had the bullying trio enter the bathroom and I followedbehind them. "Okay you cunts, take all your clothes off and lay onthe floor on your backs with your mouths open. " Their eyes got widebut they complied. "Okay Doreen, I want you to take your pants andpanties off and then piss on them, preferably into their pieholes,"I instructed. She giggled as she removed her clothing, revealing acute little bush. I made a personal note to bang Doreen sometime. She stood over the one biggest offending girl and out came her urinefrom her groin, splashing against the miscreant's cheeks and some ofit going right into her gaping mouth. "Is that yummy, bitches?" Iteased.

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   "Swallow it up! Don't be wasteful!" I further directed.

Once Doreen had emptied her bladder on the girls, I unzipped andwhipped my flesh hose out and disposed of what I had on to them. "SoI guess you're the lemon eating gang now, huh?" I sardonicallysmiled. "When you get up off of the floor, you are to clean up anypiss you didn't drink with your tops, " I said, tossing them theirshirts. "By the way , where is your gratitude? Your queen bestowedher piss on you and not one word of thanks?" "Thank you QueenDoreen," they all repeated in turn. I laughed my ass off at that andthen gave Doreen, who had put her pants and panties back on by then,a huge hug. "Now listen slaves," I continued, "you are to protectyour queen from all enemies foreign and domestic," I concludedhumorously. Doreen and I walked out to leave the others with theircleanup duty. "Oh my God, I can't believe we just did that!" shegiggled. "Listen babe, I basically bullied them into all that shit. Don't abuse them or you're next. " "Okay. Thanks Paul. "

Before sixth period, I had phoned Asia and told her to go home rightafter school was out so she wouldn't have to see the little theaterof cruelty and revenge I had enacted upon the guilty slags. I wenthome and phoned Asia again, saying that I wanted her to spend therest of the day getting her schoolwork done and then just kick backwhen she was finished.

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   Just because I didn't give a shit about mystudies didn't mean I wanted to sabotage her.

The next morning, Asia was dressed in a cute little jean skirt, awhite t-shirt, ankle socks and tennis shoes. God, she looked soadorable. It made me so hard it was ridiculous. I wanted to do herright there and would have if I could have without injuring herreputation on campus.

Later in the day, in gym class, I ordered my coach to excuse me from having to participate forthe rest of the semester. I was afraidthat I would lose my pendant somehow in the course of that class andso decided to beg off. He would still give me an A, but I wouldn'thave to even show up. Unfortunately, Asia was in a regular class andI couldn't get her out of it so that we could spend more timetogether. Instead, I just hung out in the library and either read orjust lost myself in thought. Sometimes I catnapped.  

During lunch, I took Asia to our little secret spot and, after weate, I pulled my cock out and had her suck it because my hard on wasjust aching looking at her. Fortunately, I was so worked up that itprobably didn't take even five minutes for me to feed her some cum. Then I had her lay her head in my lap and I tenderly stroked herpretty Korean face with my fingertips. "Master," she abruptlystarted," "do you love me?" "Asia," I retorted, "I absolutely dolove you.

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   You're the best girlfriend ever,  babe. " I really wasdrunk in love with her. It's kinda weird to be talking about loveafter being together as short a time as Asia and I were, especiallysince my relationships with the other two girlfriends I had in my pastlasted less than three months. But she was really nice and smart andone of the most beautiful girls at my school, so how could I notlove that? Asia smiled at my response, grasped my lefthand andheld it against her chest. We sat there with me looking into hereyes silently and subconsciously smiling like a big dork. Thisreverie was rudely interrupted by the bell proclaiming the end ofthe break. I was really irritated by the interruption and even moreannoyed by having to spend the next two periods without her therewith me.

I walked her home after school and we went upstairs to her bedroom. I told her to remain there and I would be back in a couple minutes. I descended the stairs and sat next to her mom on the couch as shewatched some Korean drama on cable tv. Her mom was still pretty cutein her mid-40's, standing about 5'4" with short black hair that hadthe barest indications of beginning to get gray here and there. "Mrs. Oh, stand up for me and take your clothes off," I requested. She did a double take at what I was asking, but nonethelesssubmitted to it. She had tasty little B cup tits that were shapedlike Asia's and a hairy bush.

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   She was definitely a MILF. "WowMrs. Oh, you're hot!" I complimented. She giggled but was obviouslyembarrassed. "Okay, you can dress yourself, but don't tell anyoneabout this," I commanded.

Seeing Asia's mom in the nude made me giddy with excitement because itwas just so wrong. I went back upstairs to where Asia was recliningnaked. I had her suck me again and then I returned the favor,enjoying the scent and taste of her juices as my tongue provoked herto several red hot orgasms. I then had her get on all fours andhammered her slit real good, making her orgasm a couple more timesbefore I creamed her insides with what was in my balls.

