The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 14

Mind Control

The Mansion: Day Two - continued
--- 15:00 #7=Kylie

There remain six Witches on duty: Mary Anne (the Sarah Palin lookalike, and skilled bodypaint artist), Krista (skinny little 12 year old daughter of Mary Anne), Mackenzie Murphy (17 year old willowy pole dancing enthusiast), Miss Shell (Greg's former history teacher), and two 16 year olds, Marisa (Greg's longtime girlfriend, and his original slave), Melanie (the second girl he'd enslaved).

After a shower together, Greg and the 3 M's - Mackenzie, Marisa, Melanie have a soak in the jacuzi. Greg leaves them in the water and goes for a wander, winding up in the lounge, where Mary Anne is busily applying bodypaint to her youngest daughter.   She looks up and calls "Not ready yet, don't look.   But there's someone in the Fuck Room who is ready.   Go check it out. " she dismisses him and turns back to her work.

In the aptly named Fuck Room he finds Miss Shell, Mary Anne's freshly painted masterpiece.   She's apparently wearing black fishnet stockings, suspenders and a lace-up basque with peek-a-boo nipples, which are standing out proudly indicating her inner state of arousal.   She's reclining on the little stage, sexy legs artfully arranged, and she's slowly and methodically sliding her realistically cock-shaped purple gel vibrator all the way into her pussy, and drawing it all the way out, relishing the moment when the molded head plops out of her already swollen pussylips, before easing it in once again.   The shaft is streaked with her froth.   "Hi Greg, I've been waiting for you" she greets him, and Greg, mesmerised by the wet-dream-cum-true sight of his gorgeous history teacher resplendent, nude, but painted in the sexiest of sexy lingerie, can only stare as his cock springs to attention unbidden.   Their eyes meet, they see their own lust reflected in each other, then Greg is focussed between her legs, drawn to her special place midway between the two painted stocking tops, and Miss Shell removes the vibrator so he can gaze at her pouting lips and the glistening pale pink flesh within, then he's greedily slurping her juices as his tongue delves in as far as it can and his open mouth encloses her sopping gash and he sucks her in, her bloated lips filling his mouth, surrounding his tongue, and he strums the tip on the little nub of her clit and she's trembling, spasming, gasping and cumming a flood of hot pussyjuice into his mouth, spilling over his face.   He releases her lips and presses his face into her gash, rubbing his nose up and down against her clit and pushes her over the edge again, she's clutching his head, pulling him into her, legs wrapping around him, screaming out her orgasm for the whole Mansion to hear.   As she subsides and softens, lying back dreamily, only then he slides along her body, rigid male flesh thrusting into yielding soaking female, his tongue finding hers, his face wet with her juices, giving her the taste of her own pleasure, and she languidly moves her hips to answer his deepening thrusts.   He finds no need to spin this out or delay the moment, and he releases one more spurt of his precious semen into the upper reaches of her love canal.

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    She breathes one enormous sigh of contentment and relaxes the arms and legs that enfold him, she's gone.   He kisses her tranquil face, then gently sucks the unpainted nipple of her left breast, and slips out of her, moving round to drape his sloppy dick on her face, and she dreamily turns her head to suck on it.   It's partly deflated, and he crams as much as he can of it into her mouth, so she can suck the last drops of cum out of the tube.   As he's doing this, a Fluffer arrives to insall the tampon.
--- 16:30 #8=Miss Shell

(remaining: Mary Anne, Krista, Mackenzie, Marisa, Melanie)
Greg zones out for half an hour, until Mary Anne finds him, tells him the rest of them are going to have dinner, would he like to join them?  Realising he's starving, he rouses himself and heads for the dining room.   The afternoon's mess has been cleaned up and a table for 6 has been set.

Greg is surprised and delighted to see what Mary Anne has done with her youngest daughter.   Krista has been transformed into a delightful, playful pussycat, like something from the musical Cats, but done with bodypaint, whiskers on her cheeks, her slender body and limbs tabby striped, with a white belly, and, as usual in Mary Anne's artwork, nipples and clean shaven pussy left unpainted, should Greg want to taste them.   She just lacks a tail.

Somehow Greg had been in denial over the issue of Krista's precocious sexuality, while steadily escalating his sexual contact with her. He'd started by enjoying seeing her naked, then seeing her touch herself while she watched him fucking her elder sisters. He'd enjoyed kissing her in a sexual way, lingering with lips and tongues, he'd certainly not missed out on chances to grope her tiny slit, putting his fingers into her to deliver his semen when he had her making his Hypnojuice, the Magic Potion that is the reason they're all here.

Since her arrival at the Mansion, he'd gone on to suck her nipples, and she has begun to suck his cock, even trying to imitate her mother's deep throat skills.   Clearly this journey isn't over, and it has only one destination.   He's got to suck her little pussy, and he's got to fuck her, pop her cherry, and shoot his load inside her.

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    These thoughts have him solidly erect long before dinner was finished.   Sitting between Melanie and Marisa, the two girls he's felt closest to during his whole crazy campaign of enslavement, they quickly notice his condition, and Melanie goes down on him, her head bobbing in his lap as she teases and sucks his cock.   Across the table Krista is having a second helping of ice cream, Mackenzie is eating an apple, Mary Anne is drinking coffee, paying no attention to the blowjob that Greg is receiving. "What do you think of my little kitten?" Mary Anne asks.   Greg can only confess the truth: "Gorgeous.   Good enough to eat. You know I'm going to have to fuck her now, don't you?" "Yes, of course" replies Mary Anne, "that's why I painted her like that.   With all this fucking you're doing, I want her to be something different, something you'll remember. " "Oh, Mary Anne, I'd remember Krista anyway, I think I've always had the hots for her, even before I fucked Abbey and Kylie. " and across the table to Krista he added "Hey, Krista, you little sexkitten, are you ready for this?" and he stood up, dislodging Melanie, his cock springing out.  

"Not here" interupted Mary Anne, "Come on kids, let's slip into somewhere more comfortable" and she shooed them all out of the dining room and straight into the Fuck Room.   The Fluffers had long since carted Miss Shell off to bed, so the stage was clear, and Mary Anne led her little kitten by the paw and turned her loose to hop and skip onto the stage and whirl around the pole, prowl and strut like a cat, before stopping, posing, legs teasingly a little apart, back arched to thrust out her firm little butt, smiling shyly at Greg.  

"Ladies and Gentleman" announced Krista, "May I present for your pleasure, My Little Pussy" and she spun round the pole again, clearly she'd been learning from Mackenzie, managing to place one foot far up on the pole, opening her legs into a near-perfect split, and revealing the soft unpainted flesh around her virgin slit.   Applause from the audience of one woman, three girls and one very horny Greg.   Gracefully back on both feet, she bowed, then: "Now I must ask for a volunteer from the audience.

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    You Sir" and she reached an arm out towards Greg, "Would you be so kind as to step up here. "  Greg plays along, striding purposefully to the stage, his hard cock swinging proudly with each step. "Good evening Sir, that's a nice cock you have there" and she bends at the waist, legs straight, and sucks his cock into her mouth, pushing as far as she can, trying once again to let it down her throat.   With a gasp she lets go, Greg's cock sways as she releases it, dribbles of her saliva stringing off it.   Then she throws her arms, and legs, around Greg and kisses him full on the mouth.   He stands, holding her up with his hands under her thighs, as she whispers in his ear "Come on Greg, fuck me now. Don't make me wait any longer. I'm ready. "  He turns to the 'audience' Krista's back turned to them, they can see Greg's rigid cock touching Krista close to her pussy.   He steps off the stage, still carrying her, and eases her down onto her back on the edge of the raised padded platform that forms most of the room's floor.   He kneels between her legs, admiring her lovely little slit, then bends his head to lick.   The others crowd around, Mary Anne behind him, rubbing her magnificent boobs against his back, Melanie coming alongside Krista, kissing her lips, whispering to her: "Greg was my first too".

And then it happens. So many months since he first saw the little 11 year old, her mother's spy, sent to rat on her older sisters should they get up to any "immorality".   Krista, now 12, painted by her mother to look like a sexy kitten, and with her mother looking on, finally gets Greg's cock inside her.

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    He touches the head of his cock to her pussy lips, feels the thrill of contact, of the pleasure to come, slides slowly inward, feeling the tightness of her little unused love tunnel grip him, pushes slowly inwards, tight but sliding, and then he's all the way in.   No barrier, no hymen, no cherry to pop. Krista's eyes are wide, lips parted, staring up at him intensely, like she's recording, she doesn't want to forget a second of this.   "Welcome to Womanhood my darling" says her mother, and Melanie kisses her lips and adds "Best of both worlds, sweetheart. Kissing a girl while you have a cock inside your pussy, what could be better?" and stifled any reply of Krista's with her mouth.