I guess I could have fucked her mom, but I was so afraid of causingturmoil in her family by doing so that I opted to just enjoy thesight of her naked body. It also gave me an idea of what Asia wouldlook like when she got older and it definitely wasn't bad. Mrs. Ohcould have passed for early 30's with the exceptions of the wisps ofgray in her hair.

Wednesday, I was heading toward my third period class when I sawMiss Swarbrick coming from the opposite direction. She was theso-called "hot teacher" on campus, a late 20's 5'6" bottle blondewith a slim figure and a bubbly personality that made her seemdumber than she actually was.

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   She taught health, which meant thatshe had to discuss sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS and allthat shit in her class, too, while all her male students weresitting there wanting to bang her into next week. "Miss Swarbrick,come here," I barked. She didn't know who I was because I had neverbeen in any of her classes, so she gave me a little bit of a puzzledlook as she faced me. "You and I are going to have sex at lunch," Iinsisted in a voice that was just above a whisper. "Pick me up inyour car over on Hemingway Drive (which was several streets downfrom campus) and we'll go to the Restful Inn over on Denton Avenue,"I advocated. "Okay," she acknowledged, and continued on to wherever shewas going.

When third period was over, I phoned Asia and told her that I wasn'tgoing to be available during lunch and to just eat and then spendthe rest of her time in the library. I had her go there so that shewould be less likely to get hit on by other guys while I wasn'tthere.

As fourth period progressed, I was becoming more nervous and giddybecause I was about to screw a teacher. The thing that sucked aboutthat was I wouldn't ever be able to tell anyone what we did sincethe fall out would ruin Miss Swarbrick's life. This was a secret Iwas going to have to take to my grave.

I scurried down the stairs and out of the classroom building that myclass was in and hotfooted it for Hemingway Drive, which was aninlet street for a bunch of cul de sacs on either side of it. Ifidgeted for about five minutes as I waited for Miss Swarbrick, whofinally pulled up to the curb in front of me in her Sentra. She wasdressed all in brown. Brown longsleeve top, a skirt that came tojust above her knee as well as the same colored pantyhose and shoes.

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  Her thin lips were colored by red lipstick.

We arrived at the motel and she was handed the room keys. As sheopened the door, I slipped into the room ahead of her and told herto strip as soon as she closed it. I watched as she peeledeverything off, her pillowy C cups bouncing out of the harness they hadbeen in all day, her thick, inverted, puffy nipples calling out to me tosuck them. She methodically rolled her panty hose down and daintilyslid them off of her cute, red toenal polished feet before reachinginside the waistband of her panties and leaving them on the rather worndark green rug with the other parts of her ensemble. I directed her tostand at attention and I slowly walked around her, my eyes feasting onthe sight of her toned ass before I got to the front of her body againand noted the nearly perfect line of her torso from her shoulders to herhips. My eyes went to her mouth watering camel toe and then downward tovisually trace her shapely legs. I had been rock hard for the last hourthinking about plowing Miss Swarbrick and I knew I didn't have muchtime.

"Have you had sex with a student before and you will answer truthfully,"I interrogated. "No," she asserted. "Did you ever have sex with any ofyour professors in college?" I continued. "Yes," she confessed. "It waswith a grad assistant who was teaching my Spanish class senior year. ""Have you had sex with any of your fellow teachers at this school?" Iinquired. "Yes, Mr.

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   Dempsey," she revealed. "Oh yeah? How was that?" Iwondered. "We dated for a while and it was okay," she blandly claimed. So I guess Mr. Dempsey wasn't exactly a sexual dynamo, as she had justdamned him with faint praise.

I looked down at her and embraced her smooth body and kissed her hardand passionately. She gave as much back as I dished out. She was thebest kisser I had ever been with, even better than Asia! I drank in MissSwarbrick's scent and my hands gravitated to those sweet titties ofhers. Because of time considerations, there was precious little time forforeplay, so we hopped into bed and she spread her legs as I scrambledon top of her. I began pushing my nine inch meat into her. "Oh shit,"she panted, as my girth challenged the limits of her pussy's ability tostretch. I continued to bore into her. "Oh fuck, I've never had anyoneas big as you," she gasped, my cock now firmly planted inside her honeypot. I started to thrust and she was soon moaning desperately. "Oh shit,oh shit, God, oh God, your cock is amazing!" she testified as I kept onburying it inside of her as deeply as I could.

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   Just as with Asia, Ifelt the sweet compression of her well packed cunt on my shaft while itglided between her sugar walls. The thought that I was fucking one ofthe teachers was also ratcheting my arousal up rapidly and I pounded hertwat like a man possessed. "Oh shit, oh my God, oh yes, God, that feelsdivine," she extolled as her breathing was alternately shallow and deepand often came in sporadic rushes. Her legs had my back in a vice whileI forcefully porked her pink universe with with my increasinglysensitive dick. Her hands had a death grip on my biceps and then I felther nails pressing into my skin as her excitement mounted. "(Pant pantpant) oh God, oh yes, fuck me, God yes, harder!" she demanded and Ismashed my cock into her with violent glee. She emitted a series ofchoked  gasps and then yelled, "I'm cumming!" squealed and then her hipsbucked back and forth to meet my thrusts. Seeing how lost she was inthe pounding I was doling out pulled the trigger of my love gun and Iflooded her gulley with my sperm.