Greg held still, all the way in, just feeling waves of pleasure wash over him, not daring to move in case he should cum already.   But then Mary Anne comes round and takes his face between her boobs, offers a nipple for sucking, big, mother's nipples, not the tiny virginal buds of her daughter's.   And tells him to get on with it. "Come on Greg.   Shoot it in her, you know you want to. You can fuck her again tomorrow, now she's one of the team" and to Krista, "no pain, darling?" "No Mom, I think the hairbrush must have got my cherry. But he's filling me up, it feels so good", and she moves her hips experimentally. Greg answers, and their movements start to build, her breathing goes ragged, Greg gives up any pretence at making this last, and fucks her for all he's worth.   Before he blows, she bucks and thrashes as the orgasm washes over her, and that does it for Greg, he too slips the leash and spurts his load as nature intended, every drop inside her.

She gasps, goes wide eyed, and the light of awareness fades like a tropical sunset.

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    She's gone.

18:30 #9=Krista

(remaining: Mary Anne, Mackenzie, Melanie, Marisa)
The four remaining Witches close around Greg as he slides out of Krista.   No blood, but a good deal of frothy lovejuice mingled with the last drops of his semen.   Melanie scoots down to lick his cock clean, but does not swallow. Instead she delicately kisses Krista on the lips, inserts her tongue, and lets the blend of juices dribble into the 12 year old's mouth.   Krista is still aware enough to swallow.

Now the four of them keep Greg in the Fuck Room.   Mackenzie does a slow swaying dance by the pole, nothing energetic, Mary Anne cradles Greg's head, holding him to her breasts.   Melanie and Marisa settle where they can easily take turns on his cock, happily asleep now.

Someone was monitoring them. Well, of course, someone was always monitoring, that's how the Fluffers always managed to turn up when needed.   This time it had a different result.   The TV screens round the room lit up, and there appeared a succession of friendly teenage faces, and Greg heard his name: "Greg wants to see your titties".   Looking to the nearest screen, interested, he saw half a dozen or so girls baring their breasts for the camera.   And not just any girls, these were some of his favorite slaves.

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    Former slaves, now.   There was Priscilla, the latina/asian beauty whose virginity he'd inadvertantly violated while Marisa and Melanie looked on.   And here were Marisa and Melanie, excitedly watching: "Hey, it's Priss" "Wow she looks great on TV".   On and on the video played, and it wasn't long before Marisa declared "We have lift off", telling the others that Greg was once more getting an erection.

Too tired to fuck at this point, Greg watched the screen passively as His Girls made out with each other, and with some dude who was clearly standing in for Greg, and whose face never clearly showed.   But his dick was there to see when he blew his load into Juanita's sweet mouth.   Around then, Mary Anne took charge, and directed Mackenzie to sit on Greg's dick, and she rocked back and forth in reverse cowgirl as Greg continued to watch the screen. The combination of the making out between the on-screen girls, most of whom he'd fucked at least once, Mackenzie's rocking on his cock, Mary Anne's breasts pressed against him, and Marisa holding his free hand between her legs while necking with Melanie, all these things converged to let one more orgasm rise up in him and send a smallish jet of cum to escape his cock. It was still enough to make Mackenzie stop her rocking and roll off him in slow motion to the side, wriggle herself into a comfortable position, and drift off.

19:30 #10=Mackenzie

(remaining: Mary Anne, Melanie, Marisa)
It took nearly an hour of attention, including a lengthy expert deep throat blowjob from Mary Anne, while Melanie and Marisa took turns at kissing Greg and lowering their pussies onto his face. Pussies hot and wet from the day's sexual excitement, and as yet unfucked by Greg.   But finally, Greg was once more nearly ready to blow.   "In me, Greg, stick it in me" ordered Mary Anne, and he rolled over onto her, into her, and fucked hard at her loose velvet gash, and coaxed out yet another dribble of spunk from his overworked balls. It wasn't enough to knock her out, not at once, and she ordered him: "Gimme your cock, let me suck it", and she cleaned him up, swallowing the last drips she'd been able to suck out of him.

20:30 #11=Mary Anne

Exhausted, numb from the day's long series of ejaculations, Greg had a late night snack with his two remaining girls,  the ones he'd been saving for the end of the day, but now he was too fucked out to want anything but sleep.

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So the three of them settled in the giant master bed in Greg's room, and Greg slept while Marisa and Melanie consoled each other with a lengthy 69 session beside him. Awakened, and aroused, by their combined orgasms, he joined in by entering Marisa from behind - as she was on top - giving Melanie a close up view of his cock pounding and finally erupting inside the pussy she'd been sucking.   He left Melanie to install the tampon, and went back to sleep, waking sometime laster to find Melanie had finally taken him inside her, astride him. Doing all the work, she milked an almost-dry orgasm from him.

22:00 #12=Marisa

01:00 #13=Melanie.

It had been one very long fucking day.