Unfortunately, there was no time to enjoy the afterglow of ouranimalistic fuck session and we both hurriedly got up, dressed, and laidrubber to get back to school. I don't think she even tried to wipe mydripping cum from her pussy before she put her panties and pantyhoseback on. She dropped me off back where she had picked me up and I wasfive minutes late to my fifth period class.

When I did finally enter the classroom, I was laughing inside like, "youfuckers have no idea what I just did or who I did it with. " I thoughtabout telling my buddies that I had fucked one of the teachers butwouldn't say who it was. But then I contemplated what could happen evenafter that and decided to keep my mouth shut. I didn't want it to getaround campus about what I did and then have everyone, includingpossibly the principal and perhaps even the cops, bug me about who wason the receiving around of my perpetually ready pocket rocket.

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   Besides,it would make Asia look like a fool and I didn't want that. No matterwhat kind of bullshit I decided to pull I was going to try to at leastkeep her from being publicly hurt by it.

In fact, because of the position I was in, I vowed to stop using alcoholand drugs, too. For all the power I had in my hands, it brought with ita lot of responsibility. It became like anything else: whateverimpulses you have, you have to have good judgment in knowing when youcan indulge them or you would be screwed. So in a way, the more power Ihad, the less freedom I also possessed because the damage I could docould be so immense. It was still fun drilling Miss Swarbrick, though.

Shortly after Asia and I became a couple, one of my friends, SteveTowler, after complimenting me about landing her after so many hadfailed, asked me if I could offer advice on how he might be able to getwith Charmane Morgan. Of course, I could have just walked up toCharmane, who I didn't have much respect for because she could be kindof a bitch, and ordered her to start dating my buddy. But I didn't dothat. I just didn't want to rule people's lives like that.

And this is the problem with Asia and me: I basically used a kind ofclub, metaphysically speaking, I guess, to get her to be my girlfriend. Ididn't just go up to her and put the kind of spell on her that someonefar more adept at seduction would. She is more or less my girlfriend byforce. Or The Force, or whatever is powering my ability to get my waynow.


   While Asia now seemed to be gradually falling in love with me forreal, the truth was that without the pendant I wouldn't have had a hopein hell of reeling her in. I would always feel I had something to proveto her and that has both bad and good sides to it. Of course, I couldtake the parasitic view of this, which was just to use her up for my ownpurposes. That admittedly has some appeal, but then my consciencecompels me to start seeing things from her side, which gives rise tofeelings of guilt in me. I feel as if I have to make it up to her.

I told Steve that I didn't know any magic bullets for him to get withCharmane and suggested that he look for someone better. It wasn't evenlike Charmane, who had dishwater blonde hair and kind of a beak for anose, was hot. She was maybe a five if you had major beer gogglesstrapped on. The problem, though, was that his family was dysfunctionaland so it was perhaps fated that he would pick a bitch to try to date.

After I had the conversation with Steve and began thinking about Asiaand my situation, I called a very expensive Korean restaurant indowntown L. A. to make reservations and rented a limo. We went to it thatFriday. I told Asia that I didn't know jack about Korean food and so tofeel free to teach me. This gave her a chance to not just kinda struther stuff and show pride in her native culture, but to bring me somewhatinto her world.

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   Plus the high class nature of the place would show herhow much I wanted to please her even though I was ostensibly her Master.

I really like spicy food and the meal was full of win. It wasn'tseasoned with so much heat that I couldn't handle it, either. She wasimpressed about the quality of it, which had to lend me some browniepoints, I'm sure. "How can you afford to take me here?" she said, aftergetting a gander at the prices on the menu and taking into account thelimo. "Sorry babe, but a real man never talks about his money," I lied.

What was funny about the dinner was that she pulled some breath mintsout of her purse when we were through eating and suggested I eat acouple because Korean food has a high garlic content and makes yourbreath stink. "Our family goes through tons of these things," shegiggled.

"So do you love me now?" I wanted to know. "Actually, when I fell inlove with you was the way you handled taking my virginity, Master. Youtook your time and then you made me have an orgasm, which is differentfrom the experience of a lot of girls I know. I knew then that you werethe one for me," she propounded. "You seemed to really care about mehaving a good experience. I also like the way you kiss me. " "Then howcome you asked me if I loved you?" "I just wanted to hear it from you.

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   Ihad to make sure," she revealed.

When we got to my house a couple of hours later, we showered togetherand went to bed. We spent the ensuing two hours making long, slow loveand I think I had the best night's sleep of my life when we dozed offafterward.